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You Can Now Uninstall Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7

Tweet Sometimes you can just get tired of running Internet Explore 8 in your Windows 7 operating system and might feel the need to remove it. Well, it is a relatively easy task to uninstall it and change to other browser you want.  If you have seen the progression of Windows Internet Explorer from the fifth version to the eight and are calling it quits with the browser, the steps to do so are quite... Read More »

Users Have Mixed Feelings about Parallels to Update Desktop Applications to Windows 7 OS

Tweet Parallels is a software made for the desktop which lets the user run a completely separate operating system on their current system. Generally speaking, it is used by people who want to change the OS system they currently use from XP or Vista to Windows 7. It can be used to run old programs on the new system or can serve as a way to move all old programs into the new system. Due to speculations... Read More »

A Critical Outlook of Windows 7

Tweet Since its release on July 22, 2009, Windows 7 was a deviation from the usually established mode of naming operating system by Microsoft. Windows 7 which is the current operating system released by Microsoft is considered by Microsoft to be the seventh generation of its operating system, hence the name Windows 7. Although, there are reports that Windows 8 is also in the pipeline. Windows 7 was... Read More »
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Speculations Raised Against Microsoft Letting Russian Government Use Windows 7

Tweet The Russian Government, also known as the FSB, is given access to use Windows 7 and Windows home office as needed due to a contract previously signed. It is being considered by Microsoft that by allowing the Russian Government to use these programs, it will secure authority purchases in the future. They are hoping to increase sales. Many people do not agree with Microsoft’s decision and feel... Read More »

Is it time for you to Move on from Windows XP?

Tweet Unlike human beings, there is no average life specified for an operating system. You can run it as far as you think that applications that you use are compatible with the current operating system. There are a few more factors that need to be considered before you finally start believing that your operating system is ready for an upgrade. Windows XP- Current State Once we analyze the recent launches... Read More »
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An Insight Into MeeGo – The Future of Open Source OS For Smartphones

Tweet Back in February 2010, two heavy weights in their respective fields, Intel and Nokia, came together to announce a breakthrough partnership in developing a brand new open source project known as MeeGo. Being an open source affair, Linux had to be there. In fact, it actually hosted the function. Before you get to know about MeeGo, you got to understand where it got its genes from. Two independent... Read More »
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A Makeover for Windows 7

Tweet My quest to change the appearance of Window 7 enabled me to know that desktop appearance can be customized by a good number of people. A bit of effort and time is about all you need to get your desire desktop appearance. You can get a good number of themes at no cost. The new toolbar at the top Call it a goodie; you won’t be wrong. Your normal start menu and windows taskbar is enhanced by this... Read More »
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Chromium to Support Accelerometer

Tweet Google Chrome is indeed a wonderful browser which comes with some great features. It has presented some innovative facilities that have helped the developers of applications. It has also come up with additional facilities that the other browsers do not offer and hence emerges quickly as a much appreciated and favored browsers for the developers too. It has time and again given a lot of APIS and... Read More »

Wind River Pushes Linux Security Further

Tweet Linux or Unix is considered to be the most secure operating systems present in the world today. It provides you with all the protected security shells and protocols around the world. You can have a protected experience when it comes to the security of your system and the guard is Linux or any Linux based operating system. Whenever it comes to security, nothing is adequate. This is because people... Read More »

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Updates to End

Tweet Windows XP has been a standard operating system for a long time since its market release for retail in 2001. From then on, it has been a reliable partner for businesses, corporations, professionals, or even to the simplest of students. A vital component of the Windows XP is its implementation of service packs. Service packs are what the laymen conveniently call “patches”. These are basic... Read More »

Managing Compatibility Errors in Upgrading to Windows 7

Tweet When you want to desperately change your old version of operating system to a more updated version of Windows 7, you suddenly encountered a compatibility message saying:  “These programs may not work properly after the upgrade. We recommend uninstalling these programs before upgrading”. Now, it’s really a pain-in-the-ass problem. What is the possible cause? This is usually the problem... Read More »
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Error message when you try to activate Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Business, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008: “Code 0x8007232b”

Tweet Activation issues continue to prevail with newer versions of Windows. Another issue that has come upfront is activating Enterprise and Business editions of Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. When an attempt to activate Vista and Server 2008 is made the following error message shows up, Activation Error: Code 0x8007232b DNS Name does not exist While for Windows 7 it looks something like... Read More »

Five Great Reasons to Consider Windows 7

Tweet The Windows 7 operating system has already become a delight for the cyber connoisseurs. The usability and the user friendliness of the operating system have made it the unbiased ruler of the IT world. A few of the features that have set awe inspiration are as follows. The Compatibility Mode So far, Windows 7 has proven itself to be a good overall operating system. It has brought several needed... Read More »

