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Connect all household electronic devices to Internet with Electric Imp

Tweet Soon you can connect every electronic item in your household to the Internet with the help of a tiny card named Imp Card. Former iPhone engineering manager Hugo Fiennes, former Gmail designer Kevin Fox, and firmware engineer Peter Hartley have founded a company named Electric Imp whose mission is to turn every product you own into an Internet-connected device. How Imp Card works? Imp Cards are... Read More »

Fujitsu® to launch a device to track your pet’s activities

Tweet There is a good piece of news for those who love their pets. Information and communication technology provider Fujitsu is going to launch a device that can help pet owners track the activities of their pets. This device can help the owners prevent illnesses in their pets, it is important that their daily activities be monitored, as is the case for humans. How the device will work The special... Read More »

LG® launches its own Cloud storage service

Tweet Korean handset maker, LG Electronics has become the latest company to join the race of Cloud storage. Named LG Cloud, the Cloud storage service of LG will allow users to access content across various electronic devices. The only thing required by the user to use the LG Cloud service will be to download the LG Cloud app for their Android smartphone from Google Play or from the LG SmartWorld app... Read More »

Google™ enters into a cloud computing deal with BBVA

Tweet Search engine giant Google has entered into their biggest enterprise deal with one of the largest banks of Spain – BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria). The deal involves the bank signing up for Google cloud computing services, which will be offered as a software service via Internet. BBVA revealed that the bank will be using Google tools for internal communication. As many as 110,000 employees... Read More »
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Are you geared up for cloud?

Tweet By now we all know about cloud computing. As we speak of clouds, more and more clouds are moving into our lives with excellent services. With cloud computing exclusive access to programs and services from anywhere with Internet often without having to install other software makes it real efficient, and above all getting access to the services from any device capable of reaching the network is... Read More »
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Microsoft® Sees Cloud Future For Embedded Computing

Tweet According to a Microsoft official, the company is trying to link embedded computing systems to the cloud. The cloud is going to reveal a number of wider options to embedded computing. Windows Embedded General Manager of Microsoft, Kevin Dallas made a note that the capability of capturing the intelligence from the verge of the network shall make an intense change in the charges which is going... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 Upgrade to Offer Cloud Support

Tweet CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, at the Mobile World Congress 2011, announced that Microsoft will launch an update later this year and this much awaited update will add a lot to Windows Phone 7. The update will add Internet Explorer 9 to Windows Phone 7. Along with Internet Explorer 9 this update will also carry support for Twitter. After this update Windows Phone 7 will also be able to use the... Read More »

Microsoft® offers free Windows® Azure trial

Tweet For those who are not yet familiar with the new upcoming term in the world of information technology, that is, Windows Azure, here is the meaning. Windows Azure is an operating system with cloud services. It will provide an environment for development, service hosting and service management. Microsoft is targeting consumers worldwide with multilingual support and the facility to integrate with... Read More »

iPhone® and Android™ apps from The Baltimore Sun

Tweet The mobile revolution has created immense interest and growth from various sectors worldwide. The cloud computing sector, has taken the lead in the dynamic Android market. Several new Android apps have been introduced such as games, financial calculators, picture sharing, multimedia, location based services, e-readers, and more. The Baltimore Sun, a leading print newspaper has gone mobile. The... Read More »

Oracle all set to hit market with Cloud Office

Tweet Oracle has decided to give Microsoft and Google some competition with its new productivity suite Cloud Office. Cloud Office is based on open office and is also based on ODF (Open Document Format). It includes a spreadsheet application, Text presentation and supports online collaboration. It is compatible with Microsoft Office .The compatibility with Microsoft office comes through a plug-in which... Read More »

Microsoft Inches Closer to Cloud Services Dominance

Tweet Cloud computing is getting famous day by day and Microsoft and Google are already competing with each other on cloud computing services. Cloud computing is getting popular and many of companies are targeting this service. It can reduce you cost of hardware as there is no need to buy devices like printers etc for each and every computer. The reason behind this is that the work is online and there... Read More »

Workshops by Microsoft and DMC Software displays the Organisational benefits of Cloud Computing and Office 365

Tweet In this tech Article you can get prior knowledge about organizational benefits of Cloud computing and Office 365 with workshops provided by Microsoft and DMC software. The software giant Microsoft has given us a huge range since they started their self as a company. Microsoft has given us different kinds of Windows Operating Systems and Office Suites. When you need to do your work on computer,... Read More »

On-Premise Processing Integrated by Microsoft with Cloud Computing

Tweet Microsoft announced addition of a new option in its upcoming service pack for Windows HPC Server 2008. This new option is the addition of Cloud for its users which will allow the users to connect their systems with Windows Azure. This will eventually give the users liberty to share the workload between the in-house computers and clod servers. This is great news for companies which get large but... Read More »

Microsoft Revamps Windows Azure cloud Computing

Tweet The PDC developer conference was attended with a huge pomp and show by Microsoft. But as a twist in the fate these were the days before the so called global economic slowdown and the subsequent austerity that it has packed with it. The PDC or the Professional Developers Conference is a conference for software developers especially for the Windows developer organized by the Microsoft Corporation.... Read More »
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Is cloud computing a disadvantage for Microsoft Lync Server 2010?

