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New engaging game titles for iOS

Tweet Picking a game from the ever-growing App Store can be quite difficult. Whether you like to play arcade titles, role-playing games, puzzlers or any other genre, from the App Store you can probably find as many as 50 engaging games in each and every category. And lately, three more titles have been added to the App Store. They are: Dungeon Hunter 4: Since 2009, it is the fourth addition in the... Read More »

Xbox Smartglass app makes its way to the iPhone and iPad world

Tweet After debuting its game-centric second screen app on Android devices last month, Microsoft has now rolled out its Xbox SmartGlass app for the iOS devices. With this second screen app, you can magically transform your Apple devices into interactive second screens for Xbox 360. SmartGlass app allows you to browse and control content on your Xbox 360 from your tablet, while you are enjoying your... Read More »

Sony unveils Amazing Second Screen app for Spider-Man Blu-ray disc

Tweet If you are a die-hard Spiderman fan and have vested interest in the making of The Spider-Man, then this one is surely for you! With the launch of Sony’s Amazing Second Screen app, you get an exclusive chance to dig deep into the extraordinary universe of The Amazing Spider-Man. The app, which can be accessed exclusively on Sony Tablet S, Sony Xperia Tablet S, and Apple iPad, will sync with... Read More »

Photo sharing reinvented with Instagram 2.5

Tweet Instagram, the fastest and easiest way to share photographs with friends and family members, has recently released its 2.5 version for the iOS platform. Instagram 2.5 with major updates Maintaining the old favorite and basic look of Instagram, the update brings an array of noticeable changes, such as: New looking profile tab Different ways to search for users as well as tags in the new ‘Explore’... Read More »

Get great deals and coupons with RetailMeNot App

Tweet “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping”.-Bo Derek Shopping is always fun and pleasing! More so if you believe nothing could be more rewarding than getting great discounts on everything that you purchased. Earlier this year, the widely popular coupon site, RetailMeNot, initiated its mobile site, and now the company is introducing its foremost... Read More »
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Facebook® unveils its own app hub

Tweet The popular social networking platform Facebook has announced the release of its own app store named App Center from where users can browse high-quality games and other useful apps for their Android or Apple’s iOS-based mobile device. Facebook will only host the apps, to download them the user has to go to either Google Play or App Store.   Launch of App Center The new App Center, which... Read More »

Microsoft® announces cleanup of its app market

Tweet Software giant Microsoft Corporation will from now onwards be paying more attention to the icons, titles, and content of the apps that are available on its Windows Marketplace, and expects them to get more subtle and modest in the imagery used.   Content policy for app store According to the recent official blog post, Microsoft’s content policies for the app store do not allow apps containing... Read More »

Mac® App Store crosses 10k apps milestone

Tweet The app market for Apple’s Mac named Mac App Store has crossed the milestone of 10,000 apps, say various reports making round on the Internet world. This feat has been achieved by the app store within a time period of 15 months. The Mac App Store was launched on 6 January, 2011 with just 1,000 apps. Apple has not confirmed the report yet. The 10,000 plus apps include both paid and free-to-download... Read More »
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Sony® to bring Music Unlimited service to Apple® App store soon

Tweet The Chief Operating Officer of Sony Entertainment Network, Shawn Layden, has said that the Music Unlimited service of Sony will be coming to iOS platform as a separate app. It will be available on the Apple App store in the coming weeks. Currently a user can download Sony music from iTunes and there are no plans to change that. Music Unlimited is a monthly subscription service where you can... Read More »
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Download Adele app for your iPhone®

Tweet Adele is a 23 year old English singer and songwriter who dominated 2011 music charts with her album ‘21’, which was released in February 2011 and won the titles — top artist, top single, and top album. Adele is the first woman in the music industry to win all the three titles within one year. And now she is here to dominate the iPhone users. Beggars Group Digital Ltd. has developed a special... Read More »
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Spice up your love life with IceBreak for Couples app

Tweet Give your brain a little break from remembering dates that are important to your partner and let IceBreak do all the work. TheIceBreak has developed a special app for the iOS platform named – IceBreak for Couples. This app will help you to keep your relationship funny and lively. It also rewards you with surprise gifts while completing tasks. It will also help you to know more about your partner’s... Read More »
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Type Colors with Chromatic Typewriter

Tweet This amazing typewriter makes your typing special and artistic by adding colors to it. Most of you must have not used a typewriter, as this is the age of technology with end number of gadgets and electronics that make your work very easy and error-free. But there are some people, the antique-lovers, who still like using old-fashioned things, in this case, typewriters. But what if a typewriter... Read More »

Apple® iLife ’11

Tweet iLife ’11 is the latest version of consumer media suite from Apple. It is not just about one thing, it is rather a great combination of various applications. But this time only three of those much loved apps were updated for the latest 2011 version. The three included in the latest version are – iMovie, GarageBand and iPhoto. For the first time since the launch of App Store, these three applications... Read More »

ASUS App store in the Making?

Tweet ASUS is a multinational computer product manufacturer brand, which was established in 1990 in Taiwan. Currently ASUS is operating in 32 countries. ASUS mainly deals in the product range likes motherboards, graphic cards, Laptops and servers etc. Companies worldwide market share is 29.2% in last 12 months in the product of Motherboard which gives the idea of the business of the company. Company... Read More »

App Store Counts to 10 Billionth download, Offers $10,000 Voucher

Tweet The Apple’s website is counting up  to the milestone, at a very reasonable rate suggesting that the 10 billionth will be downloaded sometime in next week. They promoting it very aggressively and announced a whopping $ 10,000 iTunes voucher to the person who downloads the milestone app.  Furthermore this competition is not only limited to US and the terms and condition only states that you... Read More »
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Microsoft eyes on ‘App Store’ Trademark

Tweet Microsoft and Apple are evolved with each other from time to time and often came in news for their engagements. The most recent example is Microsoft’s aiming to block ‘App Store’ Trademark of Apple. It’s been hardly a secret that there is no love lost between Apple and Microsoft. These two companies are engaged with each other from a long time. They often get involved in more or less... Read More »
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Apple to be Investigated by FTC

Tweet With the intention of harming its competitors in the mobile software market, Apple is illegitimately using its position. In a major report that has been published in the recent journals, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has started a probe against Apple. It will clearly find whether Apple has taken App Store as its weapon to hurt its competitors. Apple’s Malpratice Apple has made a sharp... Read More »

How Your iPad Can be Used as a Backup Display Unit

Tweet Avatron software produced the most appealing software for iPad users named Air display and has been submitted to the App store on May 20, 2010.This is not only for the current iPad users but also for those who have been planning to buy an iPad, and would add a new reason for buying it. By installing this software in your iPad, you would be able to use it as a secondary display for a Mac OS X... Read More »

Google Pulled Down Tetris Clone From Android Market For Norms Violation

Tweet The classic Block game, ‘Tetris Clone’ that has been in the tangle of legal complications for long days is no more in the Android market. It has been strictly checked by Google as these games don’t use trademarked Tetris name at all, instead they include copied game play, which is visible to the original Tetris. So, sensing this violation of developer content policy, Tetris Company has... Read More »
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