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Firefox app finally for your iOS-based devices

Tweet After iOS opened up for non-Apple browsers last year, users who were earlier only treated to the default Safari browser in addition to Google Chrome and Opera, now have a reason to smile. Yes, if you have been a fan of the Mozilla Firefox browser and were unhappy about not being able to use it on your iOS-based device, you now have something to cheer for. Mozilla Firefox browser app is now available... Read More »

Speedafari on iOS 9: Load Web Pages Faster

Tweet While you are browsing the web on your iOS 9, it could be a frustrating situation to find that the Internet connection is pathetically slow and web pages are talking forever to open. You can’t do much about the slow connection, can you? But, you can surely do a lot about opening pages faster even when the connection is just a bar or two of the Edge signal! Well, you have, to your saving grace,... Read More »

Apps for organizing a student’s hectic life!

Tweet There are apps today available for practically everything – from locating your misplaced smartphone to keeping a track of your fitness regimen. So, as you can see, apps make a lot of things easier for us. They help us simply life and many mundane chores that would otherwise perhaps be boring or lengthy. But, isn’t that what technology is meant for? In the midst of this, apps have also entered... Read More »

Android Lollipop, Google’s latest mobile platform is unveiled

Tweet After months of speculation and testing, Google has announced the latest version of its most popular mobile operating system. Called as Android Lollipop, this recent mobile platform equips more than 5,000 APIs. It has a fresh artistic style called Material Design, which is designed to give consistent look and feel across different Android-based devices. As far as the user interface is concerned,... Read More »

Everything you need to know about Apple iOS 8

Tweet Apple is soon going to launch the eight major release of its mobile operating system for iPod, iPad, and iPhone. The new software, iOS 8 is the successor and revamped version of iOS 7 and sports a range of new features and abilities. Here, we have compiled a whole heap of features that will certainly change the way you use your mobile. What’s new about iOS 8? Photos and Camera This time the... Read More »

Facebook launched a new app Slingshot

Tweet The social networking behemoth Facebook has once again launched a new app Slingshot to keep users engaged by allowing them to share short-lived photos and videos with one another. The Facebook has said to have taken the concept from competitors such as Snapchat that largely encourages people to share casual photographs and videos that will be deleted shortly after been shared. However, Slingshot... Read More »

Mozilla to sell $25 Smartphone across India and Indonesia

Tweet Is it possible to get a Smartphone for as little as $25? No, it was not until Mozilla declared to sell smartphones for just $25 in India and Indonesia. The company’s general manager for China said that in the next few months it will begin selling smartphones in India and Indonesia, primarily in South and Southeast Asia. The Mozilla has been talking about its Firefox mobile operating system... Read More »

Microsoft launches Outlook Web App for Android

Tweet Good news for Android users! Microsoft launches a pre-release of Outlook Web App for Android Operating System which will soon be available on Google Play. The app however will only work if your device have running Android 4.4 Kit Kat or higher, your mailbox is running on Office 365 for business, and your device size is “small” or “normal” by Android OS. The app is launched as pre-release... Read More »

Protect Your Phone with Lookout ‘Theft Alerts’

Tweet Number of apps have been introduced lately to locate your device when been stolen or misplaced but Lookout app has something more to offer. The popular mobile security app Lookout has introduced a new feature ‘Theft Alerts’ that can help you catch hold of your mobile thief in no time. Here’s how it is going to work. Whenever someone steals your phone and tries to access it without permission... Read More »

Quick Ways to Improve the Speed of Dropbox Syncing

Tweet The newly added feature in your Dropbox account can help you sync large files for both shared folders and for any of your computers synced in a much faster way. Uploading large files on your computer has being a problem but thanks to beta desktop app, new added feature in its user forums, that users can speed up syncing of large files and get their computer synced with the same Dropbox account... Read More »

Cleanse your PC with System Ninja

Tweet When was the last time you cleared the junk files from your PC? How often do you empty system caches from your computer? Not very frequently we believe? Cleaning of junk files from PC, emptying of system caches, and performing frequent updates are some of the activities that can give benefits to nearly every computer. It is important to take such preventative measures time to time to keep your... Read More »

Mindfulness is only a touch away

Tweet Does the everyday work stress drain you completely? One of the easiest ways to bring some peace in your busy life is meditation. Keeping in mind the stress and work pressure that you go through in your life almost daily, iOS introduced a new app Buddhify 2 that takes a modern approach to mindfulness. The app is helpful for people who seek activities like meditation and mindfulness to cure problems... Read More »

Mozilla Adblock can eat away your PC’s memory

Tweet Your computer’s memory is getting affected day by day and you are still not sure what is making it weak? Mozilla has the answer for this! Well, there are numerous reasons that increase the memory usage in your computer. Mozilla Adblock Plus plugin is one of the reasons that result into memory usage from your PC. Recently, the company warned that the popular Adblock Plus Plugin of Mozilla could... Read More »

Fitness app can threaten your privacy

Tweet You walked half a mile and your fitness app calculated every calorie you burned and counted kilometers you ran. Isn’t it smart? Surely it is but have you noticed that a fitness app tracks down your location and activity that you have been doing throughout the day? A fitness app not only knows a user’s location, but also whether he or she got there on foot, bike or bus. In spite of having... Read More »

Device that can help you find your luggage!

