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Google Fortifies the Security of Chrome with Improved Encryption Protection

Tweet Google is all geared up to improve its security settings with its next release of Chrome browser. It is now going to encrypt all search queries sent from the software. The next version of Chrome is now available in the beta channel and all searches will be encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). When a browser uses SSL to encrypt any information from a browser to a website, then you get... Read More »

WIKIPEDIA® warns on browser malware

Tweet Wikipedia Foundation, the organization operating the popular online encyclopedia, has issued a warning to its users, telling them that if they are seeing adverts while browsing WIKIPEDIA site, it is likely that their computers have become a victim of malware infection. “We never run ads on Wikipedia,” said Philippe Beaudette, director of community advocacy for the Wikimedia Foundation,... Read More »

Google™ fixes 18 security flaws in Google™ Chrome

Tweet Google has announced the release of newest version of its popular Chrome web browser after fixing 18 security glitches and has also added a easy-to-use new feature for its customers. Updating Chrome Seven of the vulnerabilities that were fixed in the Chrome version 19.0.1084.46 were classified as high-risk flaws, which means that they could be exploited to take control of infected systems. The... Read More »

Apps beat browser and voice in mobile device usage survey

Tweet There is no doubt that smartphones and tablets will break all records when it comes to the downloading of apps. Surveys by Zokeim, a mobile search firm, indicate the same. Apps are definitely popular and are many times more in use than voice or browsing. While Gartner reports 33 percent Android usage, 31 percent Symbian usage, 16 percent Apple iOS, 14 percent RIM, 3 percent Windows and 3 percent... Read More »

Google™ Chrome address bar revamp

Tweet Google is currently experimenting with several radical changes to its Chrome user interface. It will have several new features including a compact user interface that hides the URL address input bar when pages are not being loaded. Google’s Jeff Chang in a post to the Chromium developer mailing list under the title major user interface efforts, describes four user interface variants for the... Read More »

Updates for Google™ Chrome

Tweet Developers are working on updating the Google Chrome browser to resolve issues that may be affecting its performance. Right now Google is hoping to bring down the crash rate considerably. All the major browsers are rushing to release a production quality browser with hardware accelerated graphics, but it seems Google will be crossing the finish line first. Last year Google had started offering... Read More »

Sprint® unveils Kyocera Echo with dual touch screen

Tweet Sprint has launched the Kyocera Echo, the first smartphone with a dual touch-screen, at an event held in New York. The appearance of Kyocera Echo is excellent. Kyocera Echo will be available in the market at a price of approximately 200 dollars along with a two year warranty period. The Kyocera Echo has WVGA touch screens measuring 3.5 inches and it has a pivot hinge which permits one to fix... Read More »

How to stop people from stealing your online information

Tweet Most of our personal or professional work is done on computers. We keep important files, data and other sorts of crucial and critical information on the computers. We keep many of our personal photographs on our computers and much more stuff which is likely to be very personal in nature. In today’s world computer information theft is becoming a pain with each passing day as the hackers are... Read More »

HTC® Wildfire S review

Tweet It takes lot to make a first impression. And HTC has made it with HTC Wildfire S. It has all the features that make it stand apart and look like a mini computer. The fast processor in it makes it so. Basically the HTC Wildfire S is a phone which is mainly meant for web browsing because of its fast browser and the operating system in it. It is basically an Android-based cell phone with all the... Read More »

Mozilla® Firefox 4 for Android™

Tweet Mozilla Foundation will release the final tested code for its browser named Firefox 4 for Android enabled phones; meanwhile another beta version is expected to be released soon. The latest in this series of browser is expected to pack quite a punch. According to Jay Sullivan, vice president of products for Mozilla, during an interview at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona said that it is... Read More »

Internet Explorer® 9 enables pinning of websites

Tweet Time is swiftly changing and as a result there are different technologies evolving with every passing day. Take the example of Internet Explorer (IE) from Microsoft. Recently, the latest version of the browser, that is, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) was launched by Microsoft. IE9 has a unique feature which allows to pin or group all the similar website links. So you can conveniently tag websites... Read More »

Record amount paid for Google™ Chrome bug

Tweet With the number of bugs on a high, Google Chrome has bugs that caused a record amount of money being paid to one researcher who came up with a significant bug. An amount of $3,133 was paid to researcher Sergey Glazunov for a single bug. Mostly, there are various levels of threats in a bug. Glazunov reported the single most critical bug in the Google Chrome version of 8.0.552.334. The bug was... Read More »

