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Top 5 Video Chat Options for You

Tweet Near or far, video chat enables you to talk face-to face with someone you care about. And since the technology has garnered much praise, there are number of options being introduced every now and then. Thus, exclusively for you, we have shortlisted the best video chatting options available. Skype Our top favorite is Skype. Why, simply because it is a powerhouse. It not just supports instant messaging... Read More »

You can’t miss a task with best to-do apps available for Android

Tweet In today’s modern era, managing professional, personal, and social life is quite a task. There is always something or the other happening that keeps you on your toes. And when you think you have done all, in the middle of the night you suddenly wake up in a panic over all those things you forgot to do. But, if you have an Android-based device, you can have a good night sleep and get your life... Read More »

Google Now will now provide information on iPhone

Tweet Google Now is all about getting the right information at just the right time. It is the finest way to make your smartphone smarter. And after garnering accolades on Android-based devices, Google has recently launched their information providing app for iPhone and iPad, however with a few minor tweaks. For those not familiar, Google Now is one-of-a-kind app that provides information you need to... Read More »

Must-have tech gadgets for digital home security

Tweet A digitally equipped home is incomplete and insecure without proper security in place. Well, technology has the power to grant most of your wishes, if not all. There are a number of digital security gadgets and tools that move up the radar and put your house in total control. From smoke detectors to thermostat controls and from windows sensors to garage door controls, these tech gadgets allow... Read More »
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Stay organized and focused with these top 5 calendar apps

Tweet Do you always try to stay organized, but still miss the bus? Most of us maintain calendars, but struggle to keep up with the planned schedules, many a times due to the lack of a gentle reminder. Organizing and following your planned schedule should never be a burden. Power your life with these fantastic calendar apps that will help you keep a track of everything that is important with just a... Read More »

Best Buy Insignia Flex: Another Android tablet for penny pinchers

Tweet After Google’s Nexus 7, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and Apple’s iPad Mini, the latest brand that has joined the bandwagon of cheap tablet manufacturers is Best Buy. According to a recent announcement, Best Buy is all geared up to launch its new Android tablet under its in-house brand – Insignia. The tablet, which will hit Best Buy stores on November 11th under the name Insignia Flex, will feature... Read More »

Update for Path app released

Tweet Since its launch, Path – the social networking app has grown to embrace more than two million people sharing life with distant family, friends and associates. And lately, the developers of the app have rolled out a major update for the Android and iPhone platforms. The update includes a few worth-considering features, like the ability to poke friends. In addition to this, in its first ever... Read More »
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Verizon Wireless® unveils gaming app GameTanium

Tweet If you own an Android-based device and love to play games on it, here is an interesting piece of news for you. Verizon Wireless has revealed an app that features intriguing games for ultimate gaming experience. Dubbed as GameTanium, the app primarily is a game subscription service exclusively for Android-based smartphones and tablets. Powered by Verizon Wireless network, the app offers unlimited... Read More »

Google™ Chrome for Android™ now available

Tweet Google’s popular browser Chrome for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-based devices is ultimately out of Beta stage. The updated version is now available for download on Google Play store. Version 18.0.1025123, the first Stable Channel release of Chrome for Android, has crucial stability and performance fixes and a few minor adjustments. Prime features in Chrome for Android include the option... Read More »

Android™ 4.1 Jelly Bean arriving in mid July

Tweet After releasing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google has officially announced to release the next version of Android, called as Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Expected to be available in second quarter of 2012, this newest version of Google’s Android operating system will consist a mixture of noticeable features. What to expect in Android  4.1 Jelly Bean: From browsing apps to moving between... Read More »

Zynga® plans to connect its online gamers with ‘Zynga with Friends’

Tweet Zynga, the company behind famous social games like FarmVille and CityVille, announced that it will release a social network, dubbed as ‘Zynga with Friends’.   At present, Zynga is one of the world’s most eminent online gaming companies having millions of monthly active users. Its new social network, Zynga with Friends will connect all enthusiastic online gamers on different platforms,... Read More »

Making Friends on Facebook® becomes easy with Find Friends Nearby

Tweet Facebook lately has created a new feature called Find Friends Nearby, earlier code-named Friendshake, for Android and iOS-based devices. Yet to be announced officially, this latest feature will let you find out friends who are geographically nearby.   Basically, Find Friends Nearby feature takes you to a page wherein you can spot other people within/near your location and who are browsing... Read More »
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Stay In Shape with Fitness-Tracking Apps for Android™-Based Phones

Tweet With a multitude of the on-the-go possibilities offered by the smartphones available in the market, losing weight and keeping a track of your fitness activities – merely via a phone – has also become possible. At present there are different kinds of fitness-tracking apps available that can give you the much-needed boost to go through your rigorous workouts. From the hoard of fitness-tracking... Read More »

