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No Malware for Your Chrome Browser!

Tweet Yes, that’s right! Google is ready to answer to all criticisms and security allegation with its all new Chrome browser update. Google has reinforced its browser to be lesser vulnerable to malware than it used to be or it is than other browsers around. Hence, if you continue to use Google Chrome browser, then you will be safer online. Google claims that these new browser update will improve... Read More »

Google™ fixes 18 security flaws in Google™ Chrome

Tweet Google has announced the release of newest version of its popular Chrome web browser after fixing 18 security glitches and has also added a easy-to-use new feature for its customers. Updating Chrome Seven of the vulnerabilities that were fixed in the Chrome version 19.0.1084.46 were classified as high-risk flaws, which means that they could be exploited to take control of infected systems. The... Read More »

Apple’s Safari grows faster than Chrome in July

Tweet According to the postings of Apple’s safari last month, it observed the biggest increase as far as usage share is concerned in the consumer market. It left the nearest competitors like perennial champion chrome far behind in this game of popularity & the number of users. This was the latest declaration of Web metrics vendor Net Applications. It is just like winning the race in the market... Read More »

Google™ Fixes Chrome Bugs, Gives Gamers Free Chrome OS Laptops

Tweet Google launched its web browser Google Chrome on the Windows platform three years back. Since then we have been comparing it with various other explorers and trying to find out how secure this browser is. Few weeks back in the month of February, Google released a new, updated version of its Chrome browser. It is being said that they have fixed 19 vulnerabilities which were present in the last... Read More »
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New Privacy Feature for IE unveiled by Microsoft

Tweet Policy makers have recently been discussing about how private data was pilfered through third party advertising partners of website that users visit Federal Trade Commission proposal plans to impose a do not track feature which would help a user avoid sharing unnecessary user information with such websites. Microsoft trying to maintain its identity as a market leader has now taken the first step... Read More »

Google Follows Mozilla for a Change

Tweet In its latest bid to keep Google users safe, the search engine has taken a leaf from Mozilla’s book, the security book to be more precise and has blocked the launch of outdated plug – in its Google Chrome browser just like Mozilla’s Firefox security does. A trio of Google’s security engineers said in a post on the Chromium Blog that plug-ins that are out of date and hence prone... Read More »

Chrome OS Tablet to be Launched After Nexus One Episode

Tweet There has been quite a lot of hype surrounding the launch of the Chrome OS Tablet. The entire technology community has been looking for the roll out of this innovative and highly promising tablet PC from the most successful company in the IT sector presently. However the bad news is that the company is probably not very enthusiastic about the release. The rumors on various social networking sites... Read More »

Flock Favors Google in Contrast to Mozilla

Tweet Flock is a prominent web browser. It is fabricated on Mozilla Firefox codebase which is a  specialize in giving Web 2.0 and social marketing amenities put up into its user interface. On May 19, 2009 Flock v2.5 was released officially. Flock browser which can be downloaded freely supports Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Free BSD platforms. Media Services and social networking sites like... Read More »

Understanding Chrome OS: Features and Criticism

Tweet In 2009, Google had publicized a new product that will centralize web usage into a net book. Chrome OS is the operating system running purely on a cloud model, where web applications are floating and are interconnected through the internet, allowing faster operations for the computer system. However, there are good & bad points about the system which questions the standpoint of Chrome OS... Read More »

Is Google TV a threat to the survival of Boxee?

Tweet The technology aficionados have yet another reason to be excited about. The search engine giant Google, divulged details about its most ambitious project ever, the launch of Google TV. Industry giants Google, Intel and Sony are coming together to create the project, Google TV. An integrated and networked TV set that runs Android and Chrome, does Google ads and facilitates third-party applications... Read More »

Chrome OS the new development by Google

Tweet Computer users all over the world are quite familiar with the Google Chrome, a cross platform web browser which was developed by Google. Along with the beta tag the version was first released in September 2nd, 2008 especially supporting the Microsoft Windows. This particular operating system was designed using the concept of Ubuntu Linux Distribution. According to the company’s Vice President... Read More »

The prestigious firm established by IBM, Samsung and TI avails ARM chips

Tweet Today, ARM processors are being invariably produced by an organization that is truly formed by legend companies like IBM, Texas Instruments, Samsung, ARM and others. This elite organization will streamline the evolvement of many novel products of which the tablets are the unique. Worldwide, ARM processor is considered to be the most amazing chip with extraordinary prolific design. This specific... Read More »

Google Chrome Web store: A Store of Web Applications

Tweet The most popular search engine provider Google announced a new service to uphold their Internet browser ‘Google Chrome’. In the last week in ‘Google I/O conference’ declared the offer Google Chrome web store. Google Chrome OS is going be released very soon. In this context Google takes a more generous step to provide a store where web applications can be attained. The theme of Google... Read More »

Google Chrome 5 Releases Stable Version

Tweet For the average Windows user, the news of release of Google Chrome 5 is not a big thing. For Mac and Linux users however, this news is impressive enough to warrant a cruise to Google Chrome’s download page. After all, its claim of monumental browsing speeds and new features is just begging for trial. After months of adjustments and bug fixing, Google Chrome 5 has gone stable. In its new form,... Read More »

Updates – Microsoft’ Movements for the Week

Tweet There has been a lot of news circulating in the tech world and Microsoft is not far behind in this r. We’ve managed to pick out the good, bad and the ugly that took place with Microsoft last week. In order to keep us up to date with the latest application and gadget inflicted news here is little about everything that happened in Microsoft’s world: IE9 Platform -Microsoft released IE9 on... Read More »

Will WebM from Google lead to fragmentation of standards?

Tweet Google’s WebM, a royalty-free open source video format, recently recieved support from Mozilla and Opera Software, and all three browser makers have issued developer builds facilitating WebM incorporation. Google’s move was however interpreted by some analysts as a step towards fragmentation of standards. Ray Valdes, a Gartner analyst, was enthusiastic about the new open standard but wondered... Read More »

What Every Internet User Needs To Know About the Development Of Google Chrome 6

Tweet Google has been releasing many products to increase its market share with many users starting to use the services of Google. There are many online giants like Yahoo, MSN and Google that are always in the competition to be the best in the business. Google has been in the forefront of releasing various products all the time and increasing the market share by increasing the base of customers who... Read More »

Google To Build Chrome With Flash

Tweet After installing a browser, the first thing that a user does is to install the Flash player from Adobe. Without the Flash player it is impossible to view certain websites as well as the videos on the Internet. But now, Google has decided to make things easier for its user. Google has decided to build Flash in its browser Google Chrome. Now, Google has decided to support the Adobe Flash player... Read More »
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