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Remove Windows Defender

Tweet Windows defender alias Microsoft Antispyware, can really work wonders when it comes to remove the quarantine spywares. Not only removing but it is a spyware that can be very useful in detecting, preventing & getting prior information about these specific spywares respectively. If we take a look at its contents we can see that it is being packed by nothing but operating systems, naturally... Read More »
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How to live with Malware Infections?

Tweet Can you be 100% sure that there are no viruses or malwares lurking into your company network? The answers will always be a big NO. Those viruses or malwares must be working simultaneously with some legitimate application and there are chances that you are still not able to detect this infection on you network and application behavior. Viruses and Malwares have evolved a lot with time that even... Read More »

Viruses, Spyware, and Malware

Tweet Nowadays, computers and Internet play a major role in daily life. With the increasing use of computers, there has been a rise in security threats such as viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, etc. Computer users are suffering losses due to malicious programs which easily install themselves from the Internet or other sources, and multiply by downloading other infected software. These malware are categorized... Read More »
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Computer security

Tweet The modern world is almost completely based on the world of technology. Almost all fields of the modern life are completely based on the usage of latest technology. However, it is important to understand the amount of risk that is involved with the virtual world. Technology has opened the gateways for cyber crime in a huge way. There are several hackers which have managed to find the key to the... Read More »

Things You Can Use to Protect Your Computers From Hackers

Tweet Computers can easily be affected by malicious programs and are open to several kinds of security vulnerabilities. In this post I will discuss some very important computer security aspects which should always be kept in mind and adhered to. Firewall: Firewall is one of the best ways to keep your computer protected from outside world. As the name suggests, it works exactly like a wall of fire and... Read More »

Tips to Select the Spyware Removal Tool

Tweet PC protection is a matter of great concern to people from all around the world. Everyone wants their system to be free from any threat just to make sure that their information and data are both safe and well protected. Spyware Removal tools help to  protect your PC from foreign invasions. These invasions include malware and adware software installed on your PC without your consent. You will... Read More »

Experts: Anti Virus Sentry Might be a Threat to Your PC

Tweet Apparently, the Antivirus sentry is not exactly what it advertises itself to be. Antivirus Sentry, in truth, is nothing more than a mere rogue anti-spyware program. Recently the IT industry has warned consumers against these rouge anti-spyware. Spyware are are basically “traps” which seek confidential information relating to finance and personal information, without the users prior... Read More »
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Rogue Security Software Unleashed

Tweet The Rogue Security Software apparently came up as something with quite a lot of benefits with respect to the security of your computer. As a matter of fact, the software provides a very limited or no security at all to the users instead generates reports that are of no good to the user. It also gets a user fall into a false or fraud based transaction causing financial losses as well. The arrival... Read More »

How to Remove Spyware from Your Computer

Tweet Your computer faces a number of threats all around from the online world. These could be viruses, spywares, Trojans, and other such elements as well that might not only destroy your data but your computer as well. The best solution to make your machine secure is to remove all this unwanted stuff so that you get the best out of your machine. Spyware is a category associated to all the unwanted... Read More »

Symantec’s billion dollar deal!

Tweet Symantec, the world leader in providing security, systems management and storage for secure exchange of information online, has recently announced that it will acquire VeriSign’s authentication business. This acquisition will allow Symantec’s customers integrate identity based security into their web applications. This acquisition came as no surprise since the company has been looking out... Read More »

Types of Malware and the Extent of Damage they can cause to your Computer

Tweet Malware is the codename for malicious software and refers to any software that can access a computer system without the consent of the owner. Software can be classified as malware based on the perceived motive behind its creation rather than its features. Some people consider defective software as malware, but this is a wrong classification. Defective software is originally intended to be helpful... Read More »

Eradicating Spyware from your System

Tweet Spyware is a type of malware (short for malicious software) which installs on computers to collect information about the user. Spyware is hidden from the user and is difficult to detect. There are various anti spyware software used, e.g. corporate most commonly use key loggers to remove any threat from spyware. Symptoms Signs of a malware infection vary depending on the type of malware in the... Read More »

Instant Message from Win32 Trojan-Wink!

