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Firefox Update

Stop Firefox from Opening on the Wrong Monitor

Tweet Many users prefer to use more than one monitor so that they can work on more than one windows or application. For example you are working on words, Outlooks and Mozilla Firefox together and want to view them simultaneously so what can you do is connect three different monitors or screen and then open the in their respective screens. But what if you open one of this application or software and... Read More »
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Firefox 4.0 beta Release

Tweet Firefox 4.0 Beta is the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in internet world. The new version of these brows is one of the secure and user friendly versions available. There are lots more new options available in the newest version of Firefox. Firefox shipped free with Mac and Linux operating systems. It is also available free for... Read More »
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Microsoft Fixes Firefox Update

Tweet Recently Microsoft announced the updation of the distribution scope of a toolbar update which, without the user’s knowledge, installed an add-on from Internet Explorer. Moreover it also installed an extension from Firefox called Search Helper Extension. Microsoft assured that the new update is actually the same as the old one; the only way they differ from each other is the way in which... Read More »
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