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Mobile World Congress® 2012: Cisco® plans for better Mobile Internet

Tweet Cisco disclosed its plan to provide a better mobile connectivity at the Mobile World Congress 2012, which is currently being held at Barcelona. The CEO of Cisco Brian Dunn told that the Internet providers for mobile and smartphone should do a better job to give seamless wireless services over the world. The Internet connection should be able to reconfigure itself to the new network when a... Read More »
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Alcatel-Lucent shrinks cell tower technology

Tweet Alcatel-Lucent will introduce new technology for wireless carriers to expand their network. The new technology is a new cell phone antenna system that puts together the technology in a small box, which can be mounted even on a lamp post. The Light Radio system from Alcatel Lucent will be ready for the trial of the carriers this year, allowing carriers to set up new cell sites faster and economically.... Read More »

Malware increases by 46% in only one year

Tweet According to a report by McAfee, there has been a steady growth in the number of security threats to mobile platforms. Cisco has warned one and all to be cautious about malware as miscreants have become more and more creative by exploiting networks, systems and human vulnerabilities to steal information or do damage. Although phishing attacks decreased in 2010, spam reduced drastically, virus... Read More »

Google™ Adds Set-up Wizard for Apps

Tweet Google in a big step to build up its app store and market it to enterprises, be it small or large, has launched programs aimed at small enterprises with limited IT resources. So now, with a simplified installation process for administrators using a new and simplified set-up wizard, Google App store is again catching eyeballs. So now when you reach the sign up page you will encounter the set-up... Read More »

Cisco® upgrades its video portfolio

Tweet Cisco is a big name in providing business communication solutions all over the world. With its quality products, it is possible to have a better communication experience. To add more quality to its services, Cisco has launched a new 12-inch touch screen video conference device with sensitive cameras to capture all the crucial moments. With its touch screen it is possible to control your communication... Read More »

Yahoo!®: IPv6 upgrade threatens Intenet Users

Tweet The Internet Protocol version 4 in current use will suffer an IPv4 address exhaustion in this decade, experts argue it could be as soon as this year or max in 2 to 3 years. This necessitates the induction of IPv6. When IPv$ was started in the late eighties such widespread usage of net and so many domain names were not expected hence it was thought that IPv4 would suffice. However reports by CISCO... Read More »
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How to reset the password on LinkSys Router

Tweet Linksys routers are a brand of routers manufactured by Cisco Systems, which deal with production and marketing of home and small office networking products. Apart from selling broadband and wireless routers, the Linksys brand also deals with consumer and small business grade Ethernet switching, wireless internet video cameras, network storage systems etc. One of the ways to protect your network... Read More »
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How to set up Linksys Security

Tweet Linksys is a very famous brand by CISCO that produces network products especially for their use in small offices and homes. Products sold under the brand include wireless and broadband routers, Ethernet switching, wireless video cameras, and network storage systems among other products. Linksys routers are extremely popular and one of the best selling ones. The manufacturers develop routers of... Read More »

Cisco, VMware, NetApp Say they have the first end-to-end FCoE Configuration

Tweet In an announcement that could radically change the way you use your servers, the world’s three foremost networking, storage and virtualization providers announced the introduction of a certified end-to-end Fibre Channel over Ethernet storage network for VMware server environments. A first Globally The new service comes as a first globally and is being done by Cisco, NetApp and VMware. The three... Read More »
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Windows Azure Appliance Sets it Apart from VMware and Cisco

Tweet Microsoft Punches Cisco, VMware in the eyes with Windows Azure Appliance Windows Azure Appliance, which Microsoft announced recently, will combine Windows Azure and SQL Azure in such a way that service providers, large companies and governments will be able to use them in own datacenters. This cloud platform will utilise multiple servers, whose specifics will be given by Microsoft. However,... Read More »
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Cisco Unveils Its Latest Fabric Path Protocol Based On TRILL

Tweet Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American based multinational company. It designs consumer electronics, networking and communication technology and services. It is one of the major ‘Voice over IP’ (VoIP) provider to enterprises. It has already ventured into homes through Linksys and Scientific Atlanta, thereby, providing VoIP equipment to cable biggies such as Time Warner, Rogers Communication,... Read More »
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M&A Market to be Lead by Google this Year

Tweet The popularity of Google has grown multifold with time. Its growth graph has been tremendous and the credit goes to its acquisitions of higher capital based start-ups as compared to any other company in the year 2010. It has been able to establish itself after several years of research on its rival companies namely Cisco, Microsoft and IBM that lead the M&A market As the Third quarter commenced,... Read More »
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Cisco Systems Launch Tablet Computers

