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Chrome 6- The Additions and Subtractions

Tweet Chrome web browser is rising up the hike in order to secure a better market position and it has been noticed that the browser has taken up a share of 7.2% rising from 7.0% back in May this year. The 0.2% change within a month is an excellent achievement. In addition to that, the Chrome 6 has been launched recently with a few additions and a few subtractions altogether accounting for the minor... Read More »
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How to Troubleshoot IE 8 in Windows 7

Tweet Internet Explorer 8 came into the market to revive the declining position of Microsoft in the Browser Market. The browser came up with marvelous improvements that made it retain a share of 14% in the browser market with a strong competition with many of the browsers around the world. Though there were a number of flaws as well, but that too, didn’t make a lot of difference actually and the... Read More »
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Reasons Why You Would Want the Firefox 4.0

Tweet There are several reasons as to why I am enjoying Mozilla Corporations Firefox 4.0. First of all, it is one browser that continued to up itself time after time, while sticking to its basics. Although recently rival browsers like Google’s Chrome, Safari and Opera back slashed it; Firefox 4 is certainly a power to reckon with. Faster than the older versions Only still on the beta, the Firefox... Read More »
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You Can Now Uninstall Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7

Tweet Sometimes you can just get tired of running Internet Explore 8 in your Windows 7 operating system and might feel the need to remove it. Well, it is a relatively easy task to uninstall it and change to other browser you want.  If you have seen the progression of Windows Internet Explorer from the fifth version to the eight and are calling it quits with the browser, the steps to do so are quite... Read More »

Most overlooked Froyo feature: Google Chrome to Phone

Tweet It has been quite a while since Google came out with the release of the Android 2.2 that was also called Froyo with hype galore. There were a lot of expectations from the new version of the operating system that was meant to provide high performance to the Android platform with the help of the Just in Time compiler. The system would give great enhancement to the Android platform with increased... Read More »
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Google Chrome to Block Out-of-date Plug-ins

Tweet One can hardly name anything that has been authored by Google and has a lot of short comings in it. Though, there is nothing perfect in the world today but Google certainly authors programs and applications that are fairly close to perfection. Google Chrome, the browser is part of the same product line up that has brought a revolution in the world of Computers. You can have a number of benefits... Read More »
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How to Reinstall or Repair Internet Explorer in Windows 7

Tweet You might have encountered instances where you Windows Internet Explorer might have crashed because of some files associated with it damaged or the registration information missed. In such cases, you will be required to reinstall or repair the Internet Explorer to get it working back to normal. This is the only way that can help you repair the damaged files or get the missing registry information... Read More »
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New Release of Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 1

Tweet The smart looking and improved Mozilla Firefox 4 beta 1 that was recently released has features that make it the browser of choice. Its additional features and superb performance encompass some pickings from Chrome, making it a world class browser with regard to the features. Other than the current features that come with your Firefox browser, the new release takes it a level better. If anything,... Read More »

Mozilla Unleashes its First Beta Firefox 4

Tweet Firefox 4 beta (revision 1) based on the Gecko 2.0 Web platform is available for trail from Mozilla website and is ready for Windows, OS X and Linux.  The version released to public on 7th July, 2010 boasts some amazing first time features and enhanced crash protection. Cosmetic The overall look of the browser is mainly improved cosmetically by having the Tabs point upward from the previously... Read More »
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Installing the Latest Firefox 3.6.6 in Ubuntu Linux

Tweet Firefox delivers safe and easy web browsing. It has enhanced security features that also include protection from online identity theft. It offers an integrated search that lets the users get the most out of the web world. The latest Firefox 3.6.6 in Ubuntu Linux is more advanced and a better version. It can be easily installed by any Windows or Linux user. The new Firefox 3.6.6 is now available... Read More »

Firefox improved- no more crashes of Flash Player

Tweet One of the most popular browsers in the world of internet browsers is Firefox from Mozilla. The browser has undergone serious changes and has provided users from all around the world with a secure and interactive browsing experience throughout history. They have provided users with a light yet attractive interface in order to make sure that you get the best browsing experience from the World... Read More »

Default Web Browser in Windows7

Tweet While working with new Windows7, there are chances that Windows7 may not be able to open links. Sometimes Windows Live Mail is used to read emails, but unfortunately no links in emails get load. On trying to click on these links, error is notified with message saying that there is no existence of compatible program; though system has various web browsers including Internet Explorer. An Error... Read More »

Microsoft Shows off Internet Explorer 9

Tweet With the preview release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft is trying to re-innovate the browser. There are many browser available and almost all of them prove to be faster, lighter, secure, and user friendly. Microsoft says that Internet Explorer 9 will break this image as it is going to be the fastest browser with the most advanced features. Microsoft in earlier versions tried... Read More »