Tweet Microsoft Lync server 2010 is a much more natural extension of Microsoft Office and Microsoft exchange, which makes whole platform a lot easier to sell and maintain. The question facing solutions providers is just how to deploy it, they can either deploy it on their customer’s website or host it has a cloud computing service, Microsoft would not get around to hosting Lync server 2010 in the... Read More »

Microsoft raises complication of Windows 8 on cloud computing

Tweet When Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO said at the IT Expo / Gartner Symposium that the riskiest bet of the company was the next version of Windows, he caused a great deal of speculation and consternation as he didn’t care to elaborate. A couple of days after leaving Microsoft, Ray Ozzie, the chief architect added his own opinions on the challenges for Microsoft, by saying that the company had... Read More »

Office 365 to be based on subscription services

Tweet Microsoft is very keen to enter the cloud computing services market as it has officially launched Office 365 on the cloud computing platform. Experts in software industries are seeing it as a bad news for rival Google. Microsoft has already won a deal with New York Government to provide cloud computing but if we compare the deal with Google services then it seems way ahead because Microsoft Office... Read More »

Google: Microsoft Cloud a “Filibuster”

Tweet Microsoft is very keen to enter the cloud computing market and announced their cloud computing application Office 365. They are also trying to convince the world that they are serious about cloud computing. Google Enterprise president, Dave said that they looked at the Office 365 announcement and saw nothing new. According to Google Microsoft is seeking to sell more of their  older products... Read More »

Microsoft cloud technology to be shared with N.Y. agencies

Tweet New York City and Microsoft declared and agreement to use the cloud computing. This agreement is done to consolidate computer resources among dozens of agencies to enhance information sharing and it will also save money. New York City administrators are expecting to save $50 million in next five years. This is a five year deal and every year it costs up to $20 million. From the agreement, the... Read More »

Microsoft calls for APEC cloud harmony

Tweet Microsoft’s associate general counsel and director of legal and corporate affairs has called for APEC harmony across the region. He also appealed to increase regional regulatory and legal harmonization. Australia is the main focus point of this talk and he told that Australian enterprises are adopting cloud computing very much but the worry is the data sovereignty and cross border data. It... Read More »
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Microsoft edging closer to Cloud computing domain

Tweet Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer and New York City mayor Michael R. Bloomberg recently announced new cloud based services for New York. This agreement will boost competition for similar services offered by Google. Under this contract, about 30,000 New York worker will use Microsoft’s Business productivity online suite. This information will be sent to Microsoft data centers and they... Read More »

Microsoft’s Office 365 inches closer to Google’s Cloud Computing

Tweet The Microsoft Office 365 can be termed as a productivity suite for Microsoft Windows operating system. Web based Office applications will provide all the Office software and packages will be available on subscription based pricing which will be available online. This service will be available for variety of customers like home users, small business owners, home business owners and bigger companies... Read More »

Google claims 3 million business have adopted its products

Tweet If someone were to ask you if you have gone Google you would certainly be surprised at this new found vocabulary-“Go Google.” According to Google there are more than 3 million businesses have “gone Google,” which in simple terms translates to adopting Google Apps. But what’s even more surprising is Google’s statement that over 30 million individual users (schools and businesses)... Read More »

Weather Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Microsoft!

Tweet Recently in a conference, Microsoft has once again released another new and improved cloud with new features and incentives, offering it to small businesses. The new and improved cloud has different tools and incentives that allow new businesses to establish different partners in the fast paced world of technology. The reason for Microsoft’s actions is that these businesses can now transfer... Read More »
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Cloud Platform (Open Source) by Rackspace Unveiled

Tweet Rackspace is one of the leading and well known cloud computing companies in the world. Rackspace and NASA have performed a lot of quality operations in cloud computing industry. as a matter of fact this is the revolution in cloud computing and it will also help in the improvement on permanent bases. It also sets a lot of standards in the field of cloud computing and the latest project offers... Read More »
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