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Here’s how you can optimize your computer

Tweet Your computer needs regular check-ups and maintenance runs to be in an optimized state. Is your PC really slow? Does it take too long to respond? Do you regularly perform any checks on your computer to see if it is running well? You must. Here are a few things that you can do to optimize your computer easily. Disk error clean up Disk error is a log that your computer creates whenever an error... Read More »

Are You a Human to replace CAPTCHAs with games

Tweet The CAPTCHA test must have been taken by almost all of us to authenticate that we are human beings and not an automated bot while visiting a website. And, many must have failed in the test at the first attempt or even at the second or third attempt. The CAPTCHA test is very annoying as it leads to multiple failures. But, soon we might get rid of this annoying verification exercise. The Savior Detroit-based... Read More »

How To Use iPhoto Keywords

Tweet The photos that the user wants to keep always with him are generally very large in number. These photos have to be synchronized so that whenever the user wants to have a look at them he can easily get access to it without any extra effort. There are many devices that are useful in capturing the precious moments of the user and keep it safe. The best device that the user can ever have is the iPhoto... Read More »
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How To Import Sound Clips Into The iOS Voice Memo App

Tweet At times, you might feel that you need something to note down a brilliant idea but you do not have pen or paper. For such occasions, you can use Voice Memo app from an iOS device like iPod, or an iPhone. Not all iOS devices support this app like users cannot use Voice Memo function in iPad and, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. It is only available for the latest iPhone and iPod models. A Voice memo... Read More »
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Microsoft’s Open Office XML for Australian Government Offices

Tweet Australia Finance Department, in its recently announced desktop policy, has asked all its agencies to choose Office Open XML as their standard document format. This move by the Australian Government has ensured Microsoft Office Suite will continue to be part of the Government policy documents.  This comes as a surprise for international community when majority of the governments are embracing... Read More »
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Updates for Windows Live Essentials Wave 3

Tweet Windows Live Essentials is distributed free of cost to all Microsoft OS  users that makes a PC running Windows 7 do more great things like e-mail, messaging, photo editing, and blogging. It has several in-built tools like Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Messenger. Microsoft developed so many applications for Windows and they are famous... Read More »

How to Extract an ISO file from WinRaR

Tweet ISO simply stands for the disk format version which is used to store information in a CD-ROM. An ISO file is the exact image or replica of a copied CD-ROM. A software application creates the image of the ISO file which contains the files and menu. The file contains the exact file structure or library similar to the CD-ROM. The only difference to copying or burning to a CD is that ISO is a quick... Read More »

5 Best Practices of Maintaining your PC

Tweet You might often get confused as to what is the optimum way of maintaining your PC. It is not just installing an Antivirus or Spyware or reformatting your hard disk on a scheduled basis. However, maintaining your PC is all about becoming habitual with looking after different aspects of your PC.  This article will tell you about the ten best practices that you should keep in mind while taking... Read More »

Things that You can Do With Windows Photo Gallery

Tweet Windows Photo Gallery is new program created during the development of Windows 7. It was meant to replace third party photo viewers you needed to install to have full access to all necessary options for photo viewing and editing. You can do all you might need with your photos, unless you are a professional photographer, with this piece of free software. You can easily organize them, using special... Read More »

Don’t Let Debris Throttle Your Computer Use Ccleaner

Tweet Finding the right solution for your sluggish computer’s performance doesn’t automatically mean upgrading your system or buying a new one. Underneath your computer’s debris of files is a system that it is raring to be unleashed. Ccleaner is a system optimization tool that, as it names suggests, scrubs off your computer’s pile of rubble acquired from running and installing apps. Ccleaner... Read More »

Be the Master of Your Partitions: EASEUS Partition Master

Tweet EASEUS Partition Master is a free partition manager program that offers its users to take control of their hard drives. Although Windows has really tried to make every operation as user- friendly as possible, in terms of partition management, it has limit the of its built in partition manager. The added feature of Vista’s Extend and Shrink may be enough for a novice dabbling with partition... Read More »

Even a Genius Will Need Keepass

Tweet In a survey blogged by Kevin Haley, a Symantec employee, 263 out of 400 respondents commit their passwords to their memory. This is a whopping 59 percent of the 80 percent who said that they maintained more than six password-protected accounts on the Internet. There are 33 percent who use password management programs. Any average password user has probably tried their middle name, pet’s name,... Read More »
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