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Android Lollipop, Google’s latest mobile platform is unveiled

Tweet After months of speculation and testing, Google has announced the latest version of its most popular mobile operating system. Called as Android Lollipop, this recent mobile platform equips more than 5,000 APIs. It has a fresh artistic style called Material Design, which is designed to give consistent look and feel across different Android-based devices. As far as the user interface is concerned,... Read More »

Fitness app can threaten your privacy

Tweet You walked half a mile and your fitness app calculated every calorie you burned and counted kilometers you ran. Isn’t it smart? Surely it is but have you noticed that a fitness app tracks down your location and activity that you have been doing throughout the day? A fitness app not only knows a user’s location, but also whether he or she got there on foot, bike or bus. In spite of having... Read More »

Windows 8: Create a Shortcut for Shutdown and Restart

Tweet Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8 comes equipped with a range of advanced features and options. It enables you to get all the latest live updates at a glance and access anything just with a click or a tap. However, with so many intriguing features, Windows 8 also boasts some shortcomings. One of them is the missing Start menu. Yes, Windows 8 comes without the Start menu. ... Read More »

Apple® OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion unveiled at WWDC 2012

Tweet At the grand WWDC 2012 keynote, Apple unveiled a number of noticeable enhancements for the world’s most cutting-edge desktop operating system- OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. This new operating system is certainly a prime release with hundreds of state-of-the-art features including Notification Center, Messages app, Sharing, Facebook integration, Power Nap, AirPlay Mirroring, and the improved security... Read More »

Microsoft® launches Windows® 8 Release Preview

Tweet Software giant Microsoft Corporation has launched the Windows 8 Release Preview one day before its scheduled date of 01 June. The Release Preview is the third and final in Microsoft’s trio of Windows 8 pre-releases. This is the last major update of Windows 8 before the client code is released to manufacturers. Features of Windows 8 Release Preview According to Microsoft, the Windows 8 Release... Read More »
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Microsoft® to offer Windows® 8 Pro upgrade deal

Tweet Microsoft Corporation is going to allow buyers of Windows 7 PCs to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for US $14.99 from 2 June. This promotional deal seems to be a step to prevent the slump in sales of PC before the launch of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. When the offer will start? The offer is believed to make its debut at the same time when Microsoft will launch Windows 8 Release Preview,... Read More »

Microsoft® to use Dolby Digital® Technology in Windows® 8 PCs and tablets

Tweet Software giant Microsoft Corporation has announced that it will incorporate Dolby Laboratories sound technology in its upcoming operating system Windows 8-based PCs and tablets. Windows 8 will support the playback of Dolby-encoded files, with the firm saying that it will offer out-of-the-box support. According to Microsoft, Dolby Digital Plus will be supported on all versions of Windows 8 including... Read More »

Windows® 3.1 completes twenty years this April!

Tweet It is difficult to imagine a time when there was no Windows operating systems and Microsoft was not so known. But if you actually see, there had to be a time when Windows operating systems were born and when people were beginning to witness a revolution. Yes, April was the month, 20 years ago, when the first Windows operating system from Microsoft, the Windows 3.1, was released. It is the great... Read More »
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Android™ 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to feature better Google™ Voice integration

Tweet If you are curiously waiting for the much-hyped fourth edition of Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich), then here is something that is going to enhance your curiosity. Google has announced that the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will feature a better integrated Google Voice app. Now, you are no longer required to browse through the voicemail box to listen to your voicemails. This app will enable... Read More »
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Anonymous Comes with Anonymous-OS

Tweet Anonymous has put forward another bold step in the technological world by introducing its own operating system. The operating system is named as Anonymous-OS. The operating system developed by Anonymous includes all the required tools to hack a website or to check for security of websites. It can also assist you to find a password. Anonymous-OS is Live and it is based on Ubuntu 11.10 version.... Read More »
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Google™ at MWC 2012: Android is the lifeline in 300 million smartphones

Tweet Google continues to compete with other mobile app stores. Once again, the company updated that more than 3 million apps are stored in the Android Market. Google is recognized as an important exhibitor for an event like the Mobile World Congress. Last year too, the company could create a center of attention in MWC just by sharing about apps developed for Android smartphones and tablets. Undoubtedly,... Read More »
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BlackBerry® OS 10 likely to get launched at MWC 2012

Tweet Research In Motion (RIM), makers of BlackBerry smartphones, will publicize their BlackBerry OS 10 in the Mobile World Congress 2012. A prestigious event like the Mobile World Congress will unfold some fresh handheld devices running modern mobile operating system like Android and IOS. And one such operating system (BlackBerry) will obtain a major update in the same event. RIM will take its BlackBerry... Read More »

