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Google™ Catalogs now available on your Android™ Tablets

Tweet Google Catalogs, which was made available for iPad on October 2011, is now available for Android tablets. Now you do not have to waste money on buying magazines because Google Catalogs has everything you can imagine. It has partnered with different brands and offers a wide range of categories. You can now browse and shop things from your Android tablet and digitally view hundreds of catalogs. It... Read More »
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Apple® vs. Microsoft® and Android™ Tablets

Tweet Apple COO Tim Cook was straight to the point when he said that iPad has no competition in the market. Apple had an excellent quarter with an enormous earning as customers all across the globe happily welcomed 7.3 million iPads. Apple has been able to achieve 7% of the entire global PC market in the last sales quarter of 2010. Cook said that Android tablets do not give any kind of Tablet usage... Read More »
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TiVo Premiere App for iPad

Tweet TiVo has recently announced the availability of the TiVo(R) Premiere App for iPad, the companion app for TiVo Premiere. Earlier the website www.ipodnn.com informed that the TiVo iPad application will appear in the Apple App Store by the end of January. The company has announced this on Twitter. As we know, the last video recorder TiVo Premiere been heavily criticized, yet most who tried it already... Read More »
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Android Tablets Seem To Have Lost Their Way To The Market

Tweet It was the James Cameron’s movie “The Abyss”, in which there were aliens who live deep in our oceans. The movie showed aliens generating gigantic waves that come towards the beaches. Then they stop at the height of skyscrapers at the coast and the aliens give human a chance to surrender. No Major Production The same kind of feeling is raised when I start thinking about the Android... Read More »
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