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News and views about latest computer security products.

Would Tech Biggies Provide Backdoor Access to User Data?

Tweet It is indeed a double-edged sword and till a decision comes through, the debate on whether backdoor access should be given to the government and law enforcing agencies will continue. We are talking here about data encryption and the stand that tech companies are taking in this. For the uninitiated, this debate has been going on between the two parties for quite some time now with both the parties... Read More »

Is Giving In To Ransomware The Easiest Way Out?

Tweet The ugly head of Ransomware, a type of malware, has been cropping up for quite some time. And, every time it has cropped up, it has meant doom for the victims. Cryptolocker and Teslacrypt are two of the most prevalent ransomware families that have conned people into believing that enforcement agencies such as the FBI has apparently found objectionable content on your device and therefore has... Read More »

SAP Afaria vulnerability puts at risk over 130 million devices and data

Tweet Hackers do not miss an opportunity of creating havoc in the lives of unsuspecting technology users. And, when this opportunity comes to them in the form of vulnerability in specific software, they have even more to rejoice about at our cost. Revelation from ace enterprise software maker SAP has once again left users in a lurch and thinking whether there is anything in the tech world that can... Read More »

Hackers manipulate Xcode; Apple pulls down infected apps from the App Store

Tweet Overcoming bigger hurdles give better satisfaction. While this is true in our daily lives, it seems that hackers are presently the ones making the most of this common saying. And bearing the brunt, people on the other side of the fence are iTunes App Store users who’ve unsuspectingly downloaded apps that are laden with malware. This time around, the app developers are also facing the heat as... Read More »

After hacking Bugzilla, hackers are now targeting Mozilla Firefox users

Tweet In the latest incident of data hacking, Mozilla users have had to bear the brunt after the bug tracking and testing tool Bugzilla was infringed. The hackers, after stealing sensitive data from the tool, used it to attack Mozilla Firefox users sending them into panic mode. For the uninitiated, Bugzilla is an open source program that is mostly public except for security-sensitive data that is... Read More »

Facebook ThreatExchange to Curb Hacking Attempts

Tweet It isn’t that technology giants aren’t doing nothing about the large scale data breaches that are happening. To combat such threats, tech giants have decided to join hands and come up with measures that are a step ahead of the hackers. Certainly, fighting these threats individually isn’t helping anymore – rather, the demand of the hour is that we all unite and come up with a solution... Read More »

Cisco Owns the Highest Number of Net-Security Patents!

Tweet This comes as a revelation of the latest LexInnova report No matter which country you reside in or what profession you’re into, the perils of online security are bound to set you thinking. No matter how many doors and windows you close to prevent these perils from penetrating your digital world, there seems to be some little opening or hole in the wall through which threats attempt to enter.... Read More »

Avira Wins the Case against Angry Birds-Styled Game

Tweet A lawsuit against Avira was filed when the security software had earlier blocked a bundle of software downloads from a game. Freemium GmbH has filed the lawsuit against the antivirus giant stating that Avira has dismissed the software updates released by the game firm. Freemium had claimed up to six months in prison sentence and a whopping amount of €250,000 fine against Travis Witteveen, the... Read More »

China-US Cyber War Update: Chinese Hackers Had Access to US Security Clearance Database

Tweet Chinese hackers have kept the World Wide Web busy with as the news of their cyber onslaught of US government systems revealed over the weekend. Over the five years, US intelligence agencies were tracking multiple groups of Chinese hackers who were extracting information from various US segments including energy plants, defense contractors, and electronics manufacturers. However, US agencies have... Read More »

NSA Launched But, Failed to Infect North Korean Nuclear Plant with Stuxnet Virus

Tweet The National Security Agency tried to infect a Stuxnet-variant virus to sabotage the nuclear plant of North Korea, but eventually it failed, reported Reuters. Earlier, NSA launched a similar cyber attack campaign on Iran’s nuclear program in 2009 and 2010, jointly with Israeli forces. Anonymous U.S. Intelligence sources who were familiar with this covert campaign told Reuters that right around... Read More »

Security Questions as Authentication: Robust or No Good?

Tweet Are security questions difficult to crack? Not really, if it is the scam artists that you are referring to! Yes, this once used to be one of the safest hurdles that you could create to deny cyber crooks from entering your digital fort. However, with sophisticated tools now available to crack these relatively simple security questions, cyber criminals aren’t lagging too much behind you where... Read More »

Computer Expert Hacked Entertainment System to Make Planes Fly Sideways

Tweet Earlier in April 2015, Christ Robert was banned from boarding United Airlines flight following his tweet on his skills on hacking planes’ networks. But that stern rejection could not stop him from hacking planes, according to a recent FBI. He hacked and flew plane sideways! Once again, Christ Robert, CTO and founder of One World Labs, is in the news for admittedly hacking the communication... Read More »

Breaking Bad Fans Are Warned against Crypto Ransomware Malware Attack

Tweet Bad news alert for Breaking Bad fans as their digital assets are under the radar of malware assaulters. A new crypto ransomware threat is detected in Australian cyberspace to take hold of computers and sensitive files, security researchers at Symantec have confirmed. How Breaking Bad crypto ransomware works? Symantec has discovered this new crypto ransomware malware which is called Trojan.Cryptolocker.S... Read More »

Even Google’s Patched Password Alert Version has Problems, Issue Detected!

