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Pentagon shows interest in hacking video game consoles

Tweet Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, is showing a keen interest in learning how to hack into video game consoles.   The recent deal of the U.S. Navy with Obscure Technologies worth U.S. $177,237.50 to develop tools for the extraction of information from video game systems is a clear indication of the recent development in Pentagon.   The official description... Read More »

Facebook® plans to resume address and phone sharing

Tweet The fact that Internet can change the lifestyle of the human beings is an undeniable fact and so is the gift that Internet is known to bestow upon the human race. Nowadays Internet has changed the way of the life of human beings who use the true potential of this technology. One of the major uses of Internet is to make the world a smaller place to live. Hence the emergence of several social networking... Read More »

Safari® and Internet Explorer® hacked at Pwn2Own contest

Tweet Pwn2Own is a hacking contest sponsored by the HP Digital Vaccine Labs (HP DVL), which is a research organization specializing in the analysis of security vulnerabilities. The objective of the contest is to help vendors develop patches for better security, as well as filters for better customer protection. HP’s Converged Infrastructure focuses on advanced data protection in the integration of... Read More »

Google Hackers Feared Again

Tweet Hacking is the largest threat to the tech world nowadays. Hackers work behind the screen to deteriorate the condition of decorated and well balanced site, engine or account. In the present world, it becomes an issue of prestige between the big tags whether they have the ability to hack or protest it! In this tom & jerry run the main victims are the users who need to face severe altering situation... Read More »

Google and the Trust Meter

Tweet To date, forty nine percent of America’s tax payers have directly stated that they trust Microsoft. This number, alone, proves that Steve Ballmer has a highly reassuring face to be able to accomplish this. However, just like the two-faced individuals who initially act like as if they are your friend, social networking websites oftentimes come out sooner or later as your worst enemies. Only... Read More »

All about hackers

Tweet Hackers have been around since computers were invented. Some hackers are harmless but some may damage your computer completely. What is a hacker? A hacker is an individual that hacks out computer codes and creates various fake programs. While this is the true definition of the word, we have developed to define a hacker as a person who hacks into computer programs without permission. There are... Read More »
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