Flock Favors Google in Contrast to Mozilla

Tweet Flock is a prominent web browser. It is fabricated on Mozilla Firefox codebase which is a  specialize in giving Web 2.0 and social marketing amenities put up into its user interface. On May 19, 2009 Flock v2.5 was released officially. Flock browser which can be downloaded freely supports Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Free BSD platforms. Media Services and social networking sites like... Read More »

How to Delete Cookies in Internet Explorer Running on Windows XP or Vista

Tweet Cookies are the files that aid a website to know if you had accessed it previously. If you did visit the website previously then it saves all the data of the operations performed on that particular website, so that it aids the website to improve your experience on the website for the visits thereafter. There are times when you would not want the websites to know that you did access them. In this... Read More »

FAQ’s about InPrivate Browsing

Tweet What is the InPrivate Browsing system? A special feature, InPrivate Browsing helps prevent your Internet Explorer browser from saving the data in relation to your browsing sessions. As a result, it prevents any other person using your notebook or computer from viewing all the websites and blogs that you had visited on the internet. Hence, when you begin browsing with this feature, the Internet... Read More »

How to Enable or Disable Cookies in Internet Explorer

Tweet Cookies are a type of data stored on your computer. These cookies are being used for a lot of purposes and in fact they make your life simpler and that is why they exist largely. They are designed to hold a self effecting data for a client or the user of the computer. It means that only information related to a particular user is stored in the cookie. These cookies can be used either by the web... Read More »

PDF Viewing: Possible with Updated Chrome Version

Tweet Following its beta release in September 2008, Google has officially marketed its final and stable version of a browser and named it as Chrome in December of the same year. With a simple and clean user interface, Google was able to provide not just a typical browser but one that has the ability to provide fast and quality web searches without compromising the security of the users. As Chrome downloads... Read More »

InPrivate Filter for hiding your browsing history

Tweet In an age of surveillance cameras, social networking websites and free public databases, maintaining privacy on the web has become a difficult task. Similarly, it is equally easy for others and also various websites to checkout and retrieve the entire list of websites that you visit during your browsing session. As a result, it gets extremely difficult to protect your online identity on the... Read More »

How to Increase the Speed of Internet Explorer

Tweet Sometimes we experience that our web browser responds very slowly. There are a lot of reasons which can cause this problem. We can analyze to see why the Windows Internet Explorer is running slowly. We can check each aspect one by one in order to resolve this problem. We will look at and discuss five methods in order to solve this issue. Windows Internet Explorer might be slow due to the old... Read More »

How to Resolve Website Errors in Internet Explorer

Tweet Internet Explorer is considered to be one of the earliest and most famous web explorers introduced in the World Wide Web. In the number of years that Internet Explorer existed in the technological world, new versions have been made in order to cope up with the test of time. Moreover, along with these continuous innovations with the versions of Internet Explorer are the errors that go by this. Histrory... Read More »

How to Reinstall or repair Internet Explorer in Windows Vista and Windows XP

Tweet Introduction At times errors occur in Internet Explorer run on Windows Vista and/or Windows XP. The reasons for such occurrences can be distorted files or/and misplaced registration information. At this point of time, the only solution is either to repair or reinstall the affected software. In this article we share with our readers the methods by which Internet Explorer can be repaired or reinstalled. Procedure... Read More »

How to reset Internet Explorer settings

Tweet Is browsing the internet slow on Internet Explorer? Has your Internet Explorer stopped responding or become inoperative? Do you get message “encountered a problem and needs to close”? In this case you need to reset Internet Explorer. If the problem occurs because of incompatible or damaged Internet Explorer settings or add-ons, the problem can be solved by resetting some of the Internet Explorer... Read More »

How to Solve Internet Explorer 8 Installation Problems

Tweet Troubles with installing Internet Explorer 8 can be because of diverse issues. These issues have to be resolved! The successful installation of Internet Explorer 8 depends on many such issues. Following are some steps which will ensure successful installation : Retune Windows security settings back to the defaults To retune Windows security settings back to the default the following... Read More »

How do I uninstall or remove Internet Explorer 8?

Tweet If Internet Explorer 8 is removed from the system, the previous version of Internet Explorer is reinstated with your required customizations. Internet Explorer 8 is a part of Windows 7. Consequently, if Internet Explorer 8 is taken out, then a third-party browser has to be installed to use internet. Uninstall Internet Explorer 8 in Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 If you use this software... Read More »
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