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How to Enable ActiveX Control on Windows Vista

Tweet ActiveX is a tool to extend the application of Internet Explorer. It was developed by Microsoft and is one of the most popular add-ons delivered by ActiveX. Some of the popularly known applications that have been developed via ActiveX include: Adobe flash player and Sun JAVA browser plug ins. There are some web pages available which use ActiveX control to display animations, play various games... Read More »
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How to Create PDFs in Windows Vista

Tweet PDF(portable document file) is the highly popular and standard way to distribute and exchange electronic documents and forms around the globe. There are various reasons for the popularity of this application as it takes less space as compared to its competitor. It also allows your document to remain durable and unaffected by others and provides better security. Moreover users can share PDF of different formats. To... Read More »
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How to Troubleshoot Errors on Windows Media Extender

Tweet If you are using a Gigabit Ethernet Switch for connecting your Vista based computers to your home group then you might have problems in troubleshooting Windows Media Center Extender errors. You might notice poor video quality or slow performance or Video might not play at all. These issues happen only when  the PC is connected to the Homegroup using the Gigabit Ethernet Switch and the consumer... Read More »
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How to Fix Corrupt Windows 7 Profile

Tweet You might have once received an error message, which says, “You are logged into Temporary Profile”. This actually means that anything that a user would do will  be wiped out under that profile heading. It actually gets wiped out in permanently once the user gets logged out. This is an acute problem for many users  and it is mostly seen when it is a member of the original domain, performs... Read More »
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How to Sysprep a Windows 7 Machine – Start to Finish V2

Tweet In order to Sysprep a Windows 7 Machine, please follow the instructions as mentioned below: Firstly, we will begin by walking through the building structure of the XML file, which is also known as the answer file. After this we shall walk through the actual Windows 7 imaging process. The DVD of the Windows 7 has to be inserted or an ISO file  of Windows 7 will enable you to extract the relevant... Read More »
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How to Find people of common Interest on Twitter

Tweet It’s human behavior to create a group or people with common interest and choices and in the new age of technology and Internet, social networking portals like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, and Twitter want to make their impact on the market. All these companies are renewing their plans and trying to launch as many new features as they can to capture the market and increase their user base. In... Read More »
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How to Create a Desktop Background Slide Show

Tweet Desktop wallpaper is an image which resides on your background screen and adds colour to your computer. It is visible when all the windows are minimized and there is no application running in maximised state. Wallpaper defining and customizing has been a part of all the graphical version of Microsoft operating systems right from Windows 95, which has now  been taken to another step with Windows... Read More »
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How to Resolve Error Messages in Skype 3.8 IE Plug-in

Tweet Skype is the leading company in VoIP service providers. It has gained massive popularity in just few years. Skype works on its own technology and it is different then what others use for the same purpose. Skype has been launching its applications for various operating systems and Browsers to make its users capable of dialing numbers as easily as possible. Skype provides free calls from Skype... Read More »
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How to Configure MS Exchange

Tweet To configure MS Exchange 2003, you need to do the following procedures, this article will walk you through the process and you will have a better understanding by the time you finish these instructions. To Configure MS Exchange To set up the Exchange server so it can take in mail for whatever organization you are setting up for, you need to first install the software from a CD. However, ensure... Read More »
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How to Configure Mail Forwarding in Exchange Server

Tweet In this how-to piece, we will share with you the procedure for configuring mail forwarding in Exchange server. If you are user of Exchange servers, you probably are privy of the host of email solutions it offers to the local network you are using. If you want to benefit immensely from the Exchange server, try incorporating it into any windows network and the results will do nothing but amaze... Read More »
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How to Create Forms in Microsoft Access 2007

Tweet Even though MS Access has been acclaimed for the way it offers users with suitable and easy to use datasheet view for data entry, it does not always come in handy when it comes to some data entry jobs. What Access forms do is simplify the work of the data sheet by making it easier for people who don’t want to delve deep into the program. For such users not keen on delving deep into Access usage,... Read More »
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How to Remove Microsoft Office Home & Student Editions

Tweet Microsoft office home & student Edition 2007 is specifically aimed for home makers and students. It comes with MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel and also a new edition MS OneNote. Why to remove it? After trial version, if you like the product and to convert it then you need not uninstall the trial version. But if you are getting a new MS office 2007 product, it is better to remove the trial... Read More »

