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Healthcare.gov is an Easy Target of Hackers, Security Experts Have Testified

Tweet Four computer security experts including a ‘white-hat hacker’ have testified Obamacare website Microsoft Silverlight could be an easy target of hackers. The website invites sign up for attaining new healthcare insurance for individuals, family and small businesses could be a readily available resource to capture details on signee’s details. Security experts have warned Congress that the... Read More »

Microsoft® identifies malware targeting Mac® OS X

Tweet Microsoft Corporation’s security research team has discovered a new malware that exploits an old bug in Microsoft Office. The strange thing about this malware is that instead of attacking the PCs, the bug is actually targeting Mac OS X systems. The vulnerability, which was categorized as critical when it was discovered and patched in 2009, allows the attackers to execute remote code, which... Read More »

Malware infects Apple® computers

Tweet According to F-Secure Corporation, a computer security solutions providing company, a malware program called ‘Flashback’ had infected some computers made by Apple Inc. The malware program was capable of infecting Apple Macintosh systems through Java software, an element of programs developed by many companies. Apple released a statement saying that it has released a fix for the Java vulnerability... Read More »
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How To Keep Your Web Browsing Private on iOS 5

Tweet Every person in today’s world wants to be connected to the rest of the world for maximum possible time. This is only possible with the help of the social networking websites available on the internet. But due to these kinds of websites the personal space that every individual possess is decreasing day by day. So now there is more emphasis on the security things. Anything is more used just because... Read More »
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Computer security

Tweet The modern world is almost completely based on the world of technology. Almost all fields of the modern life are completely based on the usage of latest technology. However, it is important to understand the amount of risk that is involved with the virtual world. Technology has opened the gateways for cyber crime in a huge way. There are several hackers which have managed to find the key to the... Read More »

How to Start a Computer Security Consulting Business

Tweet Are you planning to start Computer Security Consulting business? You must know it has certainly proven to be a rewarding decision for many entrepreneurs. This article will help you a lot if you are planning to launch Computer Consulting Business. A Computer Security Consulting business specializes in providing companies with the tools needed to protect their network. Along with that they offer... Read More »
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How to Increase Your Computer Security in a Public Wi-Fi Network Hotspot

Tweet Public Wi-Fi spots are places like hotels or cafés where you can be online using their wireless network. While this sounds convenient to be able to connect from anywhere while mobile, it has its implications. A hacker can spy on you and can steal your data by using a sniffer program. To protect you against any such attack, you can follow these steps besides having antispyware, antimalware and... Read More »
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Double Acquisition by Symantec, Acquiring PGP and GuardianEdge

Tweet The largest personal computer security software provider Symantec has gone through another acquisition with the aim to spread their own business. They acquired PGP, an encrypting software and GuardianEdge Technologies, a top notch e-mail security and encryption service provider. In today’s world everyone has to depend on e-mails and Internet information. So anyone’s privacy may be hampered... Read More »
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