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Intel® Launches Faster Ivy Bridge Processors

Tweet After launching its first ever Intel Inside smartphone last week with Lava International, Intel has now announced the availability of faster Ivy Bridge processors. The company is presently shipping the quad-core 22-nanometer processors for desktop computers and is expected to provide chips for Ultrabooks in the next couple of months. The new Ivy Bridge processors are based on the latest 3-D tri-gate... Read More »
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AMD® Launches Fusion Chips In India

Tweet AMD India has launched Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) with the Fusion technology. The fusion of a Central Processing Unit (CPU) and a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is known as fusion technology on a single chip. The launch of the G-series chips by AMD is for embedded systems. A fusion chip consists of multi-core CPUs with powerful discrete level graphics. This is the kind of technology... Read More »

IBM® and ARM Team Up On Tablet Chips

Tweet IBM and ARM signed an agreement to produce revolutionary technology that would help ARM to move ahead with renewed vigor and IBM to take its first steps at getting a share of the tablet PC market. Under an agreement signed in January, IBM will support ARM in its endeavor to scale its Cortex manufacturing process down to 14 nanometers. This would arm ARM with the thinnest silicon chips in the... Read More »
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XPedite7331 Single Board Computer

Tweet Single Board Computer systems or SBCs, are self-contained embedded computers. Such computers are generally employed as embedded computing systems. These computers run embedded and real-time operating systems. Real time operating systems or RTOS are specific operating systems that are designed and programmed according to the device. The basic functionality handled by real time and embedded OS... Read More »

Intel® is not worried about the move of Microsoft® towards ARM processors

Tweet Intel has announced that it is not worried over the move of Microsoft to port Windows to ARM processors. An Intel spokesperson said that Intel will be able to provide low power Windows which can match with the Atom processor or x86 processor family chipsets. Intel’s Executive Vice President Dadi Perlmutter also stated that by the time Microsoft manages to get a new version of Windows as... Read More »

Sandy Bridge chipsets recalled by Intel®

Tweet In the recent past, product recalls by various manufacturers have been making news worldwide, bringing consumer product safety to a peak and massive market losses, inevitable. When a core component is recalled, like in the case of Intel, it is not only Intel which suffers, but a whole range of product manufacturers, having had designed and manufactured their products, using the said defective... Read More »

AMD® launches ad campaign targeted at Intel®

Tweet The flaw in the Sandy Bridge chipset, if you remember, was discovered and reported sometime in January. The flaw as it is called Cougar Point chipset flaw was discovered and Intel withdrew the chipset from the market. The chipset flaw relates to how the chipset communicates with SATA devices be it SATA hard disk drive or optical device. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is all set to hold an ad campaign... Read More »

Intel® Releases Core vPro Business Processors

Tweet Intel is a U.S.-based developer of semiconductor chips. The company invented the x86 series of microprocessors and this microprocessor is found in almost all the personal computers. Intel was formed in the year 1968 and was named as Integrated Electronics Corporation but the word Intel is coined form the word intelligence. Intel is also known for making motherboard chipsets and flash memory and... Read More »

Intel® six-core i7-990X processor

Tweet Intel six-core i7-990X Extreme, the successor to its previous version Core i7-980X running on 3.33 GHz of raw speed, is the latest chip from Intel. The Intel Core i7-990X  promises 3.73 GHz speed running on Intel Turbo Boost Technology also featuring six-cores and a mind boggling 12 processing threads with Intel Hyper-Threading technology. Even while boasting a clock speed of 3.46GHz, it also... Read More »

Intel® Core i7-990X processors

Tweet Intel is busy experimenting with a 1000 Core processor on the architecture for the 48 core single chip Cloud Computer Processor. In the year 2009 itself, Intel launched their experimental 48 Core central processing unit (CPU) on a stamp sized piece of silicon. What is really interesting is the processing capability of this 48 core CPU chip, with amazing power management and power consumption... Read More »

NVIDIA® Readies Dual GPU GTX 590 launch

Tweet The race between ATI and NVIDIA continues with NVIDIA announcing release of the Dual-GPU GTX 590. There was rumor in the market that NVIDIA might delay introduction of its Dual GPU to gain an advantage over ATI. NVIDIA had already confirmed that it would be soon introducing a dual GPU. It has named its latest processor as George GTX 590. NVIDIA has made an intelligent move by timing its dual... Read More »

AMD® launches embedded Fusion chips

Tweet Advanced Micro Devices or AMD as it is called, is a company providing innovative processors and other computer-related devices. The fusion of a CPU and a GPU is known as fusion technology on a single chip. The launch of the G-series platform is aimed at embedded systems. An Accelerated Processing Unit is the fusion of a GPU with a CPU. A GPU is the Graphic Processing Unit and its fusion is with... Read More »

