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Google Fortifies the Security of Chrome with Improved Encryption Protection

Tweet Google is all geared up to improve its security settings with its next release of Chrome browser. It is now going to encrypt all search queries sent from the software. The next version of Chrome is now available in the beta channel and all searches will be encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). When a browser uses SSL to encrypt any information from a browser to a website, then you get... Read More »

Track your Santa online with Google’s revamped Santa Tracker

Tweet It’s the time of the year again when Santa starts its magical journey from the North Pole to fill your Christmas stockings with lots of goodies and presents. So gear yourself to track your favorite Santa and his reindeers as they travel all across the world, distributing gifts and presents to millions of children, using Google’s revamped Santa Tracker. For years, Google has teamed up with... Read More »

Gmail® SMS – E-mail in the form of SMS

Tweet Lately Google Inc. has launched a one-of-a-kind service that delivers your Gmail messages in form of SMS. Confused? You heard it right! Dubbed as Gmail SMS, the service automatically forwards all your e-mails as SMS text straightforward on your phone. You not just get your e-mail messages, but you can also respond directly through SMS. According to your priorities, you can easily manage your... Read More »

Google™ Chrome 21 Beta for web-developers

Tweet Google has lately unveiled a novel 21 Beta version for its highly-popular Chrome browser. Chiefly designed for the web-developers, the 21 Beta version for Chrome browser is to analyze as well as try a couple of new APIs, including getUserMedia API and Gamepad JavaScript API. Amongst the two APIs, getUserMedia API enables web apps straight access to your web cam and microphone through the browser,... Read More »

Google™+ History to import your past web records

Tweet Google, the search engine giant, is working on a state-of-the-art API for its 11-month-old Google+ platform. Dubbed as Google+ History, the latest API will include support for third-party app platforms. That means, it will enable the users to add past updates, events, status updates, pictures, and check-ins onto your Google+ profile from a range of mobile and social networking platforms like... Read More »

Android™ 4.1 Jelly Bean arriving in mid July

Tweet After releasing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google has officially announced to release the next version of Android, called as Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Expected to be available in second quarter of 2012, this newest version of Google’s Android operating system will consist a mixture of noticeable features. What to expect in Android  4.1 Jelly Bean: From browsing apps to moving between... Read More »

Gmail® app for iOS® is updated

Tweet Recently Google rolled out significant updates for its well-liked Gmail app for iOS.   Called as version 1.2.7812, the updated Gmail app brings support for Notification Center, giving you the option to receive message notifications on the lock screen banner, or through alerts. Also, the updated app has persistent login feature, ensuring that sessions will not expire and you won’t have... Read More »
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Personalize your Gmail® account with custom backgrounds

Tweet Until now, Gmail users have been personalizing their inboxes with various themes. Over the next couple of days, the users will be able to give more of a personal touch to Gmail by customizing the backgrounds in Gmail. Know how to do it When it comes to uploading your image, there will be an option to upload it directly, paste any image URL, or select from Google+ photos. And in case, there is... Read More »
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Google™ PageSpeed Insights 2.0 released

Tweet Do you know how to optimize the performance of your website? Do your web pages crawl really slowly? Lately, Google has released the enhanced version 2.0 of PageSpeed Insights 2.0 Chrome extension. It will significantly help you discern various aspects of your website that are responsible for the sluggish performance and speed of the pages. The extension comprehensively analyzes, optimizes, and... Read More »

Groove with Google+™ YouTube® Party app

Tweet How about attending a party wherein you can show your favorite YouTube videos to your friends? Well Google+ and YouTube will now offer you free entry passes to groove and be a part of such fun-filled parties. Lately, Google has integrated a novel YouTube party app to its popular Google+ Hangouts. And to own this app, the only prerequisite you ought to fulfill is to ensure that everyone has the... Read More »

Google™ integrates more Google™ + features into Gmail

Tweet Google’s development team behind Gmail has modified the web version of the popular e-mail client Gmail to include more Google+ information within the user interface. For instance, when a user searches for a specific e-mail address in Gmail, the Google+ account associated with the e-mail address will now appear at the top of the search results. Other Google+ features integrated The search results... Read More »
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Quick access to home and work locations on Google™ Maps

Tweet Google Inc. has made it easier for the users of Google Maps to save and re-visit the places that matter to them. Once the user signs in to his Google account, he can access the places that are frequently visited by him virtually. This has been made possible after the release of a recent Google Maps update for the web version. The update enables the user to define specific home and work locations... Read More »
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Google™ adds research tool to Google™ Docs