Tweet Forget the frenzy of the consumer market as the jazzy advertising and the retail shelf space are already at logger heads with each other. Cisco Systems are planning to hawk tablet computers in the more sedate world of the business. Cisco has recently revealed its plans of selling a tablet computer named Cius as in “see us” early in the next year. Cisco pigeonholed the product as a “collaboration... Read More »

Four Social Networking Rivals with the Goal for Workforce Improvement

Tweet These days, social networking is being integrated into different media. Press, sports, the arts, education systems and consumer sites are only some of the examples. It is not surprising that business companies will start to use it as well. Imagine the possibilities of this idea. There will be little to no need for company memos that get lost, newsletters that are rarely read and important announcements... Read More »

Cloud Computing from BT and Cisco

Tweet Cisco and BT are all set to launch the global “cloud” based IPT solution, which will bring down the upfront investments required by the businesses, and provide a scalable hosted IP Telephony service. Now, BT is working closely alongside Cisco Services to take care of underlying virtualized infrastructure, and make things happen; so, you can definitely expect to see some exciting developments... Read More »

Dell Takes On Data Giants

Tweet The New Plan In a move sure to attract the attention of data centre giants, Cisco and HP, Dell has announced the introduction of the latest rebadged member of their data and networking family. Long viewed as a practical no frills personal computer retailer, Dell is now seen as attempting to carve an image that synergizes computing, networking and data storage with low pricing. Dell hopes to distinguish... Read More »
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How to Get Your Router Signal Strength Stronger

Tweet Router has some exceptional contribution in bringing successful home networks and solutions to network related issues. Router has made two devices in a network talk to each other most conveniently maintaining a high security. Routers are accompanied by manual and software guides for installation, in addition there is extensive round the clock support available to the users. With the continuous... Read More »

How to Set up a Linksys Wireless Router

Tweet Linksys has some exceptional contribution in bringing successful home networks and solutions to network related issues. Being a sister concern of Cisco, Linksys has attributed phenomenal experiences to the consumers. Cisco and linksys in alliance have got hold of almost all the consumer and corporate network worldwide.Linksys routers are accompanied by manual and software guides for installation,... Read More »
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Insight to New Cisco Nexus 2232PP

Tweet Cisco’s new contender in the Nexus series is the Nexus 2232PP, which provides 32 10GbE Ethernet ports in one chassis. It is included with FCoE, and is far cheaper than the fully fledged Nexus 5000. The new Nexus 2232PP provides you with the flexibility to use a cheaper solution rather than full-fledged 10GbE host connectivity. Nexus 2232PP FEX isn’t really targeted at the blade and data centers... Read More »

BT and Cisco’s Breakthrough in UC

Tweet BT and Cisco announced only recently that they have just released their new product that aims to make a fine breakthrough in the industry of UC, or unified communications. Working together, these two technologically inclined were able to come up with a cloud-based IPT solution from the Onevoice UCC portfolio of BT. Their collaboration successfully brought about a highly scalable globally hosted... Read More »

Testing Yourself with the Cisco 640-816

Tweet It was only recently that Cisco decided to conduct an exam that is largely associated with the certification that is required for becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associate. The name of the exam is the 640-816 Interconnecting Networking Devices Part 2, or more famously known as the popular ICND2. The candidates can easily prepare for the exam by taking the course. This exam works by testing... Read More »

Cisco Valet Wireless Home Router

Tweet Valet has been introduced by Cisco as a wireless home router option. This product line of Cisco makes it possible for the people to access the wireless home routers. The major purpose of designing Valet is just to change the way families used the internet in the past. People can now access the internet with a wireless connection by removing all the frustration that they had to face while setting... Read More »

CA teams with Cisco and delivers new cloud, virtualisation technologies

Tweet CA’s partnership with Cisco composes amalgamation of CA manner assignment software with Cisco’s cohered Computing manner, allowing IT experts administer the Cisco technology from within the CA assignment interface. Spectrum Automation of CA administrator, provisioning of a server also automation tool; CA’s eHealth action administrator, which aspires device action; as well as... Read More »

Juniper rolls out multi-product attack on Cisco

Tweet Juniper Networks, a leading information technology and computer networking multinational company presented the technology world with its all new multiple products which included hardware and software sets and services. Juniper claimed to be the future of the technology world, when it presented the latest techno-based equipment. The company has taken a step ahead of Cisco as claimed by the Juniper’s... Read More »

Cisco WebEx unveils web conferencing service on smart phones

Tweet Ever wondered how it would be to sit in your office in New York and communicate not just through voice but also with video through a small device in your hand to an entire group of individuals in an office in Tokyo? Seems like a science fiction idea doesn’t it? But not anymore! Cisco WebEx has launched Web conferencing services for smart phones which are equipped with 3G/Wi-Fi facilities.... Read More »
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