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Google™ adds research tool to Google™ Docs

Tweet Google has introduced a ‘research pane’ feature in its online word processing program Google Docs. This sidebar tool can help users in searching any specific information on the search engine without leaving the Google Docs. Accessing the research tool Users can access the research pane from the ‘Tools’ menu by right clicking on a selected word that users want to learn more about or use... Read More »

Google™ enhances formatting features of Google™ Docs

Tweet To enhance its standards in offering online editing tools, Google Inc. has added more than 450 new fonts and over 60 new templates to its word-processing program Google Docs. Now the users can select those fonts in which they are most interested and import the same into their collection for access from the usual font menu. The users just have to click on the ‘Font’ button and select ‘Add... Read More »

Google™ Chrome Beta hits v.10, and Chrome Developer hits v.11

Tweet Google Chrome version 10 is available for the public and version 11 is now available for developers. On top of the list of new features in Google Chrome is JavaScript along with the “Crankshaft” version of the new V8 JavaScript Engine. JavaScript is used for a number of web-based applications such as Google Docs. Crankshaft is capable of enhancing by sixty five percent the performance of... Read More »

FTP Client Cyberduck 4 Brings Support for Windows and Cloud Storage

Tweet Cyberduck, the free and popular file transfer application, has released a new update. Version 4.0 extends the much-awaited indigenous Windows support, while adding also new features such as the power to upload the various services of cloud storage and maintenance for files to the extent of five terabytes in size. The other significant feature is that Cyberduck may now look after one’s Google... Read More »

Google™ Tool to Move Microsoft® Files to Web

Tweet Always dreamt of an application that allows you to work online on documents, but not able to do so? Now it is all possible for you because Google is all set the launch an application that makes you able to edit files online. Now with the said application it will be possible for you to do so. There are different files you want and wish to work online. It is possible for you now to transfer the... Read More »

Music Player to be included in Google™ Docs

Tweet Way back in July 2010, there was a lot of buzz around with the cloud music mobile app enabling owners to upload their favorite music tracks on Google docs. Although this was done in a rather questionable manner, when, Google added the upload function to Google Docs allowing users to upload files, and the iPhone app made facilities for audio files to be uploaded to Google Docs. Users would have... Read More »

Now Enjoy Office Web Apps now online in 26 countries

Tweet This concept was started by Google which started one of their services by the name of Google Docs. Under this service, users could save their office documents in their Google web space and directly open the documents online in any Internet browser for reading or editing. Users could even create new documents over there and there was no need to save the documents locally on the computer. This... Read More »

How to use your iPhone to listen to music file in your Google docs

Tweet With the evolution of the Internet, things around us have undergone great technological changes. Earlier only the e-mail facility of the Internet fascinated us, but as time passed “Search Engines” came in to existence. From that time and to-date “Google” has not look back. With search results produced in a fraction of seconds for anything you type to birth of social networking “Orkut”,... Read More »
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New and Improved Google Docs Drawing Editor

Tweet Google is preparing a new tool that will help you organize file on your e-mail. It is called Google docs. Announcing the Google docs application as the Google document editor, Google just released this application to help the customers have a virtual desk to save the documents. It has several applications such as; Google drawings, new version of Google documents and Google Spreadsheets. Features... Read More »

Now iPhone and Android have Gone Google Crazy

Tweet Not more than a decade ago people did not knew what Google was exactly about but now the scenario has changed. Google is now touching relatively all spheres of life and all thanks to the programmers and the technological advancement that we live in a comfortable world. The wave of Google touches every shore and the world is already rocking with it. The all new platform that Google has provided... Read More »
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Browser Support for Word Document Attachments in G-mail

Tweet Now it is possible to view attached Word documents within the browser as opposed to the previous cumbersome methodology of downloading, saving and opening of the files locally. This was a development alongside the added features to the Google docs, which is now compatible with almost any file type. Previous methods Previously there were two options to view an attached Word document in Gmail.... Read More »

How Microsoft Crowdsourced the Making of Office 2010

Tweet Microsoft conducted several programs including feedbacks from its users before and after their introduction of their Microsoft Office 2010. Their main aim was to make Microsoft Office the best to satisfy the customers. It was Denise Carlevato, a 10 years experienced Microsoft usability engineer and her colleagues who conducted the program. They received the feedbacks from the selected 2 million... Read More »

Google Chrome for OSX and Linux

Tweet Till now the computers have majorly been powered by the variants of three operating systems – Windows, OS X, and Linux. Seeing the dominance of these three OS’s not many companies have tried to come up with a whole new full fledged operating system, but google has been sticking its feet in various industries and has done the same in computer operating system industry too. Google has christened... Read More »

