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Google™+ History to import your past web records

Tweet Google, the search engine giant, is working on a state-of-the-art API for its 11-month-old Google+ platform. Dubbed as Google+ History, the latest API will include support for third-party app platforms. That means, it will enable the users to add past updates, events, status updates, pictures, and check-ins onto your Google+ profile from a range of mobile and social networking platforms like... Read More »

Frequent Downtime Outages on FourSquare

Tweet Foursquare is a social networking application which provides location based service. If you are a foursquare user then you can check in using a mobile website, text messaging or a device based specification. This service was launched last year by Naveen selvadurai and Danis Crowley. You can also integrate it with Facebook and Twitter. After launched in 2009 it is only growing bigger, despite... Read More »
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Foursquare talks about collaboration with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!

Tweet Foursquare’s co-founder Dennis Crowley recently announced that the location-based equivalent to social networks is currently in negotiations with Internet search giants, hoping to create a data partnership that will allow integration. He believes the data Foursquare will contribute to search engines will enrich the results generated. According to him, this could repeat Twitter’s success... Read More »
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Foursquare and their 100 Millionth Check-In

Tweet Foursquare is a location-based social networking service who has just received its 100 millionth check in this last Monday evening. They announced this the next day on Tuesday. This check in has marked another landmark for the social networking service. Foursquare has seen a rapid increase in growth for the past few months. On June 23, the company announced it was growing at the rate of a hundred... Read More »

Google Mobile Applications Collecting Wi-Fi Location Data

Tweet There’s a big reason Google can blackout the Street View cars with still maintaining its geo-location service quality on mobile devices. The reason is they are sourcing the data. The company has confirmed that some laptop and mobile phone users, who use Google applications to share their location and position with friends, are helping Google in building Wi-Fi hot spots database. The... Read More »

Foursquare- A Developing Social Networking Site

Tweet This article is about the foursquare a social networking site, which has been introduced last year. It has raised its capital by $20 million dollars. The new investments have decided to place the company at $95 million. The company added the new partner Andreesen Horowitz. Internet pioneer Marc Andreessen who was the founder of the Netscape and Ben Horowitz is leading the venture capital... Read More »

Badges -Emergence of the new marketing model?

Tweet When you think of badges you think of the times when you were in Scouts team or when you were important in school by representing the sport house or the school prefect. When you think of social games you probably think of the ones that are a craze on networking sites. Now merge these two together for social-media marketing and you get an entire new concept in marketing making its ground in the... Read More »

Rally Up Is a Location – Based Network for People Who Like Privacy

Tweet Rally Up is a new geolocation app been introduced for the iPhone. Rally is quite different from those of the normal geolocation app such as Foursquare and Gowalla, that it has very intense focus on privacy and content sharing. Rally Up quotes itself as “a social network for real friends,” allowing the users to share texts, videos and photos to trusted people. To that extent, Rally Up takes... Read More »
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