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Manufacturers get Windows® 7 service pack

Tweet On February 9, 2011, Microsoft for the first time delivered service pack for Windows 7 to the manufacturers of the original equipment. Consumers are to get the service packs for Windows 7 by next month that is March 2011. Prior to this step taken by Microsoft to deliver the service packs to original equipment manufacturers, Microsoft’s Russian branch first reported the update of the service... Read More »

Now use iPhone to control cloud manager: Novell

Tweet Novell software headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts is a service and software company which specializes in identity, security systems and enterprise operating systems. Recently, in year 2010, Novell has come up with new product called as Novell’s Cloud Manager Version 1.0. This is a kind of uber operating system developed by Novell and it is intended to control virtualization of operating... Read More »

How Browser Protection will work in the future

Tweet The browsers and the desktop Operating System (OS) of the future need to provide us a much broader and much more comprehensive level of protection than the average user enjoys today. There is a need to re-invent how browsers are programmed and run on end-user systems. Isolation is the first step to better protection. This is evident in the new Windows 7 OS which allows XP to run in a completely... Read More »
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