AMD® chases Intel® into gadget market with embedded chips

Tweet Currently Intel is focusing on its new Atom microprocessor that will be used in various types of devices ranging from tablet computers to netbooks. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has also decided to follow its rival manufacturer by announcing plans of unveiling its new version of Fusion chips. As the name suggests the Fusion chips combine a processor and graphics unit in the same chip. Such smart... Read More »

Debut of “System on a Chip” in CES 2011

Tweet System on a Chip (SOC) is a system where all the components of a computer are put on a single chip. Hence the size of a computing device is vastly reduced as all the devices necessary for the working of the device are planted on one single chip. Microsoft claims that the next version of windows will be the first OS powered by the ARM architecture. Announcing the use of SOC technology in the next... Read More »

Sony Introduces Its First SXRD 3D Projector, The VPL-VW90ES

Tweet From time immemorial Sony Corporation has always topped the chart and remained in lime light for the innovative and eye-catchy gadgets from its shelves. The Company launched the best ever gaming console’s like playstations that were very much adored by many gamers. The Company was the one that loaded the market with first ever Blue-ray disc, which can expand its storing space beyond 10 GB (Giga... Read More »
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The z196 Processor-World Fastest Processor

Tweet IBM recently announced details of the world’s fastest computer chip which is a microprocessor in a new version of the IBM mainframe which will be shipped on September 10. With the increase in the number of applications that demand multitasking and high graphic usage it is becoming highly imperative to have high speed processors for enterprise applications. High speed microprocessors are... Read More »
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ARM Introduces New Cortex-A15 Processor for Smartphones

Tweet ARM has introduced a new processor, the Cortex-A15 which has a processing speed of 2.5 GHz. The new processor represents a 5x performance improvement over the previous-generation technology, which is keenly being looked as a technology multiplier for smartphones. ARM is a leading company in the smartphone processor market, in which the company hopes that smartphone companies will take advantage... Read More »

Samsung to roll out Dual-Core A9 Processors for Smartphones

Tweet In the ever increasing load of applications and widgets that are being created every day, it becomes necessary to multi task between the various applications that are running in your Smartphone. You might have been frustrated with the occasional delays that your Smartphone may have while starting up. Well, with Samsung introducing the Dual-Core A9 Processor things are certainly going to speed... Read More »
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Intel is Seeing End of the Tunnel

Tweet Recession had hit many companies severely. It seemed that it would take a couple of years for all these companies to bounce back from their huge losses. Fortunately one of the recession hit companies has risen from the ashes of its losses and has started earning profits; the company in question is world’s largest chipmaker- Intel. Intel has earned USD 2.9 billion for the quarter ending on June... Read More »
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Intel Increases the Production of Sandy Bridge Processors

Tweet Intel has taken several steps to meet the demands of the customers. Recently Intel has introduced the sandy bridge processors. It has been noticed that the customers are keen to know about the sandy bridge processors that belong to the Intel’s microprocessor family. Intel had to speed up the production of Sandy Bridge chips Intel has decided to make its chips production even faster and to spend... Read More »
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Intel i7 940XM- The Fastest Kid On The Block!

Tweet Intel is noted for its various microprocessor manufacturing. Ranging from home PCs to business desktops, Intel’s microprocessors are hailing everywhere. Intel and IBM’s business as well as technical association is one of a noted one. Later in 2006, it achieved another momentum by joining hands with Apple. Dell and Hawlett-Packard are the biggest customers of Intel. As of now, it has only... Read More »
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New AMD Opteron 4000 Series Platform Promises a “Greener” Future for Computing

Tweet Computers are becoming increasingly powerful every day. Their improving speed, performance, storage capacity continue to provide consumers better quality products. No doubt, it is impossible to do a large number of tasks without a computer in the same period and accuracy a computer can do so. There are many companies in the manufacturing field of computers. One of the prominent companies is AMD. AMD’s... Read More »
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Intel Xeon Upgrade for Oracle-Sun x86

Tweet Oracle recently released a new collection of Oracle-Sun x86 servers, networking devices, and storage devices towards the end of June. The releases are expected to be highly conforming to the needs of customers with their advanced features. The new servers included in the Oracle-Sun x86 hardware lineup: Sun Fire x2270 M2 – includes 1U, up to 2 sockets, 96 GB memory capable, Xeon 5600 processor. Sun... Read More »
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Comparisons Between the Power7 Boxes Java Versus Other Iron

Tweet Since their introduction into the market back in the day, I have been fascinated by the working of the power7 based appliances. My interest was however stolen by the performance of the power7 boxes as compared to Java ones. Ever since they first appeared in February, there has been speculation on the capability of the power7 boxes versus those stack up on Java. Test Based on SPECjbb2005 With... Read More »

The Era of Fusion Begins!

Tweet This write-up focuses on the description and the general public notion about the soon to be launched AMD fusion line of processors. As these are aimed in making the computers more graphically sound. The world is getting smaller and more digitized day by day. Hence it is no wonder that the need for smarter and faster processers to cater our needs has become one of the essential needs of our... Read More »
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