Tweet Google has introduced a ‘research pane’ feature in its online word processing program Google Docs. This sidebar tool can help users in searching any specific information on the search engine without leaving the Google Docs. Accessing the research tool Users can access the research pane from the ‘Tools’ menu by right clicking on a selected word that users want to learn more about or use... Read More »

Follow your Gmail® e-mail’s path

Tweet You must be sending and receiving many mails in your Gmail account daily. But, have you ever given a thought what happens to your mail once you hit the ‘send’ button after composing the content and e-mail ID of the recipient? What route is taken by the mail to travel from your Gmail account to your recipient’s Gmail account across the country or around the globe? Mini-site launched In an... Read More »
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Google™ fixes 18 security flaws in Google™ Chrome

Tweet Google has announced the release of newest version of its popular Chrome web browser after fixing 18 security glitches and has also added a easy-to-use new feature for its customers. Updating Chrome Seven of the vulnerabilities that were fixed in the Chrome version 19.0.1084.46 were classified as high-risk flaws, which means that they could be exploited to take control of infected systems. The... Read More »

Apple® to cut Google™ Maps from its platform

Tweet Apple is all set to replace the Google Maps with its own navigation app from the next versions of its iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices that run on iOS platform. According to several media reports, the iPhone-maker is going to completely remove Google Maps from its platform and will instead use its own mapping data. Google has provided the back-end data to Google Maps on the iPhone since it was... Read More »
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Google™ self-driven car gets license in Nevada

Tweet The self-driven cars of Google Inc. will soon be seen on Nevada roads as the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has approved the nation’s first autonomous vehicle license. The self-driven car in question here is a Toyota Prius that Google modified with its experimental driver-less technology, developed by Stanford professor and Google Vice President Sebastian Thrun. The license... Read More »

Google+™ Hangouts on Air offers Live Broadcasting

Tweet Google+ is making the live Hangouts broadcasting feature available for all its users. The feature was till now available to a limited number of professional broadcasters only. With Hangouts on Air, the user can broadcast live video publicly from a Google+ stream, a YouTube channel or embed it on a website. Is this simple video streaming? Hangouts on Air is more than simple video streaming.... Read More »

Google™ Maps game Cube released

Tweet Cube, which is a game about Google Maps, has been finally released by Google Inc. The game was in news since January this year, when a teaser trailer of the game was released. The game was scheduled to be officially launched in February, but after some tests and trails the game has finally be released now. The game can be found at www.playmapscube.com. Game Objective The game takes the player... Read More »

Google™ warns 20,000 websites that they might be hacked

Tweet The owners and webmasters of around 20,000 websites have been warned by search giant Google of possible attacks by hackers. The warnings were sent to the owners of those sites, which according to the head of Google’s anti-spam team Matt Cutts were doing the so-called weird redirects. “Is your site doing weird redirects? We just sent a ‘your site might be hacked’ message to... Read More »
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Google™ Play and YouTube® to rent 600 MGM® movie titles

Tweet Google has joined hands with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) to offer 600 of the studio’s movie titles to rent through online video sharing service YouTube and its Android app store Google Play. The deal will apply to the U.S. and Canada regions, and will include blockbusters such as ‘The Terminator’, ‘Rocky’ and ‘Robocop’, with more titles to be added gradually in the coming weeks. The... Read More »
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Google™ Drive with 5GB Storage Space: A Week Away

Tweet If you make use of cloud-based storage services like Dropbox and Box, then you are going to get another wonderful service at your disposal in a week’s time. The most-awaited cloud-based storage service from Google is now just a week away. The service actually came into notice in February 2012 when Wall Street Journal reported that the search engine company is going to launch a cloud-based service... Read More »
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Google™ Project Glass is creating hype

Tweet The most talked about project from Google¬– “Project Glass” has now seen the light of the day. This long-rumored glass project with augmented reality uses a video “One day…” to demonstrate how these Google glasses work. The video showcases how a user can undertake various tasks of the smartphones, such as clicking pictures, making a video call, scheduling meetings, checking weather,... Read More »
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Transform your 1080p YouTube® videos to 3D

Tweet A move that can be termed as futuristic, Google has added a new feature that will help you to turn your 1080p YouTube videos to 3D with just a push of a button. The company has now introduced this option as a Beta feature that will let you transform your high-definition 2D videos in various 3D modes. This amazing feature will work for all 1080p YouTube videos of less than 15 minutes duration.... Read More »
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Avoid Traffic with Google™ Maps Real-Time Updates

Tweet If you want to go to an unknown destination in your city then how would you proceed? Most of the time, you will call up your friend or relative and ask for the shortest route to the destination, as well as the estimated time of the journey. So, why not ask Google? To make your way to your desired destination a little easier and faster, Google has now incorporated real-time traffic data in Google... Read More »
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