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Must-have tech gadgets for digital home security

Tweet A digitally equipped home is incomplete and insecure without proper security in place. Well, technology has the power to grant most of your wishes, if not all. There are a number of digital security gadgets and tools that move up the radar and put your house in total control. From smoke detectors to thermostat controls and from windows sensors to garage door controls, these tech gadgets allow... Read More »
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Is your digital home missing these tech gadgets?

Tweet Do you wish for an app that lets you know when to buy new milk, remove grass strains, or remotely let the repairmen know that things need to be fixed. Well, technology is all about getting smarter with each passing day and manufacturers have already started building home appliances that communicate easily with you as well as among themselves, helping us eventually head toward having a single... Read More »

Apps and games that help you relieve your stress

Tweet It is well known that some video games help you relieve stress. No wonder kids who play video games are happy. Unwinding on a couch with some video games can help you forget about the hectic day that you’ve had at work and it helps you relax your mind by diverting its attention. That’s why enjoying video games once in a while is not bad idea. Here, we have a few games and other apps that... Read More »

iHeartRadio hits 10 million users

Tweet Clear Channel Media and Entertainment just took eight months to reach a milestone that took longer for popular entertainment and communication platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Spotify and Instagram to touch. The digital radio platform iHeartRadio reached 10 million registered users in a time span of eight months. What is iHeartRadio? iHeartRadio is a custom radio offering that is... Read More »

Facebook® unveils its own app hub

Tweet The popular social networking platform Facebook has announced the release of its own app store named App Center from where users can browse high-quality games and other useful apps for their Android or Apple’s iOS-based mobile device. Facebook will only host the apps, to download them the user has to go to either Google Play or App Store.   Launch of App Center The new App Center, which... Read More »

Microsoft® announces cleanup of its app market

Tweet Software giant Microsoft Corporation will from now onwards be paying more attention to the icons, titles, and content of the apps that are available on its Windows Marketplace, and expects them to get more subtle and modest in the imagery used.   Content policy for app store According to the recent official blog post, Microsoft’s content policies for the app store do not allow apps containing... Read More »

Android™ apps with Ads in Question

Tweet According to a recent survey conducted by the North California State University, it has been found that libraries with in-application advertisements that come up with Android apps can prove fatal to the security of mobile phones. The researchers said that sometimes this software go overboard and make connection with the Internet by fetching the required applications of the user. Dr, Xuxian... Read More »
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Five apps to wish for

Tweet It seems that these days there is an app for everything. But here are five apps we wish existed. And we hope that in future we find them on the app stores. 1) Boss Tracking app This is an app to die for. With love for Facebook and Twitter rising every minute, it’s almost like a test to keep one’s hands off from clicking into their favorite social networking sites. But at workplaces, bosses... Read More »
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Did Google™ pull App for in-App purchase Violation?

Tweet It looks that in-app purchase troubles are starting to affect Google too. Google informed one of its developers that the developer’s free app, Visual VoiceMail, has been taken out from the Android Market. The cause given was that the application dishonored a section of Google’s developer agreement that takes the pricing and payments. In a move that could signal, Google is taking a hard... Read More »
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iPhone® and iPad® apps

Tweet Results are out regarding the most popular iPhone and iPad applications in terms of the number of downloads by users. The top iPhone apps that are free comprise Movies by Flixster, Facebook, Google Mobile, Pandora, and Shazam. The popular iPhone apps that are paid include “Angry Birds”, “Tap Tap Revenge 3”, “Pocket Gods,” “Tap Tap Revenge 2.6.” and “Doodle Jump”.... Read More »
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How to Write Apps

Tweet Many people have written interesting and unique apps for computers and portable mobile devices. Earlier only good software developers could write apps. Well, times have changed. Today, a little software development experience can help you in developing apps. There are many support platforms and wizards available from various resources. Apps have become a really major and important aspect in the... Read More »

Android™ App for Deep Space Networks

Tweet NASA, Kennedy Space Center, Apollo Mission, Man on Moon, space shuttle, Discovery are all synonymous with awe, inspiration, something that takes you out of yourself and forces you to be wanting to be part of a space mission. This is one topic, that each of us is inspired by and one of the most interesting aspects that we look up to. NASA besides their space missions, are also known for their... Read More »
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Android Version of “ATM Hunter” App Now Available

Tweet Nowadays markets are banged with the different models of smart phones. Smart phones are cell phones that are capable of running latest mobile operating systems. Along with the basic functionality of cell phones, they provide an operating system platform to run plenty of mobile applications. Among the major brand of cell phone manufacturers Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Motorola, take a good hold... Read More »
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Todo.txt Touch for Android

Tweet The modern world has changed a lot in the recent years. There are several new things that have been added to the application world to make the idea of mobile phone a little more interesting for the users. The dose of technology has managed to affect almost all fields of the society in some way or the other. It is extremely important for people to realise the need of staying up to date with the... Read More »
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Latest Skype Apps for iPod

Tweet iPhone and iPad touch are one of the best devices that Apple has provided to this world. It is cool, updated with latest specification and comes with great applications. Apple has now launched Skype application for iPhone and iPod Touch to carry the new multitasking feature in iOS 4. This multitasking feature will allow users to receive calls, downloads, chats and instant messages with the... Read More »
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Mobile Apps in Relation to Hardware

Tweet Long time ago (well, 10 years ago – a whole age in the mobile devices market) hand held mobile devices were just simple mobile phones – some didn’t even have a phone book, as their integrated memory was barely enough for storing the firmware needed to make telephone calls. With the time and the development of microelectronics the integrated memory began to rise, integrated processors went... Read More »
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The Death of Palm Pre

Tweet After more than one year of unveiling the Palm Pre at CES, the company is struggling to keep up sales. The company’s shares have dropped to $4 per share. Wall Street’s seers are already predicting the only two available options: acquisition or insolvency. What went wrong then? Wasn’t the Palm Pre touted to be the iPhone killer from Palm? Here’s where Palm messed up. The App Catalogue: Promising... Read More »
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