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Google™ Earth 6.2 arrives on Android™

Tweet Normally, it may sound weird when someone wants to envisage the entire globe from naked eyes. Wait, it is rather possible and that too using a handheld device. Google Earth, an application used on Windows-based computers to virtually look for maps and earth locations, is now available for Android and iOS platform. Google Earth 6.2 is packed with exciting features, such as an accessible Earth... Read More »
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How To Record Your Workouts With 1 Touch on your Android Device

Tweet In today’s world of comfort and level of facilities every person is becoming more prone to diseases and other harmful effects like fat and cholesterol. So to avoid these problems the only solution is to workout daily and be fit. But only working out is not the correct and authentic way to solve this problem. The workout carried should be in a proper way and should be completely safe in all... Read More »
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Dual boot tablet computers

Tweet There can be multiple operating systems on a computer. A computer having more than one OS is known as a dual boot system. In a dual boot computer, the hardware usage is shared by two different operating systems. There are some advantages and disadvantages associated with the dual booting of computers. Advantages associated with the dual-boot operating systems are as follows: Multiple operating... Read More »

Google™ Nexus S coming to South Korea

Tweet The CES 2011 and the CES 2010 saw the launch of many products. One of the major players and smartphone debutants was definitely the Android-based Google Nexus One. Google and their Android open source project teams have definitely done wonders. After the Google Nexus One, Google introduced the Nexus S. The Nexus series of phones are now heading towards the Honeycomb OS. As we all know, Android... Read More »

Android™ VS Apple®

Tweet Android phones are becoming very popular these days and the Android OS is developed by Google. They are now a strong competitor in the smart phone market and user base is increasing day by day. Android is based on Linux and kernel. The market share of Android is growing day by day and you can see new models in every week. There are several features in Android Smartphone which attract consumers. Android... Read More »
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LG Developing Android Tablet

Tweet LG Electronics recently revealed news on the development of its first tablet pc, promising that it will be lighter and thinner than the current competing tablets available. The upcoming tablet pc will be based on Google’s Android OS platform. By perusing this field of production, LG has joined the competition along with largely established corporations like Apple, Dell and Samsung. In LG announcement,... Read More »
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HTC Jumps to 58% Increase in Revenue Through Android OS Sales

Tweet The union of HTC smart phones with the Android operating system has resulted in the creation of very successful smart phones. HTC sales reports have shown a 33 percent income increase after the second quarter of last year and a revenue increase of 58 percent compared to the previous year. HTC is expecting the new ‘Evo 4G’ smart phone to maintain the boost in revenues for the rest of 2010.... Read More »
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Motorola Droid Might Run on Android OS 2.2 by Middle of the Month

Tweet The much hyped and celebrated mobile phone operating system from the IT giant Google is now going to be on the latest Motorola phone. There has been a lot of anticipation regarding the mobile phone which comes with the next age OS after the monopoly of Symbian in Nokia. Till now, the only phone to have the new operating system was Google Nexus. This time the new Motorola Droid will be loaded... Read More »

Better Late than Never: Google Moves Forward

Tweet It takes a lot to make the world a better place overnight. It is basically tantamount to moving mountains, establishing world peace and making the perfect soufflé. That is what Google has done. They have established an entity that has changed society for the better, although some think the opposite. In any case, Google has become a lifesaver. Its search engine has provided the world with the... Read More »

Google Challenges iTunes with the Launch of its New Service

Tweet Even as the competition deepens between Google and Apple over Operating systems and new applications being launched by both the parties, it looks like the days ahead feels of a little collaboration between the two giants. Market Strategy Reports suggest that Google has been in talks with most of the big music labels about opening up a song downloading store which runs exclusively on the new Google’s... Read More »

An Insight into GoogleTV

Tweet Intel bought a group of Bloggers from around USA this month for their annual upgrade event. This allows several bloggers to see what the microprocesing giant is working on. But this time they did not see the usual Core processors. There was something more interesting. This year Intel has been working on various different projects which are outside the world of Microprocessors. Smart TVs Some... Read More »

Ultra slim Android based Laptop Released by Toshiba

Tweet Android OS has been a new entry in the world of OS and is expected to do great business around the world. An increasing number of manufacturers are taking up the OS for their smartphones or even laptops now. A recent news rose from the world of Toshiba. The laptop is an excellent development that is casting the Dual Core ARM processor as well as Android 2.1 to bring an excellent machine to you. There... Read More »

WebM from Google not for current smartphone users

Tweet The H.246 format has ruled online services for the longest time now. Being an open standard, the H.246 has been preferred by most companies and organisations alike but as it is a paid service, people will always welcome a free format to replace it. Google probably has cashed in on this very same idea by coming up with the WebM video format. Designed by On2, this format seems to have worked well... Read More »

LogMeIn Ignition – Beta Version out for Android

Tweet After the launch of LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone, in February of this year, a Beta version of the Ignition has been launched for Android OS. As the name suggests ‘LogMeIn Ignition’ is a remote access application through which you can login to your office computer or your home desktop even when you are away. With LogMeIn Ignition, you can go mobile without worrying to leave anything behind.... Read More »

RIM All Set To Hit Market with the New BlackBerry OS 6.0

Tweet RIM has recently announced that it will come up with a new Operating system (OS) that will empower its Blackberry devices. RIM hopes that the new Blackberry OS 6.0 will help it to change the mindset of its customers regarding the Blackberry devices. The main focus of new Blackberry OS will be on web browsing. RIM has also said that the new Blackberry OS will be released in the third quarter of... Read More »

Apple iPad fans Maybe in the Wrong line for the Ultimate Tablet PC—WePad

Tweet Already sweating while in line for the iPad release today? Too bad you missed this one. From a German manufacturer Neofonie, WePad truly trumps iPad in more ways than one. Packed with features that made you doubt iPad’s vivacity, Neofonie’s Wepad would have turned heads if this one got a fair share of publicity buzz that iPad received. Some would think that the 120g added weight (170 g for... Read More »
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