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Trouble in the Land of Droid: An Android Banking Trojan Has Resurfaced

Tweet Staggering number of malware threats and hacking attacks have been reported this year; with some of those being identified as new found threat while some threats are reported to have re-emerged from the past. One of such old mobile security threat has given nightmares to Android users on Monday. According to the sources, a new mobile Trojan has been found to strike Android users. The mobile Trojan... Read More »

Have you MessageMe yet?

Tweet If you want to redefine the way you send messages across to your friends and family, download the MessageMe app on your Android or iOS-based devices today. Yes, although just a month old, this app has nevertheless managed to give all veterans in the industry tough competition to match up to. Owing to its wide reach (MessageMe is compatible with most devices having iOS 4.3 and later) and rich... Read More »

Claim to Muscles: runtastic™ Push-Up app for Andorid™

Tweet Are you looking for a personal trainer who can help you to build up those macho muscles? How about having it right on your Android smartphone? runtastic, in order to bring holistic health, has  developed an app for Android users to help them to perform perfect push-ups. This app will motivate and help you to achieve the maximum number of push-ups in a fun way. The app acts as your personal... Read More »
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YouMail® releases WhoAreYou, a visual caller ID app for Android™

Tweet Now you can know who is calling you with WhoAreYou app from YouMail Do you often get calls from unknown numbers? Do you have no other option but to answer all of them as you don’t want to miss any important one? Most of the times, you end-up answering calls that are not relevant to you and that don’t need to be answered at all. How beneficial will it be if you can know about the unknown... Read More »
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Android™ app from VMware® separates business and pleasure

Tweet VMware at the Barcelona World Mobile released a solution to separate the use of an Android enabled smartphone into separate entities that would not overlap. This mobile virtualization solution will help people to have separate profiles on the same Android enabled smartphone for both work and personal usage. The technology was unveiled on the LG Optimus Black phone by VMware’s Chief Technology... Read More »

How to develop your own Android App

Tweet Android OS for smart phones is one of the most popular OS used by handset manufacturers. There is no doubt that in near future laptops will fall behind from smart phones, in terms of users. The top most feature of Android is the open source development. Developers from all over the world can develop applications for Android and share among themselves. If you are a developer then you can also... Read More »
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Cloud storage start up Box.net launching Android app; Black Berry’s app in the work

Tweet The box.net is the website that offers its users’ with a bundle of mobile based applications. The Box.net offers the cloud based content management for the users’ and companies. The box.net service ranges from a small scale use to large scale companies make an ample use of the box.net. The sharing application and the storage based on cloud content on the Box.net offers an ample Apple based... Read More »
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Google says Android Apps to Talk to Servers to Guard Against Piracy

Tweet In a move that comes as sigh of relief to most users, the fight against piracy is one that must never be stopped and as such, instituting measures against piracy is welcome. In case you wondering what am talking about, wonder no more as Google says it will be instituting measures on the licensing of Apps to protect against piracy. Google Taking Lead in Protection of Apps The means to protect... Read More »
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