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Chrome operating System

Google™ Chrome address bar revamp

Tweet Google is currently experimenting with several radical changes to its Chrome user interface. It will have several new features including a compact user interface that hides the URL address input bar when pages are not being loaded. Google’s Jeff Chang in a post to the Chromium developer mailing list under the title major user interface efforts, describes four user interface variants for the... Read More »

Google’s new Chrome Operating System

Tweet Technology today has gone far way better than the first centuries. It has become more innovative and distinctive. It has made people’s life more comfortable and convenient. And when we speak of technology as a whole, we might want to consider computer alone. Computers, as one of the most ever-changing technology today, have made tons of business and people’s life grow. It is the center for... Read More »
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Acer No Chrome OS device from us at Computex

Tweet Acer will shortly introduce its first Chrome operating system (OS) device. Multiple sources on blog sites had mentioned this news but no one had specified the type of device. Actually, Google was the first that introduced the first Chrome operating system (OS) last year. Google has designed this operating system for Tablets, Smartbooks and Netbooks. Acer already had made a statement that they... Read More »
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