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Track your Santa online with Google’s revamped Santa Tracker

Tweet It’s the time of the year again when Santa starts its magical journey from the North Pole to fill your Christmas stockings with lots of goodies and presents. So gear yourself to track your favorite Santa and his reindeers as they travel all across the world, distributing gifts and presents to millions of children, using Google’s revamped Santa Tracker. For years, Google has teamed up with... Read More »

Quick access to home and work locations on Google™ Maps

Tweet Google Inc. has made it easier for the users of Google Maps to save and re-visit the places that matter to them. Once the user signs in to his Google account, he can access the places that are frequently visited by him virtually. This has been made possible after the release of a recent Google Maps update for the web version. The update enables the user to define specific home and work locations... Read More »
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Apple® to cut Google™ Maps from its platform

Tweet Apple is all set to replace the Google Maps with its own navigation app from the next versions of its iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices that run on iOS platform. According to several media reports, the iPhone-maker is going to completely remove Google Maps from its platform and will instead use its own mapping data. Google has provided the back-end data to Google Maps on the iPhone since it was... Read More »
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Google™ Maps game Cube released

Tweet Cube, which is a game about Google Maps, has been finally released by Google Inc. The game was in news since January this year, when a teaser trailer of the game was released. The game was scheduled to be officially launched in February, but after some tests and trails the game has finally be released now. The game can be found at www.playmapscube.com. Game Objective The game takes the player... Read More »

Avoid Traffic with Google™ Maps Real-Time Updates

Tweet If you want to go to an unknown destination in your city then how would you proceed? Most of the time, you will call up your friend or relative and ask for the shortest route to the destination, as well as the estimated time of the journey. So, why not ask Google? To make your way to your desired destination a little easier and faster, Google has now incorporated real-time traffic data in Google... Read More »
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Wi-Fi® users can now opt out of Google™ Database

Tweet Now you do not have to register your Wi-Fi router names and location in Google database. For the past two years Google has been using user’s information from the company’s database while working on its Street View mapping service (Street View mapping service allows users to view the address they are searching for in Google maps). According to Google, users now will have the option to opt... Read More »
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Norton® Mobile Security for Android™ 1.5 beta

Tweet It has been announced that the Android 1.5 operating system will have Norton Mobile Security. This is also said to add several new features to the device. The senior director Dave Cole recently said that this system is almost ready to be launched. One of the features found in this antivirus software is recovering a stolen phone which is the anti theft feature. If a phone is lost or stolen then... Read More »

Google™ Unveils Maps Options With New Widget Display

Tweet Google Maps is a service offered by Google which includes business locations, contact information and driving directions. It offers integrated business search results, maps that you can drag and pull out, satellite imagery and the Earth view. Google offers these web mapping service applications. Google announced its official release of the Map Widget for Google Maps. A widget is an application... Read More »

10 Mobile Shipping Apps for iPhone®, BlackBerry® and Android™

Tweet Well to start with we can say that Android-based phones, Blackberry, and Apple iPhone have single handedly revolutionized the way telecom market used to function. It has added a sense of style and class to the cell phone usage. Along with the style and looks these phones have, they also has some great features. These features are useful and can help people in several ways. FedEx Mobile: This... Read More »

YouTube®, Google™ Maps Most Popular Samsung® Smart TV Apps

Tweet YouTube and Google Maps have been regarded as the most popular Samsung Smart TV Apps. According to Yonhap news agency, Google Maps and YouTube are the most widely watched channels by the smart TV users. YouTube is mostly used for downloads and merges TV viewing and downloading. The specific number of downloads is not mentioned. Samsung launched its applications store in March 2010. Google Maps,... Read More »
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Google Maps for BlackBerry updated to v4.5.2

Tweet Google maps satellite imagery, which is not a real-time application, but could be many days / months / years old, is prevalent in quite a few parts of the world based on various factors like demand, political transparency / non-transparency is basically high resolution, aerial photography imagery. Using Java, the grid squares on Google maps are downloaded and inserted on the specific search page.... Read More »

Find your way with mapping tools

Tweet Digital mapping is very famous these days and whenever you leave home,you can be familiar with the address in an unfamiliar area. There is lots of software and websites are available which makes finding any thing on map easy and fun. If you want, you can also print a map of the city you are going to visit. The map will be helpful to find major attractions of the city like,restaurants, metro stations... Read More »
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How to Find Surfing Sites with Google Maps