How to Enable Password Protect Folders in Windows Vista

Tweet Password protection for folder is basically a software driven program. For folders of your choice it allows you to set a password. The following systems are supported by it. These are Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP home and professional, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The User is able to download the Password Protect software program. Folder Password Protect can protect... Read More »
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How to enable BitLocker Drive Encryption on Windows 7

Tweet Bitlocking of Physical memory drives started with Windows Vista and has been continued in Windows 7 however if we use the BitLocked drive on a Vista or XP machine we might face some problems. Problems like partitions on the drive would appear as FAT32 and all space would appear occupied. Users might see another small partition formatted as FAT 32 other than the one which has the data on it. ... Read More »
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How to Resolve the Windows 7 Memory Related Issues

Tweet A computer which is running Windows 7, the usable memory (RAM) of this computer may be less than the installed memory. Suppose, a 32-bit version of Windows 7 may report which there is only 3.5 GB of usable system memory on a computer that has 4 GB of memory installed. The amounts of usable memory are not exact amounts. Basically usable memory is a calculated amount of the total physical memory... Read More »
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How to Increase Bandwidth With Windows Vista

Tweet There are ways within the Windows Vista to increase the bandwidth and Internet speed. Vista is very friendly and can adjust with any sort of complications. One need not worry with vista. Just tell me as to why do you need a faster internet speed and bandwidth speed? Why the users of vista actually need to increase the speed? The main reasons behind the asked questions are that vista usually keeps... Read More »
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How to Create Applications without writing code With Google App Inventor

Tweet Google is attempting to span the massive breach between the Android marketplace and Apple’s Store with App Inventor. The Wizard The application program provides an interface for anybody to build up a smart phone application program, without any technological method expected. It voices like a distinguished idea, until you think of all the rotten apps that might flood the Android Market as... Read More »
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How to Create an Input Mask in Microsoft Access 2007

Tweet Microsoft Access offers two types of mask. They are Input mask – An input mask is a path used to impose a certain type of format for all the data included in the same field. Input Mask is mainly used for displaying the data in the correct format and helps you to save type characters like hyphens or parenthesis. Input masks are available ready made for entries like Date, Phone numbers,... Read More »
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How to Reset System Administrator Password in MS SQL Database

Tweet Sometimes it happens that you ignore or forget the system administrator password when you have installed the Microsoft SQL Server Database. Remembering the password is a difficult job as in some cases, you don’t even remember a single hint related to your password. Password Reset Tool To reset the password of system administrator in MS SQL Server Database you can take help from a professional... Read More »
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How to get Workgroup access through MS Access 2007

Tweet There is no doubt that Microsoft Office has been providing excellent products to its users from all around the world. One can even not point out a single error or flaw in Microsoft Office 2007 and the suite has been an excellent one for many office jobs. Microsoft Access 2007 being a part of the Office suite provides you with multiple functions and the scope of the database management has been... Read More »
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How to Use Outlook through Microsoft Exchange Server to Communicate Internally

Tweet Microsoft Exchange Server is one of the collaborative applications that has been authored by Microsoft so far. The Exchange Server provides you with services that include email, calendar, contacts and tasks. You also get support on multiple subjects through the Microsoft Exchange Server. Microsoft Exchange server can work perfect with the integration of this with Outlook express. Setting... Read More »

How to Capture System Sound in Windows Vista

Tweet Windows Vista offers a freedom to squeeze sound files. It allows capturing sound files up to one minute at a time. For further recording, one needs to feed a command to continue recording. Hence the users get more power to capture and store loads of music and sound files in a compact way. With the power of sound capturing system of Windows Vista, you will be able to download and smartly store... Read More »
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How to Format a Microsoft Access Table Field

Tweet The Format property in Microsoft Access is used to customize the way text, date, time, numbers and other values are displayed. Formatting the table field can be done in two ways. Can use the predefined formats available – There are different data types available and for each data type, different settings or different predefined format are used in Format property. Using the format symbols,... Read More »
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How to view PowerPoint 2010 on TV

Tweet Microsoft PowerPoint is very much used in a people’s lives; uses are like creating business presentations, making school study courses and personal photo album slideshows, etc. Now theMicrosoft PowerPoint 2010 has generated a large amount of the interest among various people all over the world. From the Microsoft’s point of view, the focus of this update is basically upon on three things... Read More »
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How to Get Free Microsoft Software Programs

Tweet The first step to success is that, you need to write a good business plan. But if you don’t know where to start then Biz-Plan can help to solve this problem. These Word templates which can provide the outline of a business plan along with an excellent help file that containing detailed instructions and important hints. The template which has helpful comments in each section, it has different... Read More »
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