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Three ways to increase the computer speed

Tweet Who likes a slow computer? No one does. You wouldn’t like to open an application or a document and wait for it to open, right? This is not a movie, there’s no popcorn. Your computer needs to run fast! And there are ways to do it. To make sure that your computer is running at the fastest speed possible, you need to maintain it properly. Here are three easy ways to increase the computer speed. Malware... Read More »

Here’s how you can optimize your computer

Tweet Your computer needs regular check-ups and maintenance runs to be in an optimized state. Is your PC really slow? Does it take too long to respond? Do you regularly perform any checks on your computer to see if it is running well? You must. Here are a few things that you can do to optimize your computer easily. Disk error clean up Disk error is a log that your computer creates whenever an error... Read More »

Viruses, Spyware, and Malware

Tweet Nowadays, computers and Internet play a major role in daily life. With the increasing use of computers, there has been a rise in security threats such as viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, etc. Computer users are suffering losses due to malicious programs which easily install themselves from the Internet or other sources, and multiply by downloading other infected software. These malware are categorized... Read More »
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XPedite7331 Single Board Computer

Tweet Single Board Computer systems or SBCs, are self-contained embedded computers. Such computers are generally employed as embedded computing systems. These computers run embedded and real-time operating systems. Real time operating systems or RTOS are specific operating systems that are designed and programmed according to the device. The basic functionality handled by real time and embedded OS... Read More »

Google™ TV for EDU offers education through web and TV

Tweet Google is and has always been known as an innovative group of professionals, who even within their organization promote creativity and lay maximum stress on education as a culture. Trust Google to enter the education field with their Google Apps Education Training Center and their 5 billion dollar education project for schools. The websites of Google provide the foundation for sharing and displaying... Read More »

Suggestions for protection from viruses

Tweet Each day some new viruses are developed, which are aimed at damaging computers or the data stored on them. To counter this problem, antivirus programmers develop new virus definitions and updates for dealing with new security threats. Though there are many antivirus and antispyware programs available in the market, still there is a lot which we often neglect and fall prey to these attacks. Let... Read More »

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Tweet Basically HPC is high performance computing, which brings together multiple computers, software, and expertise to solve problems too difficult to solve by other means within a specific time frame. HPC is something that emerged after the concept of supercomputing. While a supercomputer is a subset of the high performance computer, supercomputing is actually a subset of HPC (High performance computing). HPC... Read More »

Motorola® XOOM tablet

Tweet Motorola has entered the personal computer market with the launch of the Motorola XOOM tablet PC. Motorola XOOM has great features, whether it is its appearance or the technical specifications. Motorola XOOM has the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system. With its 10.1-inch screen it offers a stress free viewing experience. Its screen resolution is 1280×800 pixels which offers an excellent... Read More »

Computer issues that users may face

Tweet Nowadays computers are more than what they were meant for. They are used for several purposes and have reduced the burden of work. It is really great to use computers as they perform tasks with high speed and accuracy. There is plenty of work that we cannot do without the help of these new age devices. These are really great in terms of the quality and the quantity of work they provide. When... Read More »

How to connect two computers using a null modem

Tweet Have you ever taken a look at all the port and connectors available at the back of your computer tower? You will find connectors like for LAN, Sound, Parallel Port (15 Pin), Serial Port (9 Pin), Serial Port (15 Pin), VGA (15 Pin) and many more. We know that VGA is used for connecting the display device, parallel port is used for connecting printers, serial ports are used for connecting old external... Read More »

How to stop people from stealing your online information

Tweet Most of our personal or professional work is done on computers. We keep important files, data and other sorts of crucial and critical information on the computers. We keep many of our personal photographs on our computers and much more stuff which is likely to be very personal in nature. In today’s world computer information theft is becoming a pain with each passing day as the hackers are... Read More »

How To Recover WEP Key in any Windows® version

Tweet WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy. As the name speaks it is a security feature in wireless networks to make it as secure as wired networks. Sneaking into wired networks is very difficult because you have to make a direct cable connection with the router to do that, but in wireless networks if proper security measures are not taken then anyone can connect to your wireless router if he or... Read More »

How to connect PCs through USB cables

Tweet USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, and it is a technology which offers high data transfer rates between a device and a computer. USB these days is used to connect almost any kind of device to the computer and the best part of USB is that you can have multiple devices (up to 127) connected to the same USB port at the back of your computer. All you will need will be splitting USB cable to make... Read More »

