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Tweet 27 years ago Sun had released its own version of the Unix namely SunOS. Nine years later it was renamed Solaris. With its ever expanding user base, Solaris happened to be one of the most popular Unix based OS known for its security, reliability and compatibility. In 2005 Sun took the decision of sharing the source code of Solaris and thus was born OpenSolaris. The graphic user interface of OpenSolaris... Read More »

The Gen-Next of Netbook Operating Systems

Tweet The hunt for a new netbook Operating System (OS) is sure a frustrating one. Some of the lower range netbooks struggle to operate even with Windows 7 Starter edition. Well the good news is that keeping cloud computing in mind, a number of OS have been designed to compute efficiently. Google’s Chrome OS was the one to set the trend. Linux Distros wasn’t far behind with many OS coming out tailored... Read More »
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