Twitter® app for Android™ updated once again

Tweet The newly launched Twitter app for Android is bundled with better enhancements and it will work on Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 Android OS. A lot of users were not satisfied while using the Twitter app on their Android. To regain the reputation back, the app makers have finally released an update for Twitter app in the Android Market. The latest Twitter app is quick. It permits you to swipe your... Read More »
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Ubuntu® for Android™ will get unveiled at MWC

Tweet One of the predominant editions of Linux operating system – Ubuntu will be ported on Android devices and it will make its first appearance at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. Canonical, an independent firm which is continuously working to make Linux operating system shine amongst other platforms, has announced to release the Ubuntu edition of Linux software for Android... Read More »
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Android™ 5.0 Jelly Bean around the corner

Tweet There are chances that Google might prepare the Jelly Bean for Android devices and serve it around the second quarter of 2012. The day when Google had launched the Chrome Operating System for netbooks and portable devices, the company decided to rebuild its interface once again but in a different package altogether. Because the important attributes were somehow not functioning correctly. For... Read More »
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Quit Smoking with Android™ Apps

Tweet “Fortunately, there’s more than one way to quit smoking. . . the catch is you must choose wisely to become smoke-free.” – Arthur A. Hawkins II Indeed! Quitting smoking is one of the toughest promises to keep. If this New Year, you are also considering to quit smoking, here are some wise Android apps that might prove to be really helpful. 1) SelfHelp – No Smoking Want... Read More »

5 Essential Windows 7 Tips

Tweet It has been one of the most popular operating System that will has brought Microsoft back in to the market of faster computer. Windows 7 after the failure of Windows Vista as emerged as a true leader in the Operating System. Though it is always advisable, to know your operating system so that you can computer better with your computer. Today we will share some handy tips that will help you to... Read More »
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Find Your Computer’s Boot Time in Windows 7

Tweet Delayed boot time and slow system performance has been a very common problem in Windows PC. People using system with one year warranty can tell you this simple fact with their own experience that the PC boot up time and system performance has dripped down with time. Such performance issues and slow boot up makes the PC experience very irritating at times. It also affects the performance of the... Read More »
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Make Windows 7 GodMode Easier To Manage

Tweet It has been one of the best-discussed features of Windows 7 among the technicians, as it not only gives you an access to all the utility of Microsoft Windows 7 but is very handy as it gives you a chance to save time. GodMode not only give you an opportunity to use these tools but also brings them under one umbrella so that you can save your time and can use these utility to tweak in to the setting... Read More »
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How to Streamline Your Windows 7 Experience

Tweet Windows 7 was specifically designed to keep the user experience in mind and what could be the better feature to increase the experience than Windows Explorer. There are some basic tips and tricks which can make the digital experience more friendly and effective. Here are some of the simple tips and steps to streamline the Windows 7 experience: Step1: Customize the favorite lists: The favorite... Read More »
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How to Create Shortcuts for Windows 7 Settings

Tweet While using Windows 7 which is the latest Operating System till date from Microsoft (Windows 8 is yet in development phase) you may come across many instances when you would fell like having an icon of the setting on your main desktop so that you can access and customize your computer as per your wish. For instance in the middle of your work you notice a program that you don’t use any more... Read More »
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Windows® 8 will Bring Microsoft® in Faster Startup League

Tweet Since the debate has started over will Windows 8 be the next best Operating system ever many also consider that the operating the system has promised to come up with many new features. Quick startup and 3D view are just few of them. Going through the leaked Windows 8 images and videos one gets felling that there is some good substance to what Microsoft claims. Windows 8 is believed to be an open... Read More »
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How to Find System Up-time for Windows

Tweet It is known fact that leaving computer turned on for a long period of time it can be harmful for your computer and thus it is important to know how long your computer has been on so you can turn it off. Especially when you are managing more than one computer it is important to know how you can check if the computer has been shut down or not. Here we will share some tips and trick to check the... Read More »

Reinstall Windows without Losing Your Data

Tweet Here we will discuss how to reinstall the operating system without losing the data from your computer. Here we will discuss for Operating system Windows XP. You can find what your operating system is by simply restarting the computer. You would see it either says Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP. Here we will discuss parallel installation which will be as good as fresh installation but will not... Read More »
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Ways to Work Faster in Windows 7

Tweet A user can find a variety of featured in Windows 7. Microsoft has added so many features and functionality in Windows 7 for the users. It is mainly designed to support the idea of great user experience. Here are some of the ways to make the Windows 7 work faster: Use jump list: It is best known efficiency weapon in Windows 7. In the previous version of windows operating system, it used to show... Read More »
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