Tweet Instant messaging sites have always been a popular medium for hackers and crooked minded people to freely distribute worms, viruses, trojans, and what not. Yahoo instant messenger is a portal where millions of people come together to chat, make new friends and to reconnect with old pals and become a potential medium for hackers and worm spreaders. Moreover, experts in the field of Internet and... Read More »

Beat SpyWare and AdWare by Cleaning the Registry

Tweet The registry on Windows is a database or a collection of information about the computer’s hardware and software. It’s used to store the configuration of the software installed on the system, the hardware, and other settings contained in the system that the user has set. The registry is a good way to monitor the software and hardware in the system. All the software is organized according... Read More »

AntiSpyware Soft is Malicious Software.

Tweet Antispyware Soft, also known as AntispywareSoft and Anti-spyware Soft Demo, is another powerful rogue antispyware application from the same family as Anti-virus Soft, it is guaranteed to cause you many computer problems as well as try everything within its power to try and steal your money with the use of malicious tricks and tactics that include a fake system scan, fake system scan report results... Read More »

STOPzilla now available on RevenueWire

Tweet RevenueWire the affiliate network specializing in high demand digital products has announced the addition of STOPzilla to its affiliate network. RevenueWire began operations in 2007 offering an exciting and new medium for merchants and affiliate marketers alike. The high returns given to RevenueWire’s customers come from its ease of use, its payment system SafeCart and an effective sales... Read More »

Cartish Home Care: a managed IT security service

Tweet Cartish Technologies, a managed IT services company has launched a new service dubbed the Cartish Home Care solution. Through this package users get a whole range of features ranging from IT security  that is anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware and protection from infected links to remote PC access from anywhere in world as long as the machine is on the Internet. Viruses are malicious programs... Read More »

E-mail scam reinvents itself

Tweet An old e-mail scam is making a comeback. This time it’s more interested in stealing your name and e-mail address book than stealing your money. Characteristics The first step is usually an infection by a virus that steals your name, e-mail address and the contacts in your address book. The information is then used to forge you e-mail and send out unsolicited e-mails. Since the virus uses the... Read More »

Oregon Pacific Bank Phishing scam

Tweet The Oregon Pacific Bank sent out a press release warning its customers about an Online scam targeted at both Oregon Pacific customers and non customers. The phishing scam is in the form of an e-mail which contains a link to a Website asking the user to give personal information as well as credit card or debit card number together with the PIN and password for the account. Phishing is derived... Read More »

iPhone, Blackberry – RIP (2015) predicts Eugene Kaspersky

Tweet Jump to a store and get yourself a Blackberry or an iPhone now or never. I just saw an article and title sets me back and I could not stop writing this one. . We all know that both Apple and Blackberry do not encourage Symbian and Android in their gadget. But is this the only reason for that comment by the CEO of the famous anti-virus software company? What if I say yes to this question? He added... Read More »

Changing File extensions – A solution to malware attacks?

Tweet Symantec reports that there are nearly 12000 variants of malware detected every day. Isn’t that a big number? It is. We are sometimes “jaw down” by seeing the technological advancements but at the same time there is other side of the coin and the other side is so devastating. Everyday some system or other is reported to be affected by the malware and gets doomed. So what is this all about?... Read More »

Is your reputation worth $15?

Tweet Here’s a scary thought: Malwares are getting greedy nowadays. A computer malware has infected PCs using an online file sharing site and has blackmailed more than 5500 users. Hoo boy! BBC reported that a computer malware, known as Kenzero, has managed to invade computer systems posing as a game installation file from Winni, a popular file-sharing site. Winni has 200M users around the world.... Read More »
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Malwarebytes: Malware Protection with a Feisty Bite

Tweet Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a security product for malicious software or malware management. The MBAM free version is a 4.9 MB download. The full version which offers automatic updates, real-time protection, and scheduled scanning is priced at $24.95 for lifetime use of their license. However if you’re a corporate customer, they release annual licenses. PROS This light but sturdy application... Read More »
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