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Features of SQL Server 2008 SP2

Microsoft has already verbalized their plans of delivering a couple of different service packs for the public to avail. These are actually older releases of Microsoft’s data platform, and they plan to release these new packs by the end of this year.

SQL Server 2005 SP4 as well as SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 2 are going to be available to the general public on the second half of the year 2010, as planned. According to the spokespersons from Microsoft, what pushed the company to make SQL Server Servicing plans public are the feedback and reports they got from the clients who run their data platform. In addition, they are also going to provide major upgrades for the 2005 as well as 2008 versions.

SQL Server 2008Appreciating Client Feedback

According to the statements released by the group program manager of Microsoft SQL Server, Matthias Berndt, the company is very much appreciative of the comments they received about their servicing provision, especially for the present configurations of their SQL Servers. Microsoft is a hundred percent committed to satisfying their wide customer base.

Berndt told customers, especially the avid ones, that they will soon be able to download as well as deploy and SP2, especially as they move towards the second half of the year. Additionally, the Redmond company is looking forward to the third quarter of the year for they are also going to release their SQL Server 2008 SP2. Microsoft, on the other hand, has already publicized their offers of their first service pack for SQL Server 2008 back during the end of the month of March in the year 2009.

Software Giant

This particular giant when it comes to the industry of software still continues to be committed to their clients when it comes to running SQL Server 2005 SP4. The company, despite receiving a lot of positive feedback, is still looking forward to developing their product and is still trying to develop the SQL Server 2005 SP4, in parallel with the new SQL Server 2008 SP2. According to the report they made, anticipating customers will be getting their software’s bits in the first part of 2011.

It is because of the overwhelming requests of a new servicing release that Microsoft decided to give the public what it wants come 2010. Knowing that the company will be releasing SQL Server 2005 into an extended support volume in 2011, the public should prepare themselves for the Microsoft huge announcement that this will be the last Service Pack the company will be releasing for this particular SQL Server version. This new extended support version will be available for the public come the twelfth of April in 2016.

Just like always, the team assigned for the SQL Server will be carefully monitoring any customer feedback they get especially for this particular tool. Doing so makes them capable of re-assessing the decisions the company has made that are largely based on the public’s needs.

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