Android™ Apps to Shop for Cars

Tweet Buying a car has never been easy. If you are planning to buy a car then you may perhaps need one entire day or several days to find the most feasible option. But if you have an Android-based phone, you can try out some exclusive apps meant to help you select your favorite car. This not only saves your precious time, but also makes your car-buying experience less stressful and uncomplicated. Some... Read More »
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An Apple® iPad 3 that you should not buy

Tweet The third generation of iPad i.e. iPad 3 has been launched in more than 90 countries since its introduction on March 16. It is very surprising that in China, the iPad 2 is still being promoted. The ‘iPad 3’ that is available in China runs on Google Android, features double the storage space of the real iPad 3 and even allows the user to plug in a memory card. The best thing is that it is... Read More »

Android™ Trojan Mimics PC Drive-by Malware Attack

Tweet Lookout Mobile Security, a security company, has discovered an Android ‘drive-by’ malware that is used to infect Windows computer systems. Discovered on a number of websites, the odd Trojan is distributed using a webpage containing a hidden iFrame. How the malware infects? Any Android browser visiting an affected page (the attack ignores PC browsers) will automatically start downloading... Read More »

Facebook® unveils its own app hub

Tweet The popular social networking platform Facebook has announced the release of its own app store named App Center from where users can browse high-quality games and other useful apps for their Android or Apple’s iOS-based mobile device. Facebook will only host the apps, to download them the user has to go to either Google Play or App Store.   Launch of App Center The new App Center, which... Read More »

Twitter® updates mobile app for iOS® and Android™

Tweet If you are using the Twitter app on your iOS or Android-based device then there are some good reasons to cheer. Twitter has updated its mobile app and has introduced a number of features and improvements. A new Discover tab, improved search functionality, and support for push notifications for interactions are some of the key highlights of the latest Twitter mobile update. With the introduction... Read More »
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Instagram for Android™ Rises High: One Million Downloads in 12 hours

Tweet Instagram has been a great success on iPhone and now the photo sharing application is making its presence felt on the Android platform as well. Launched last week, the app has been downloaded by more than one million Android users in the first 12 hours of its release. The app has already touched the 30 million mark on the iOS platform and the company is hoping for an amazing response for the... Read More »
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Android™ apps with Ads in Question

Tweet According to a recent survey conducted by the North California State University, it has been found that libraries with in-application advertisements that come up with Android apps can prove fatal to the security of mobile phones. The researchers said that sometimes this software go overboard and make connection with the Internet by fetching the required applications of the user. Dr, Xuxian... Read More »
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Hook-up all of your personal cloud content at one place using Jolicloud™ Me

Tweet Sneak into the beta edition of newly-launched Jolicloud Me to connect your cloud-based services. Jolicloud Me, an inclusive kind of web storehouse that allows you to connect popular cloud-based services at one place, got launched during the March 2012 London Web Summit. Primarily, the company behind Jolicloud Me first tried their hands with a cloud-based desktop and later they revealed a cloud-based... Read More »
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Claim to Muscles: runtastic™ Push-Up app for Andorid™

Tweet Are you looking for a personal trainer who can help you to build up those macho muscles? How about having it right on your Android smartphone? runtastic, in order to bring holistic health, has  developed an app for Android users to help them to perform perfect push-ups. This app will motivate and help you to achieve the maximum number of push-ups in a fun way. The app acts as your personal... Read More »
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Eye-Fi® App: A Smart way to Manage your Data

Tweet The manufacturer of wireless SD cards, Eye-Fi, has now come up with a mobile app. The app will enable Wi-Fi-enabled SD cards to transfer and upload data via your mobile phones. The app is available for iPhone and iPad, as well as Android-enabled phones. With this app, you can easily share, transfer or upload the images and videos directly from the Eye-Fi X2 cards. Now you can enjoy hassle-free... Read More »
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Instagram: A photo sharing app will soon hit the Android™ store

Tweet After reaching the milestone of 27 million users on iOS, Instagram will shortly land on Android. At the SXSW Conference, an ultimate verdict came out directly from the horse’s mouth that Instagram, which is considered an exceptional photo sharing app, will soon enter Google Play, erstwhile known as the Android Market. Instagram is widely used as a photo sharing app for handheld devices and... Read More »
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Apple® and Google™ discuss Mobile Privacy with U.S. Senator

Tweet Mobile Privacy has always been a concern for all of us. Both Apple and Google recently had a meeting with the U.S. Senator Charles Schumer over this privacy issue. Both the software giants discussed the matter with the U.S. Senator to mend the loopholes in their respective operating systems to avoid any threat to the privacy of users. This meeting was done when the Senator asked Federal Trade... Read More »
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