Internet TV devices: A comparison

Tweet The CES 2011 demonstrated several products and technologies for gadget geeks, book publishers, entertainment providers, computer manufacturers, smartphone manufacturers, TV manufacturers, gaming manufacturers and more. The one most common product used by billions of people around the world, the TV, is also getting an interesting transformation with the interfacing of the same with the Internet. According... Read More »

How to connect two computers through an Ethernet cable

Tweet Computers can be used for meeting our daily computing and data keeping requirements. Many times, we feel the need of connecting two computers together so that the data and resources can be shared between the two. It is always not necessary that you would have a wireless or wired router installed at your home to do the same and in such cases you might feel the need of connecting them directly... Read More »

How to Know when Your Computer Was Last Used

Tweet We tend to rely so much on computers now that we store all the information, critical data, pictures, personal videos, and lots of stuff only on them. We might not be even aware that someone could have tried to access our personal information and may have copied it or damaged it seriously. It is very important to have strict security measures on your computer so that your information stays safe... Read More »

HP Omni™ Pro 110

Tweet Hewlett-Packard is commonly known as HP and is an American multinational company. HP is involved in the development and manufacture of computers, data storage and networking hardware and software, printers, and lots more. A new business oriented addition has been made to its Omni line of personal computers with the launch of HP Omni Pro 110. This model is sure to be a great success because it... Read More »

Microsoft® disables AutoRun on Windows® XP and Windows® Vista to prevent malware infections

Tweet Autorun is an in built feature of Windows that routinely runs a program made distinct by the’autorun.inf’ file whenever a CD-ROM, USB or DVD is plugged into a computer that is Windows-based. Autorun automatically starts any installer when a media that is removable is inserted into the computer drive. Autorun has, however, become a major security risk with the increase in the number... Read More »

How to Clear up Unnecessary Files on Your PC

Tweet The hard drive not only stores the operating system in it and makes the computer bootable, but also helps the computer to run fast by assigning some of its space for real time memory needs by the operating system and the processor. This is why you would have seen “Disk Full” messages when hard drive approaches its limits. Thus it is always good to keep hard drive space as free as possible,... Read More »

How to Check Hard Disk Space

Tweet A hard drive is one of the most important components of any computer system. You might be amazed to read that just 10 years back, the most common hard drive size available was of 10 GB and this was used to accommodate the operating system, all the software and applications, and the user data and files. Today the operating system itself requires around 13 GB of hard drive space. Now you can imagine... Read More »

Computer security

Tweet The modern world is almost completely based on the world of technology. Almost all fields of the modern life are completely based on the usage of latest technology. However, it is important to understand the amount of risk that is involved with the virtual world. Technology has opened the gateways for cyber crime in a huge way. There are several hackers which have managed to find the key to the... Read More »

How to Check if Windows® is 32 Bits or 64 Bits

Tweet We all know that computers are digital devices which work on binary logic. In digital systems, information is represented as zero and one where zero means no signal and one means the presence of a signal. All the processing of the computer data is done by the processor and the number of calculations which a processor can accomplish defines the computer speed. A processor which can handle 2 bits... Read More »

How to Change the Welcome Screen from Simple to Advanced

Tweet Have you ever noticed the difference in the way you login on your computer in your office and at home? You must be entering your username and password in your office computer in a small login window and you must just be clicking on your user name in your home computer to login. You may not be able to change the login style on your office computer because there the settings and such features are... Read More »

How to Set Up a Computer With Multiple Screens & Mice

Tweet A computer system comprises of a central processing unit, input devices and an output device. Input devices can be the keyboard, mouse, joystick, scanner etc. and the output device can be video monitor, printer etc. Out of all the input and output devices, the monitor, keyboard and mouse are the most commonly used devices. Without these devices one cannot even think of working on a computer.... Read More »

How to Reinstall Windows® Without Losing Your Data

Tweet With the passage of time, your computer may lose its stability and performance because of the endless number of programs, hardware, drivers, plug-ins etc., which we install intentionally or unintentionally. In such a situation we always want our computer to be the same as it was when you purchased it. Trust me it will take less than an hour to take your system back to its initial stage. Now you... Read More »
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