Tweet Google Maps is a web based application and a service provided by Google to all users without any commercial intention. Google provides this service free of cost. Google Maps consists of maps or routes of the whole world. Google maps can be used to go in the right direction to reach the destination. Google Maps for surfers Google maps help people to find out the place and route to their desired... Read More »
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Google in Privacy Feud

Tweet Google street view is a feature available in Google maps and Google earth. This facility allows you to zoom any street or place to the ground level with a three sixty degree image. Google street view images are taken with a special camera during normal day time hours. These photographs usually contain images of people who are unaware that they are being photographed. Here comes the problem of... Read More »
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Apple’s New Purchase from Quebec, Canada

Tweet Cyberpress.ca, a French-Canadian news site, reported on Wednesday that Poly9 has been purchased by Apple. The majority of the company’s employees were moved to California and now even the Poly9’s official website has been taken down. What is Poly9 Globe? Poly9 Globe has a range of products that can be described as a “cross-browser, cross-platform 3D globe which does not require any download... Read More »
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Google Unveils URLs Shortener at Right Time

Tweet Google has once again done it. With a new stylish and convenient application, the hassles of URLs and their long nature has just been solved, thanks to Google’s new release. Whereas the web addresses of Google Maps that my friends and I used were kind of long and inconveniencing, the new released labs feature from the Search Giant has solved that problem in one go. Goo.gl Labs Application Goo.gl,... Read More »

Google Mobile Applications Collecting Wi-Fi Location Data

Tweet There’s a big reason Google can blackout the Street View cars with still maintaining its geo-location service quality on mobile devices. The reason is they are sourcing the data. The company has confirmed that some laptop and mobile phone users, who use Google applications to share their location and position with friends, are helping Google in building Wi-Fi hot spots database. The... Read More »

No Chance to Miss a Train with Google Maps on Your Android Phone

Tweet Google has ever been coming up with updates from around the world in order to make Internet an excellent experience for you. Every product that they have featured is not only profitable for computer users but their domain expands to other electronic devices as palmtops and smartphones. Google has ever tried to make sure that you are facilitated by the best services that they tend to provide you... Read More »

Google Maps on Facebook

Tweet Technology has evolved to reach such a stage that the entire world is now at your finger tips. Internet united diverse cultures and marked a new beginning of civilization. Similarly, various technological applications have made life faster, easier and more comfortable. Google maps are one such application which has helped us to stay connected with each other. Facebook is yet another wonderful... Read More »
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China Throws ball in Google’s Court

Tweet Chinese government issued a 31 page long statement on the Internet in the start of June when many of the websites from around the world were censored in the country. With 384 million Internet users in China, the restrictions were coming up as huge to the Internet market. The country tried to restrict all the possible websites that contain information against the interests of the ruling communist... Read More »

Better Ads from Google Display Network

Tweet The most effective way of selling a product is through the proper of promotion. This promotion is best done through advertisements. We’ve all seen the ads on television and newspapers. And we’ve all heard ads on the radio. This is how businessmen show their products to the world. Without advertising your products, how can people be aware of its existence? Advertising is indeed the most effective... Read More »

Facebook and Google Maps top the smartphone Apps List

Tweet A recent survey has revealed that both, Facebook and Google Maps are the topmost web applications used on smartphones. Smartphone usage is now dominating in the electronics and communications device usage. Smartphones have a lot of memory and storage capabilities and run many applications. Most of them have Wi-Fi or GPRS facilities or both and as such access the internet. Google Maps is a geographical... Read More »

Google in Wi-Fi Controversy

Tweet Software giant and cloud computing pioneer Google was dragged into a major security scandal after it was reported that Google mapped all the Wi-Fi networks in the United Kingdom. Researchers have accused Google of tapping in all this information so that it can be sold to advertisers to increase the revenues. Google has made positive reports world wide and is also considered demigod by many people.... Read More »


Tweet What will you do if you forget your path while traveling? Ask someone who passes by you, isn’t it? But what if you get stuck in a forest or any remote location? You need GPS and a map as these two features are quite useful in those circumstances and many of the recent cars have built-in GPS system and maps. Now General Motors is all set to empower its Chevy Volt with all new features of Google... Read More »

Some Useful Google Tools

Tweet Google provides you more than just search options. Now there are number of useful Google tools that will make your life much easier. Google Maps Google Maps was launched back in 2005. It allows you to find locations anywhere in the world. Whenever you need to find a specific location all you need to do is type in the address. You will be able to view your results as street maps, topographically,... Read More »
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