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Microsoft® launches ie6countdown website

Tweet Microsoft has launched the website, www.ie6countdown.com, to encourage users of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) to upgrade to the latest version of the web browser. With the announcement by Microsoft of planning to do away with IE6 and the launch of a countdown for the old version of the browser, Internet Explorer 9 will have better positioning. internet Explorer 6 is a very popular browser in China,... Read More »

Microsoft® patches Windows® and Internet Explorer®

Tweet In February 2011, Microsoft issued three bulletins related to the Internet Explorer (IE) security based patches for each week. These bulletins address 22 security vulnerabilities. MS11-003 carries updates related to 4 vulnerabilities. Also included is a fix for the bug that is outlined in the Microsoft advisory. This is a bug that could give outsiders access to a person’s settings. Focused... Read More »

Safari® and Internet Explorer® hacked at Pwn2Own contest

Tweet Pwn2Own is a hacking contest sponsored by the HP Digital Vaccine Labs (HP DVL), which is a research organization specializing in the analysis of security vulnerabilities. The objective of the contest is to help vendors develop patches for better security, as well as filters for better customer protection. HP’s Converged Infrastructure focuses on advanced data protection in the integration of... Read More »

How to Resolve Problems Related to the Display of Picture in IE

Tweet It happens most of the times when you want to view a web site in Internet Explorer then images on the web page may be incomplete. Basically this problem is occurs because of some display adapters, like STB Velocity 3D, STB Nitro 64, English STB Velocity Video with STB vision 95, ViRGE/VX 4MB 3-D PCI, Number 9 revolution 3-D PCI(8MB), Matrix mystique, STB velocity 128(Riva 128) Ver 1.70,Accel... Read More »
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How to Resolve IE Problems in Windows 7

Tweet If you click a hyperlink an email messages or on a web page, r right click a hyperlink and want t open a new windows then, you have you face some problems like, Nothing occurs after you click a link, the new windows will be blank, and you received a scripting error message like, No such interface supported, and the Internet explorer may not respond when you click on the print button or print... Read More »
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How to Change the Default Home Page in Internet Explorer

Tweet A home page is the page that you see when you first open your web browser. This page can be blank or a specified webpage. Your home page is also the page that you are directed to if you press the Home button in Internet Explorer. Regardless of what your current home page is, you can change it to your preferred website or use an add-on to dynamically customize its behavior. This guide is for those... Read More »

Microsoft Fixes Firefox Update

Tweet Recently Microsoft announced the updation of the distribution scope of a toolbar update which, without the user’s knowledge, installed an add-on from Internet Explorer. Moreover it also installed an extension from Firefox called Search Helper Extension. Microsoft assured that the new update is actually the same as the old one; the only way they differ from each other is the way in which... Read More »

RSS Feed to be Readable on Google Chrome

Tweet Google Chrome is considered to be the leading one in the war of the browsers in many different ways. It has all the necessary and required features when it comes to speed, performance and many other such things. If you try to access any of the feed such as http://www.clickonf5.org/feed then you would be getting the content in the format of code unlike Safari, Firefox and IE. But recently there... Read More »

How to Reset Microsoft Internet Explorer to its Original State?

Tweet Internet explorer has evolved since its first versions, and has become pretty complicated web browser with lots of features, plugin support, and support for newest HTML standards. But that has come at a prize, such complication level leads to dependencies on lots of different sub-packages, C++ run-time libraries, and to gradual reduction of performance overtime, while registry keys become cluttered... Read More »

IE’s Loss and Gain of Market Share

Tweet Change is the only constant in this material world practically and nothing as such nothing otherwise would be expected to remain unmoved. The best example for this is the long reign continued by the monopoly Microsoft group’s browser, the Internet explorer. It was once upon a time that IE was almost regarded as the sole option for browsing through the world wide web. And they took enough... Read More »

Mozilla and Microsoft decision problems with HTML5

Tweet Although Microsoft has now shook hands with the others in the computing industry when it comes to standardizing the web they still have some baggage of disputes in their bag. It is the redoing of the HTML for the internet and some of those who are into the bandwagon are notables in the industry like Google, Apple, Opera and Mozilla. Now only will they refashion the whole of the HTML but will... Read More »
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