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Google™ PageSpeed Insights 2.0 released

Do you know how to optimize the performance of your website? Do your web pages crawl really slowly?

Lately, Google has released the enhanced version 2.0 of PageSpeed Insights 2.0 Chrome extension. It will significantly help you discern various aspects of your website that are responsible for the sluggish performance and speed of the pages. The extension comprehensively analyzes, optimizes, and gives relevant suggestions to improve the performance of your website. Primarily, the updated version 2.0 of PageSpeed Insights will scrutinize all the factors of the page load, including network, resources, timeline, and DOM. Reducing the page load time, Google PageSpeed Insights 2.0 will drastically help in cutting down the bounce rate and increasing the conversion rate of your website.

If you want to evaluate the performance of your website and get handy tips on how to improve them, download the update from Chrome Web Store.

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