Expiration Dates and Functionality of Windows 7 Beta

Tweet Windows 7 Beta expiration date was on 1 August, 2009, to continue using your computer you should prepare to install a later pre-release version of Windows 7. This installation is necessary to install the retail release version of Windows 7, to back up your data and reinstall an earlier version of Windows before the August 1, 2009 expiration date. You cannot upgrade from Windows 7 Beta to a later... Read More »
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Apple Changing Developer Terms of iOS 4, Ineffective

Tweet With Apple launching the iAd patform, it has become obvious as to why the developer terms of iOS 4 was changed last month to exclude third party ad platforms compatibility from its apps. The previously supported ad networks such as Google AdMob, were supposed to become incompatible on iOS 4 apps. However the changes were not been made effective, thus iPhone and iPad apps modified with AdMob is... Read More »
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Windows 7 Service Pack 1 : Free Download and Upgrade from Torrents and Wares Sites

Tweet Software updates are must for any software usability and functionality. Updates always come after a problem is found on software or it sometimes comes with better options to use particular software. Microsoft has always been aware about this fact and been launching software updates regularly for its users. Windows Service Pack1 and Windows Server 208 R2 are the ones in the same series. Windows... Read More »

Is it the end of line for Mac?

Tweet If there is one debate that will never end then it has to the one related with our ever growing list of techno gadgets.  For those who have experienced the power of Apple Mac OS, there can be only two eras for them. One before the Mac OS when life was complicated and the other after its invention which is right before our eyes, the age when Apple has spread its wings and we have revolutionary... Read More »

Is it time for OpenSUSE to say goodbye to Novell?

Tweet It seems after years of working together in developing a complete Linux platform the openSUSE project that was taken in by Novell have developed different interests are seeking to co-exist with different set  of goals and ideas. The OpenSUSE community is developing their own community statement and is now looking for wider horizons. The main objective of this statement is to clarify their goals... Read More »

Device Stage feature of Windows 7

Tweet As we all know, portable music players, mobile phones and devices can be synchronized with your computer by using sync software. It is provided along with device by producers; but now there is no need of this software. Windows 7 offers Device Stage feature itself. If your device is compatible with this feature it can be synchronized with computer. This feature is offered by all editions of Windows... Read More »

Change additional file information in Windows 7

Tweet In Windows 7, the system can save additional info for every file you create. It can then be used to sort files according to your criteria, to help you remember where and when was this file created, if it is a picture – what is on it, who is on it etc. This option is great, and working with these is fairly easy once you understand how to do it. You can add a variety of additional info,... Read More »

Mystery Behind the Disappeared Shortcuts in Windows 7

Tweet Windows 7 is the operating system that has been used up by many people these days. One problem that many of the people using Windows 7 encounter is the disappearing of icons from the desktop. For many a people, this is no less than a mystery. They consider this to be a virus or something similar in nature that has caused the removal of desktop icons from the computer. This is actually because... Read More »

Ten Reasons Why Windows 7 is IT Professionals’ Favorite

Tweet The most prominent feature of the Windows 7 operating system is its look and feel. The looks are simply astounding and create an aura of visually relaxing modes. A lot of inbuilt features can be customized. Apparent Multitasking The new programming compatibility of Windows 7 gives a lot of way for heavy multitasking from a single platform. This multitasking feature saves a lot of processes... Read More »

Introducing the Features of First MeeGo Linux

Tweet MeeGo is an open source project of Linux. It brings together the Moblin project which is being headed mainly by Intel Nokia into a single open source activity. MeeGo has integrated the experience and skills of two the significant development ecosystems. These ecosystems are versed in communications and computing technologies. The MeeGo project believes that these two pillars will form the... Read More »

The Awesome Taskbar Functions of Windows 7

Tweet The latest gadgets and tweaks are on the way and the technical innovations for the convenience of users have gone a long way to make the PC experience more favorable. In the arena, Windows 7 has come up with the awesome taskbar functions which is more user-friendly than ever. In the quake of the cyber renaissance, the battle for perfection is on. The masters of operating system and management,... Read More »

Windows 7: Better Customization and Optimization for Better Performance

Tweet Windows 7 operating system is getting popularity day by day and has become the most common operating system. The features provided by Windows 7 are very exciting but when the pc is slow it gradually becomes too annoying. The speed and reliability of the operating system depends on the maintenance, customization of various aspects and the optimization for a better output. Unfortunately a majority... Read More »
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