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How To Speed Up Your Home Network

Tweet Using wireless internet these days at home is just like home phones in 80’s. They are very important so much that even a slow internet connection makes us furious. Using Wireless internet is not always fast and can make interne to work slow. Today we will discuss something similar to that. We will discuss steps to improve the performance of the home network. Step 1: Please make sure you have... Read More »
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How to Prevent Others From Accessing a Home Network

Tweet We use computers in innumerable sectors be it education, banking, investment, telecom, defense or simply in our home. Although the security of data is very important for all those business sector you may not like it if any stranger reads your e-mail while you are communicating with others via e-mail or chat programs, send you a spam, attack other computers using your account, send forged email... Read More »
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How to Secure a Home Network

Tweet Most homes in the older days used a single computer for family use. The ‘more than one PC’ concept was mostly limited to office networks. However homes have eventually turned into networks with many having more than one PC. The Home Network may be wireless or wired depending on the family’s requirement. However, there may be security issues related to these networks. The average home user... Read More »
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How to Organize a Home Network

Tweet A network is the efficient way to connect two or more computers or peripherals to share resources. If you have an Internet broadband connection, then you must know how to connect your systems and devices like printers to the network. Home networks are not very tough to organize, you can do it yourself. It is very important to know what home network is before setting it up. Home network is to... Read More »
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How to improve home network security?

Tweet Those days are gone when there was just a single computer in the house and now mostly every individual of the family has his own computer. Because of this people create there home network to share the resources on all computers and also to share the internet connection. There is one internet line in the house and it gets shared by the router which has all the home computers connected to it. If... Read More »
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How to Connect Windows Vista to Home Network

Tweet The magic of Internet is such huge that one can go to any extent to make a completely new world inside that home. From finding information’s and research to meeting millions of people across the world  is just a click away when there is Internet inside the house. One can enjoy live chats and talk shows with the stalwarts of the society and can get themselves educated with various online educational... Read More »
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How to Set Up a Home Network

Tweet Steps to Setup Home Network: There are various types of networks depending upon hardware and software. It is very difficult to choose one as each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hardware Required: Hardware plays vital role in the formation of network as speed is dependent on it. Different type of hardware used in network is listed below. It is not the case that each and every... Read More »

Basic Aspects of File Sharing in Windows7

Tweet File sharing is all about distributing data that is stored digitally. This data can be music, video, documents, photos and electronic books. There are file-hosting services to share files. These services use email, blogs or other Internet collaboration means that will allow them to insert links for downloading. Windows7 has come up with a straightforward solution for file sharing. By using this... Read More »

How to Setup Network Connection at Home

Tweet Home network can be established in various ways and this is the reason why it is difficult to decide which one is suitable. There are four common types of network technologies which do not differ much in cost. These are: Wireless Ethernet HomePNA and Powerline You can choose the one best suited for you depending upon location of the computers and desired speed of the network. You also have... Read More »

How to Store Files on a Home Network

Tweet Storing files in a home network is actually quite easy; you would just have to take these simple steps to make sure that you have already stored these files just right. Having Multiple Desktops Imagine that you have three computers at home, and each one of you would like to have the files of the same pictures or music and that you would copy them separately in all three. This would actually cramp... Read More »
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