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Internet TV on rise in the U.S.

Tweet According to the recent survey of Nielson, around three million Americans had cut their cable television subscriptions last year as an increasing number turned to the Internet. The Nielsen survey released last week found that some of those getting rid of cable moved to packages from telecom provider or satellites, but overall subscriptions fell by 1.5 million, or around 1.5%. Findings of survey But... Read More »
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Google™ Play and YouTube® to rent 600 MGM® movie titles

Tweet Google has joined hands with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) to offer 600 of the studio’s movie titles to rent through online video sharing service YouTube and its Android app store Google Play. The deal will apply to the U.S. and Canada regions, and will include blockbusters such as ‘The Terminator’, ‘Rocky’ and ‘Robocop’, with more titles to be added gradually in the coming weeks. The... Read More »
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Transform your 1080p YouTube® videos to 3D

Tweet A move that can be termed as futuristic, Google has added a new feature that will help you to turn your 1080p YouTube videos to 3D with just a push of a button. The company has now introduced this option as a Beta feature that will let you transform your high-definition 2D videos in various 3D modes. This amazing feature will work for all 1080p YouTube videos of less than 15 minutes duration.... Read More »
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TiVo® and Microsoft® dismiss lawsuits against each other

Tweet Digital video recorder (DVR) company TiVo and software giant Microsoft Corporation have mutually reached an agreement to drop lawsuits against each other. This decision was taken following TiVo’s settlement with AT&T Inc., who is the partner of Microsoft. Alviso, California-based TiVo was sued by Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft over patents in two cases in the U.S. District court and... Read More »
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Can iTunes® really deliver 1080p quality videos?

Tweet While unveiling the third generation Apple iPad, the company pushed a major update for its multimedia product known as iTunes. By and large, people use Apple iTunes to synchronize audios and videos on their devices. And for a long time, the software was lacking the support to play high-quality videos. Recently, the latest iTunes is out in the market and it is capable of showing high-quality video... Read More »
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YouTube® for Schools — Education without walls

Tweet Learning gets just better, walls vanish, places shrink, the global classroom, as YouTube puts it, has just arrived YouTube, the revolutionary and most popular platform for media streaming, has launched yet another channel dedicated to build up a knowledge resource for better and interactive learning — YouTube for Schools. Just few days back, it had introduced two similar channels — YouTube... Read More »

YouTube® Teachers and Education – Revive the Classroom Learning Experience

Tweet Record your lecture and let the students watch it at their homes while you prepare to hold discussions in the class next day Recently, YouTube launched two new channels – Teachers and Education – dedicated to better knowledge resources. Both the releases are aimed to facilitate the teachers a platform to work with educational videos that can be used for teaching in the classroom itself.... Read More »

FacePlant Easy path to iPhone Video Chats

Tweet The new iPhone 4 apps, FacePlant shows its users which among their contacts is available to receive video calls and who is available at the moment. FaceTime, the new video calling app for the iPhone aims to transform the way we communicate on our cell phones. FacePlant works like an instant friend list for the FaceTime (Like Facebook chat) to show you who are available to chat on wi-fi network. How... Read More »
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How to Use YouTube’s Video Editor

Tweet YouTube came up with an experiment back in June that was demanded by a number of users around the world. This was a video editor integrated with the browser that was supposed to run on the server side of the website. All you were required to have was just Adobe Flash Player and nothing else to run the video editing software. Through the video editing tool, users were allowed to make minor changes... Read More »
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Netflix Gaining Popularity

Tweet Netflix is gaining popularity due to a number of reasons. In this article, I will mention some of the reasons why this is so, and how the popularity can be increased or retained. The raise of the number of people visiting the Netflix website may arouse debate. It has been indicated that the website received an increase of visitors to 46% year-over-year. Reasons for the popularity You may want... Read More »
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Yahoo Will Exclusively Broadcast Online Highlight Videos from the Premier League

Tweet In an announcement made on Wednesday Yahoo UK announced that it has become the exclusive rights holder for Premier League football highlight videos in the United Kingdom. Yahoo UK beat out Virgin to get highlights to be broadcast online. This deal for Yahoo UK is going to start in August and will last until 2013. The value of the deal is worth millions of pounds in value. There is no available... Read More »
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YouTube to ban Hitler’s “Downfall” Spoofs

Tweet You must have had a good laugh by watching the various, Hitler spoofs from the movie Valkyrie. Millions of users have logged on to various Hitler spoofs from famous scene of the “Downfall” in the movie, in which Hitler gives a angry speech to his generals, as he is losing the war. Though Hitler speaks in German, the subtitles are replaced by complete different topics, often vivifying hate... Read More »
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