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Microsoft® launches So.cl network

Tweet Software giant Microsoft has quietly launched out So.cl (pronounced ‘social’) from its beta version. Socl is a social ‘network’ that was being tested by a handful of university students since late 2011. About So.cl network According to Microsoft, So.cl is an experimental research project developed by the company’s FUSE Labs focused on exploring the possibilities of social... Read More »

Value of Windows 7 SP1 Beta

Tweet Microsoft has released Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) beta version recently. But it has released this version as testing software only to some sections of the people like IT managers or professional. Microsoft always follows this process of releasing their product in the corporate and information technology sectors first. It releases to the regular people and customers only after testing its... Read More »
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Microsoft Offers Optimized Desktop Jumpstart Offerings for Windows7 Testing

Tweet By now, Microsoft is ready for the release of Beta version of Windows7 Service Pack 1. It is likely to be delivered in next month. A complete upgrade of this Windows7 Service Pack 1 is also expected at the end of 2010. In order to simplify the Windows7 testing, Microsoft is presenting a set of resources that are especially created to make things simpler. For the enhancement of desktop environments,... Read More »

Windows Home Server free beta version is unveiled by Microsoft

Tweet The largest software company of the world, Microsoft unveiled the beta version of new Windows Home server ‘Vail’ on the last month. Microsoft promises the security, privacy and flexibility by the product with well-offered network connectivity. The main Features: Microsoft announced four primary features which will enlarge the MS market in Home server system and give the utmost comfort to... Read More »

LogMeIn Ignition – Beta Version out for Android

Tweet After the launch of LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone, in February of this year, a Beta version of the Ignition has been launched for Android OS. As the name suggests ‘LogMeIn Ignition’ is a remote access application through which you can login to your office computer or your home desktop even when you are away. With LogMeIn Ignition, you can go mobile without worrying to leave anything behind.... Read More »

What Every Internet User Needs To Know About the Development Of Google Chrome 6

Tweet Google has been releasing many products to increase its market share with many users starting to use the services of Google. There are many online giants like Yahoo, MSN and Google that are always in the competition to be the best in the business. Google has been in the forefront of releasing various products all the time and increasing the market share by increasing the base of customers who... Read More »

`Lorentz’ and `Lanikai’ – The latest inventions of Mozilla which are due for their grand release

Tweet The novel beta test builds essentially known as Firefox 3.6.4 and Thunderbird 3.1, which is popularly given code names Lorentz and Lanikai respectively, will be released very soon. These are the updated wonders of the esteemed company Mozilla. Mozilla is undoubtedly the gigantic based company and has been diversely integrated since many years in offering the latest versions of web browsing and... Read More »

Office 2010: To Debut in June

Tweet As per the previous announcement, Office 2010, Share Point 2010, Visio 2010 and Project 2010 have recently entered release to manufacturing stage and we hope that these software suites will be available in market from June 2010 onwards. The beta version of Office 2010 was released last year in November and it has already hit around 7.5 million users across the globe. The number of users who have... Read More »

Mozilla To Make Beta Version Of Firefox For Android

Tweet Mozilla has announced to make beta version of Firefox for the Android users. Mozilla will be creating the beta version of Firefox in this year and the browser will have XUL and Web standards like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programming languages. With all the features same as in Firefox for desktop, the browser will be available for Google’s Android OS by the end of this year.  Read More →Read More »
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