Tweet All it took was a seven-lined code to dupe Google’s anti-phishing Chrome extension. And it didn’t take that long – this anti-phishing Password Alert system was found flawed within 24 hours of its debut. Paul Moore, a security researcher with British Unity Group, wrote that JavaScript code which bypassed the anti-phishing protection it was supposed to provide. Paul’s proof of concept The... Read More »

Cryptocurrency Market in Shambles: Bitcoin Loosing Sheen

Tweet What is bitcoin (BTC) You have heard of bitcoins. They are a form of cryptocurrency. For the starters, a cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange just like a physical currency such as Dollars, Pounds and Euros. However, these currencies are designed specifically for digital information exchange through complex algorithms, based on the principles of cryptography. These complex algorithms are used... Read More »

Security Researcher Tweets about Hacking Skills; Debarred from Boarding United Airlines Flight

Tweet To keep the security of the flight intact, United Airlines recently blocked the founder of security intelligence firm One World Labs – Chris Robert – from boarding a California-bound flight. The decision by  the airlines followed a social media post by the security researcher. In the post Robert tweeted about his ability to hack the airplane’s network to deploy the emergency oxygen mask. Chris... Read More »

Chinese hackers spying on Southeast Asia, India, etc. to gather intelligence, reports FireEye

Tweet After months of research, cyber security giant FireEye recently disclosed that the hackers, supported by the Chinese government, have been spying on governments, companies, and journalists in Southeast Asia, India and other countries for a decade. As per the released report of 65 pages by FireEye, the motive behind the decade-long cyber attacks were to gather intelligence from classified government... Read More »

Tax Scam Frauds are Faking as the IRS with Arrest Warrants

Tweet With the onset of tax filing season this year, tax scam artists are active once again. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has circulated warnings to stay alert of sham phone calls or emails posing as the IRS. These tax scam fraudsters are issuing mails to taxpayers’ names and asking them to file tax returns. Tax scams conducted via phone have already made a profit of about 15 million across the... Read More »

GitHub Suffering the “Largest Distributed Denial of Service Attack”

Tweet GitHub, the first-rate US-based software coding site, is slammed by Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) onslaught. The DDoS attack on the site is suspected to have initiated from China. GitHub website is mostly popular for serving as a storage area of different types of coding projects which range from web app frameworks, game engines to security applications. Various tech firms and software... Read More »

iVote Security Flaws Compromised 66,000 Votes of NSW Election

Tweet With just a week to go before the NSW election results to release, two security experts have confirmed that iVote online voting system of NSW Electoral Commission is found compromised. They have detected “critical vulnerabilities” in iVote online voting system which was used this year for the first time. Though the NSW Electoral Commission has worked out to resolve the security issue but... Read More »

Yahoo! Takes the First Step to Eliminate Passwords

Tweet Yahoo! has come up with an optional login process to combat your password dreads. By introducing ‘on-demand’ password to log into your mail account, Yahoo! has tried to ensure tighter security and ease of monitoring accounts. Your Yahoo! account will now ask for your password as well as the SMS code that will be sent to you on your phone. This way before breaking into your account, the hacker... Read More »

Another cyber security flaw threatens millions of Internet users

Tweet The moment you think your computer is safe to use, new security flaws emerge to rock the Internet world, threatening the identity of millions of Internet users. Last year it was Heartbleed and Shellshock, and this year it’s FREAK. Named in a clever acronym format, FREAK stands for Factoring Attack on RSA-EXPORT Keys. The bug affects SSL/TLS protocols, which are used to encrypt data as it is... Read More »

Vulnerabilities found in Blu-ray disc Opens door for Malware Invasion in PCs

Tweet A pair of vulnerabilities has been discovered in the hardware and software used for playing Blu-ray discs, by Stephen Tomkinson of NCC Group, a U.K. based security consultancy. Stephen succeeded in highlighting the same with the help of a self-engineered Blue-ray disc, which helped him in identifying the type of player the disc is running. Presenting the research at the Securi-Tay conference... Read More »

Vulnerability in Superfish puts Lenovo Laptop Users’ at Risk

Tweet Superfish, a little-known Silicon Valley startup, has been facing criticism for quite a long time for its software named Superfish that has exposed Lenovo laptop users to hackers. This software is unintentionally aiding hackers in stealing personal information of users. The pre-loaded program Superfish is available on Lenovo laptops, sold between September 2014 and January 2015. As per security... Read More »

Cyber Crooks Con Banks, Steal $1B

Tweet As reported by Kaspersky Labs, the Russian computer security company, around 100 banks and many other financial institutions have been attacked by a gang of cybercriminals.  An estimate of $1 bn has been stolen in the attack so far. It is important to note that this attack began in 2013 and is still active! The ongoing cybercrime came to light after an investigation was initiated by the Kaspersky... Read More »