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Get great deals and coupons with RetailMeNot App

Tweet “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping”.-Bo Derek Shopping is always fun and pleasing! More so if you believe nothing could be more rewarding than getting great discounts on everything that you purchased. Earlier this year, the widely popular coupon site, RetailMeNot, initiated its mobile site, and now the company is introducing its foremost... Read More »
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How To Back Up Your iPhoto Library

Tweet Apple iPhoto is an advancement to manage all your images in your Mac computer. Apple is dedicated to provide high end and easily manageable applications to its Mac users and iPhoto is one same product in line. It provides some new features like Full screen mode and Facebook enhancement. Users can also send photos directly using this application. Although it is a very robust and strong application... Read More »
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Safari® and Internet Explorer® hacked at Pwn2Own contest

Tweet Pwn2Own is a hacking contest sponsored by the HP Digital Vaccine Labs (HP DVL), which is a research organization specializing in the analysis of security vulnerabilities. The objective of the contest is to help vendors develop patches for better security, as well as filters for better customer protection. HP’s Converged Infrastructure focuses on advanced data protection in the integration of... Read More »

iPhone® launched for customers of Verizon

Tweet With the launch of the much awaited iPhone for the subscribers of Verizon, analysts are making statements regarding the likely sales percentage of Verizon and whether it will be able to sustain the market pressure or not. Chief market analyst Mike Abramsky has forecast that the Verizon version of iPhone should sell around one million units in the first week of its launch itself. The analyst... Read More »

Google™ Translate App for iPhone®

Tweet Google has announced the launch of the Google Translate app for the Apple iPhone. This application will enable its users to speak into the phone and the speech will be converted into text. The application translates the speech and it will be available in a text format. It is called as the “speak to translate” application. This enables a voice input in fifteen different languages and the text... Read More »

Apple® iPhone Adds Google™ Shopper to its Cart

Tweet Gone are the days when you used to go to the market and do window shopping for hours before laying your hands on the right thing. This is an era of smart shopping. And the trends in the field of shopping are undergoing frequent change with the advancement of technology each day. When we compare today’s shopping experience with that of olden days of window shopping, we can observe a sea-change... Read More »

Is Your Smartphone Vulnerable to Attacks?

Tweet In Arlington, at the Black Hat Technical Security Conference, it was demonstrated that in many GSM-based smart phones, the software is vulnerable to remote exploits. We all know that GSM is the acronym for Global System for Mobile Communication standard and is used by many popular smart phones such as the Apple iPhone and Android-based devices. A researcher at the University of Luxembourg,... Read More »

App Store Counts to 10 Billionth download, Offers $10,000 Voucher

Tweet The Apple’s website is counting up  to the milestone, at a very reasonable rate suggesting that the 10 billionth will be downloaded sometime in next week. They promoting it very aggressively and announced a whopping $ 10,000 iTunes voucher to the person who downloads the milestone app.  Furthermore this competition is not only limited to US and the terms and condition only states that you... Read More »
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How to Get iTunes on an Android Device

Tweet Till now it wasn’t possible, but yes now you can sync your Android phone with iTunes on your computer. You can sync it the same way people using iPhone sync their phones with iTunes. iTunes is a software which is used on PC’s or a MAC computer to sync the Apple iPod or Apple iPhone for music or various applications. People often keep their songs in libraries in iTunes and play it directly... Read More »
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Blackberry’s Answer in Smartphone Wars

Tweet Blackberry Torch can also be called an iPhone killer, as it is expected to give Apple’s iPhone and Motorola Droid a tough time in the market. The new Blackberry 9800, known as the Torch has some unique and powerful features to outshine its competitors. Blackberry 9800 will be out for sale from 12th August. It will be first sold in USA and then in other international markets in the following... Read More »

Google Not Planning Nexus 2

Tweet Google produced Nexus One in partnership with phone manufacturer HTC as they needed a device to help Android. However, chief executive of Google Eric Schmidt confirmed recently, there will not be a second Nexus model in the foreseeable future. HTC the phone manufacturer HTC has a range of models and series’ of phones running on Windows Mobile and Android. The brand is being widely used... Read More »

The New Jail Breaker Software, A Perfect Solution to Unlock iPhones

Tweet Eventually, Unlocking of your iPhone, iPhone 2G / 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 with any previous iPhone firmware versions or iPhone 3GS / 4 running firmware 3.0.1/3.0/2.2.1/2.2 is no more a problem now with UnlockUriPhoneNow’s 1- Click iPhone unlocking software. With the latest Apple iPhone Unlock solution, you will be able to unlock and jailbreak any generation of iPhone like iPhone 2G,... Read More »

iMovie – An Incredible Video Utility for iPhone

Tweet iMovie is a great utility which works amazingly well on the Apple iPhone. The best part is that it gives you a wonderful video experience which other mobile devices fail to do. One of the major benefits of the iPhone over supplementary video-capable gadgets is its’ capability to edit and also work out on the captured video. You can upload the videos directly on the internet but certainly do... Read More »

APPLE iPHONE 4 up for grabs!

Tweet Apple has unveiled its latest device, the Apple iPhone 4 to the market. Sticking to its tradition of supplying innovative products to the gadget hungry young generation, Apple has made the phone more stylish by making it slimmer and more attractive with its stainless steel and glass frame. The placing of the buttons and its slim look are the plus points of this fine gadget. The phone has made... Read More »

Android is the Flavor of the Season and Sony Surely Loves it

Tweet Android the mobile operating platform developed by Google, has earned its accolades in the mobile industry. This has hurt Apple’s iPhone in an extensive manner. Even Sony has readily accepted the Android platform and has been keen on using in its mobile. Apple’s iPhone was the largest phone all over the world before the inception of the Google developed Android platform. Android mobile operating... Read More »

Easy 3G and Wi-Fi Connectivity on your iPad

Tweet The iPad was released on January 2010 and within a few months has managed to catch the interest of gadget freaks all over the world. Owning that the prestigious tablet just shows how tech savvy you are, of course, why not, with the latest in your hands who wouldn’t want to show off the latest buzz that Apple Inc’s created. Have you undergone an experience whereby you have the tablet with... Read More »
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The Growing Nexus of Apple and Siri

Tweet There is good news for Apple iPhone users because Apple has acquired a brand new application. It is called as the Siri. I am sure most of you would know what exactly a Siri application is. Well, this application is nothing but voice recognition software that responds to the tasks given through voice commands. Just imagine yourself speaking to your phone and getting the answers and results from... Read More »

RIM All Set To Hit Market with the New BlackBerry OS 6.0

Tweet RIM has recently announced that it will come up with a new Operating system (OS) that will empower its Blackberry devices. RIM hopes that the new Blackberry OS 6.0 will help it to change the mindset of its customers regarding the Blackberry devices. The main focus of new Blackberry OS will be on web browsing. RIM has also said that the new Blackberry OS will be released in the third quarter of... Read More »
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