Tweet Are you are travelling alone for the first time? Do you want to keep your luggage safe throughout the journey? Well, finally there is a device that can help you track your luggage while you are travelling alone. The AT&T researchers have recently developed a “smart luggage” tracker that would help travelers locate their luggage and keep it safe all throughout the journey. The device was... Read More »

Accessing Google Apps will now be tough for suspicious users

Tweet If you think accessing Gmail and other Google Apps is easy and anybody who hasn’t signed up can login into the same then you might not know about the dual-factor authentication that Google has brought upon for suspicious Google Apps logins. With an intention to block the unauthorized use of its services, Google is planning to ask users to verify their accounts with a text message in case the... Read More »

Windows 8: Create a Shortcut for Shutdown and Restart

Tweet Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8 comes equipped with a range of advanced features and options. It enables you to get all the latest live updates at a glance and access anything just with a click or a tap. However, with so many intriguing features, Windows 8 also boasts some shortcomings. One of them is the missing Start menu. Yes, Windows 8 comes without the Start menu. ... Read More »

Here’s a great download manager for your computer

Tweet Not every web browser has a download manager built-in, so downloads wouldn’t be managed by your browser. Opera browser has a decent download manager in it but most other browsers do not have a manager. So you need to have a download manager on your computer to manage downloads easily. ochDownloader is a great application for your computer if you’re looking for a download manager. This download... Read More »

Here’s how you can optimize your computer

Tweet Your computer needs regular check-ups and maintenance runs to be in an optimized state. Is your PC really slow? Does it take too long to respond? Do you regularly perform any checks on your computer to see if it is running well? You must. Here are a few things that you can do to optimize your computer easily. Disk error clean up Disk error is a log that your computer creates whenever an error... Read More »

Tips & Tricks to Make your Video Streaming Experience less painful

Tweet From watching videos, to listening online music, to gazing at your popular TV shows on the web, Internet is all about streaming online content. Whether you are a die-hard music fan, a teacher trying to ignite your students curiosity by streaming content in the classroom, or an avid Internet user trying to look at all that’s new on the Internet, you would always like to stream videos and audio... Read More »

Taxi Magic makes cab booking easier

Tweet Are you bored with the conventional method of booking a cab? Taxi Magic app will make the process of booking a cab extremely convenient and easy. Precisely, the app allows you to book a cab straightforwardly from your iPhone, merely at a push of button. Thinking of booking your ride through Taxi Magic? Taxi Magic app directly connects to the Taxi routing systems, enabling you to book cabs without... Read More »

Mozilla® releases Firefox 14 version

Tweet After releasing Firefox 13, Mozilla has lately announced the availability of its newest version Firefox 14. With priority given to security, the upgraded version of Firefox, Firefox 14 is outfitted with a slew of state-of-the-art features, making web browsing secure and web applications more potent. To offer superior security, Mozilla Firefox 14 has made Google Searches more secure, protecting... Read More »

Update for Path app released

Tweet Since its launch, Path – the social networking app has grown to embrace more than two million people sharing life with distant family, friends and associates. And lately, the developers of the app have rolled out a major update for the Android and iPhone platforms. The update includes a few worth-considering features, like the ability to poke friends. In addition to this, in its first ever... Read More »
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Gmail® SMS – E-mail in the form of SMS

Tweet Lately Google Inc. has launched a one-of-a-kind service that delivers your Gmail messages in form of SMS. Confused? You heard it right! Dubbed as Gmail SMS, the service automatically forwards all your e-mails as SMS text straightforward on your phone. You not just get your e-mail messages, but you can also respond directly through SMS. According to your priorities, you can easily manage your... Read More »

Costco app- make shopping easier

Tweet Are you a Costco fan? Well now you can access Costco’s incredible values with the recently launched Costco app for Android-based devices. Offering great values to Costco’s members, the new Costco app will make shopping for your favorite product a lot easier. Look Check out the prime features of the this app: • Choose and shop from the wide ranging items available at Costco.com • Find... Read More »
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