Business School Swaps Google Apps for Microsoft Live@edu

Tweet 6,250 students, 500 administrative staff and 128 teachers of Skema Business School have given up google apps and are adopting Microsoft’s live@edu. Live@edu is a hosted email service which includes calendar and contact management, instant messaging, video conferencing and a 10GB of storage space. Being a Microsoft’s tool it nicely integrates with other Microsoft applications for better integration... Read More »

Google Docs’s New Upgrades Ready for Users

Tweet In a bid to enhance the service provided by Google to its customers, Google has introduced new features and a few changes to its Docs office and productivity suite. Google Docs is a tool for creating spreadsheets, presentations etc live online. With the new features that have been introduced such as group chats, redesigned editor tools, real time collaboration tools, drawings etc, using of Google... Read More »

Understanding Chrome OS: Features and Criticism

Tweet In 2009, Google had publicized a new product that will centralize web usage into a net book. Chrome OS is the operating system running purely on a cloud model, where web applications are floating and are interconnected through the internet, allowing faster operations for the computer system. However, there are good & bad points about the system which questions the standpoint of Chrome OS... Read More »

Google Releases iPad’s Refreshed Email App

Tweet Most of the apps that are used in iPad are made by Apple itself but one of the best applications which is available in the market is not created by Apple. The best of all applications for iPad is created by Google. This app is actually the new version of  Gmail which has been made by Google and is specifically designed for  the Safari browser of iPad. This is a wonderful browser and is baked... Read More »

Google Enhancing the Features of Collaboration Safety in Google Docs

Tweet Many of the new settings have been introduced by Google for the Google Docs, which is the software used for creating as well as editing the documents over the internet. This is used to making it easy for the control of the distribution of the files so that it should be done to the right people in any organization or the group of people. Sharing the documents had always been a signature feature... Read More »

How to Integrate OCR With Google Docs

Tweet Google docs are coming up as a huge reform in the world of Internet, in terms of online spreadsheet applications. Google Docs  offers storage of documents. In addition, there has been a demand of such an application service from people all around the world who could possibly manage with their works on the internet and move around with their files saved and access them from anywhere around the... Read More »

Google Docs with New Interface and Feature

Tweet World’s most powerful tech company, Google has announced some cutting edge modification in their document and spreadsheet preparing tool ‘Google Docs’. Google is looking for a huge market of their document saving tool as it is far behind Microsoft. So that every time Google is taking a new way to boost up the image of Google Docs with new features and interfaces. This time Google added... Read More »

Chromoting- A Remote Desktop Application by Google

Tweet Google’s upcoming OS Chrome is said to bring a reform in the world of computers and it is expected that the first system to arrive with its OS as Chrome will be launched pretty soon. The OS is coming with a whole lot of exciting features. The OS is said to be the fastest of all time with a record boot up speed of 7 seconds that is remarkable in every way. The OS comes with a number of applications... Read More »

Humor of releasing Google Chrome OS Tablets and Laptops in Computex

Tweet One of the most powerful tech companies of the world, Google, is going to take a giant step again. Google’s operating system (OS) ‘Google Chrome’ is going to be launched very soon. Top notch tech information provided hot news of releasing Chrome OS in the Acer laptops by the ending of second quarter of 2010. But soon after the rumor, Acer denied about early marketing of Google Chrome OS... Read More »

What Every Internet User Needs To Know About the Development Of Google Chrome 6

Tweet Google has been releasing many products to increase its market share with many users starting to use the services of Google. There are many online giants like Yahoo, MSN and Google that are always in the competition to be the best in the business. Google has been in the forefront of releasing various products all the time and increasing the market share by increasing the base of customers who... Read More »

Google in Acquisition Frenzy this Quarter

Tweet Looks like Google is in an acquisition frenzy this quarter with the company’s procurement of five up and coming small businesses between January and the first week of April. Four of these businesses come from the San Francisco Bay Area and one is based in Seattle. So far, the latest addition to Google’s expansion campaign this year are: Episodic, DocVerse, Picnik, reMail and Aardvark. Episodic... Read More »

Future Of Internet Browsers

Tweet Which is the main browser of your system? What browser do you prefer? A few years back, everybody heard about some guys that where trying to turn our web browser into a new operating system on our PCs. Am I right? Basically, all the applications on your PC would be opened through a browser. Your documents could be easily stored and found from anywhere. Additionally. Google Docs is in many opinions... Read More »
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