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Find Your Computer’s Boot Time in Windows 7

Delayed boot time and slow system performance has been a very common problem in Windows PC. People using system with one year warranty can tell you this simple fact with their own experience that the PC boot up time and system performance has dripped down with time.

Such performance issues and slow boot up makes the PC experience very irritating at times. It also affects the performance of the system and output if you are using some high end application and software like video and image editing software.

Users can follow the below mentioned very simple steps to improve the computer boot time in Windows 7 which will further also help to increase the system performance.

Optimize and manage take information from Event Viewer:


Click on Start Menu and Type ‘Event Viewer’ in the Search box. Now press Enter from the keyboard and it will load a new Window with lot option at the left hand pane.


On the left pane in the Event Viewer window, try to look for the folder Applications and Services Logs/Microsoft/Windows/Diagnostics-Performance.


Un-collapse these entries and select the ‘Operational’ option from the list. You can also see the complete diagnostic report of how your computer operates.


Select the option which says ‘Filter Current Log’ from the right pane.  When the next window appears changes the “<All event logs>” into “100” and click on Apply tab to make the changes. This will limit the visibility of the available logs to 100 instead of showing all the available logs and will make easier to manage.


Now, in the center window you will find all the logs related to boot process of your computer and you can select any single log to view the complete information about that particular boot process.

Perform Clean boot


Click on Start and type ‘MSCONFIG’ on the search box and press enter from keyboard. It will open a new window of System Configuration utility.


From the System Configuration Utility, go to the Startup tab. This is the place where you will find all the application which automatically loads every time your system boots.


Uncheck the options from the list which you think is not necessary and do not want to be loaded automatically. For example Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, these are the least required application which can be loaded manually whenever required but if it loads automatically on every boot then it takes its own time to load the related services and it also take a bit of system resources while it is running in the background.


Select the Services Tab, and check the box ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ and then uncheck all the services which are not required to load at the startup.

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