How to add bookmark shortcuts to Google™ Chrome Omnibar

Tweet Google Chrome is a web browser that was developed and introduced by Google more than a couple of years back. Chrome uses the WebKit layout and application engine and was first released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows in September 2008. By the commencement of the current year 2011, Google Chrome had ended up being the third most widely used browser, according to the statistics by Net Applications.... Read More »

Microsoft® Urges Users to Say Goodbye to Internet Explorer® 6

Tweet Microsoft has launched a website to educate people about the fact that Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) has become obsolete. Microsoft is all set to say good bye to its loved and long lived browser Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer 6 was released in August 2001 and has a market share of 12% as reported by the media groups across the globe. Now Microsoft wants to lower the share of it to 1 percent. If... Read More »

Motorola® Atrix 4G Transforming AT&T’s Android™ Lineup

Tweet There are a number of new mobile phones that are being released recently, promising newly improved features. For the some reason, you want to treat yourself or your love ones by buying a new phone. But the question is, did you find the right phone that suits your expectation? I hope so. But before you make any decisions, let me introduce you to Motorola Atrix 4G. This is not just your ordinary... Read More »

Firefox 4.0 beta Release

Tweet Firefox 4.0 Beta is the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in internet world. The new version of these brows is one of the secure and user friendly versions available. There are lots more new options available in the newest version of Firefox. Firefox shipped free with Mac and Linux operating systems. It is also available free for... Read More »
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Now Enjoy Office Web Apps now online in 26 countries

Tweet This concept was started by Google which started one of their services by the name of Google Docs. Under this service, users could save their office documents in their Google web space and directly open the documents online in any Internet browser for reading or editing. Users could even create new documents over there and there was no need to save the documents locally on the computer. This... Read More »

ChromeOS Gives Another Blow to Microsoft with Citrix announcement

Tweet Microsoft Internet Explorer is a series of Web browsers created by Microsoft and included as part of the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems starting in 1995. Microsoft Internet Explorer has launched many versions of Internet Explorers from its first version to the latest version that is Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft Internet Explorer has been designed to view a big range of web pages... Read More »

How to Replace Expired Antivirus Software

Tweet We all use computers and internet for various reasons. It has become a part of our lives and thinking of a day without it is really fearsome. Internet serves the most of our purposes these days – purposes like knowledge, communication, data etc. We use internet almost all the times when we are on work but if not properly secured then our computer might get infected by the infections available... Read More »
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How to Design your blog

Tweet A blog has become a very famous medium of sharing your thoughts, products and content. Blog can also be termed as web log, which is also a type of website or a part of a website. It is generally kept updated with regular submission of work like photos, articles, videos etc. These blogs are interactive, which means users are able to  post comments and share their idea about the particular page... Read More »
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How to enable themes in Google Chrome

Tweet A Browser is an application which helps you navigate through the Inernet. It is a medium to get information from any website. Internet Explorer has always been the widely used and famous browser as it is the default browser which comes built-in with Microsoft operating system. There has been other browsers launched in recent times like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari but none of them could get... Read More »

Mozilla Promotes Browser Games

Tweet Games are emerging  as one of the most fastest  industries on the Internet. This is because of the fact that they are now providing the users a sense of accomplishing something, a social element which makes users addicted towards the games. They are also providing users an opportunity to know on how well they have performed among others. Considering all this, Mozilla the maker of the popular... Read More »
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How to change Corporate Security in Internet Explorer

Tweet Modern corporate houses and companies have different departments of tech professionals and qualified individuals who are invariably involved in the process of devising mechanisms for protection of information. There can be tampering, publication, distribution and collapse of confidential material by unauthorized and untrustworthy users. Corporate computer security isn’t an easy task and can... Read More »

One browser that can handle multiple Google accounts!

Tweet If you use a service, that supports multiple logins for the account of the first default signature using the browser. Google proposes to use a different browser, but you can also use Google Chrome incognito mode, log into your Google account to add. Another limitation is that the offline mode of Gmail is disabled, if multiple log in mode is enabled. The Problem Having several accounts of Google... Read More »
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Microsoft and E-space to new browser plug ins

Tweet Microsoft is taking the mobile world to a really great level. The company had been in the news on several occasions for bringing up innovative ideas that are capable of bringing a great deal of transformation to the mobile world. By the time you compare Microsoft Corporation to many other computer hardware and software industries, you will discover that there is practically no comparison as Microsoft... Read More »
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