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Google Chrome Web store: A store of web applications

Tweet The most popular search engine provider Google announced a new service to uphold their internet browser ‘Google Chrome’. In the last week in ‘Google I/O conference’ declared the offer Google Chrome web store. Google Chrome OS is going be released very soon. In this context Google takes a more generous step to provide a store where web applications can be attained. The theme of Google... Read More »

How To Speed Up Firefox in Three Easy Steps

Tweet Over several years, Internet explorer has been one of the popular Internet browsers used across the entire world. However, with the release of Mozilla Firefox, a new innovative internet browser with distinctive smart browsing features and higher speed, a sudden change in the internet market was observed. The new attractive and feasible surfing features offered by this new browser soon made it... Read More »

IE’s Loss and Gain of Market Share

Tweet Change is the only constant in this material world practically and nothing as such nothing otherwise would be expected to remain unmoved. The best example for this is the long reign continued by the monopoly Microsoft group’s browser, the Internet explorer. It was once upon a time that IE was almost regarded as the sole option for browsing through the world wide web. And they took enough... Read More »

What Every Internet User Needs To Know About the Development Of Google Chrome 6

Tweet Google has been releasing many products to increase its market share with many users starting to use the services of Google. There are many online giants like Yahoo, MSN and Google that are always in the competition to be the best in the business. Google has been in the forefront of releasing various products all the time and increasing the market share by increasing the base of customers who... Read More »

`Lorentz’ and `Lanikai’ – The latest inventions of Mozilla which are due for their grand release

Tweet The novel beta test builds essentially known as Firefox 3.6.4 and Thunderbird 3.1, which is popularly given code names Lorentz and Lanikai respectively, will be released very soon. These are the updated wonders of the esteemed company Mozilla. Mozilla is undoubtedly the gigantic based company and has been diversely integrated since many years in offering the latest versions of web browsing and... Read More »

Google Chrome Updated?

Tweet Google Chrome has had security flaws since day one, and it has been the center of heavy criticism, since time immemorial. Despite several impressive functionalities, the security levels in Google Chrome have never been too convincing, and it has never been admired by the internet users and critics as a safe browser. Far off, there have been too many bugs reported by the users off-late, and the... Read More »


Tweet It’s been a year and a half since the release of the first version of the Google chrome. It has come a long way since its release and has almost all the features of other established browsers. Google will now shortly release the Chrome 5 which is expected to give the other browsers a run for their money. Chrome 5 is presently available in beta for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The Chrome releases... Read More »

Mozilla Firefox Releases a Security Update–Again

Tweet Just over a week after Mozilla Firefox released its update, Firefox 3.6.2, another security update release just came up to fix a critical security flaw. Firefox 3.6.3 now addresses the issue which came to attention by a security researcher, Nils of MWR InfoSecurity, during a contest sponsored by TippingPoint’s Zero Day Initiative. In the contest, 2010 Pwn2Own, Nils discovered a memory corruption... Read More »

Google To Build Chrome With Flash

Tweet After installing a browser, the first thing that a user does is to install the Flash player from Adobe. Without the Flash player it is impossible to view certain websites as well as the videos on the Internet. But now, Google has decided to make things easier for its user. Google has decided to build Flash in its browser Google Chrome. Now, Google has decided to support the Adobe Flash player... Read More »

Mozilla To Make Beta Version Of Firefox For Android

Tweet Mozilla has announced to make beta version of Firefox for the Android users. Mozilla will be creating the beta version of Firefox in this year and the browser will have XUL and Web standards like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programming languages. With all the features same as in Firefox for desktop, the browser will be available for Google’s Android OS by the end of this year.  Read More →Read More »
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Google To Add Security Feature In Gmail

Tweet Google will be adding a new, crispy security feature to Gmail with which users will be able to get warnings when there are suspicious account logins. Firefox and Internet Explorer will be getting this feature first. After the addition of this security feature, user will be able to track any recent account activity and will be able to sign out remotely from Gmail. User will be able to get details... Read More »
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Can Microsoft Create Better Browsers Than Internet Explorer

Tweet Internet Explorer is the web browser known by many people who use Internet in their day to day life. There are others who use other browsers such as Fire fox, Opera, Netscape etc but the majority of the general people use only Internet Explorer. It is the most targeted web browser in the internet world because of many reasons. However, if any one goes into its technical specifications, its features,... Read More »

Future Of Internet Browsers

Tweet Which is the main browser of your system? What browser do you prefer? A few years back, everybody heard about some guys that where trying to turn our web browser into a new operating system on our PCs. Am I right? Basically, all the applications on your PC would be opened through a browser. Your documents could be easily stored and found from anywhere. Additionally. Google Docs is in many opinions... Read More »
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