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How to Know when Your Computer Was Last Used

Tweet We tend to rely so much on computers now that we store all the information, critical data, pictures, personal videos, and lots of stuff only on them. We might not be even aware that someone could have tried to access our personal information and may have copied it or damaged it seriously. It is very important to have strict security measures on your computer so that your information stays safe... Read More »

How to Install free AVG 7.5 Antivirus Software

Tweet Installation of Antivirus software has become an absolute must in all scenarios, irrespective of the purpose of setting up a computer network. For preventing the system against possible damage, many programs have been introduced in the market.  AVG is one of the popular Antivirus programs that offers benefits like periodic scans, scans of sent and received mails and also repairing virus-infected... Read More »

Trendnet Wireless Router and its installation

Tweet Routers have now given way to wireless routers that perform the multiple functions of a router as well as a wireless access point. Precisely, they are now used to allow Internet connectivity without the need of a cable connection. With Trendnet Wireless Routers, the advantages are many as setup and configuration are fairly simple and minimal. In just a matter of few minutes, high speed Internet... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot the Microsoft Exchange Server installation?

Tweet For windows users setting up any software on their machines normally appear to be a very simple job. All you have to do is to select the directory and then keep on clicking next till you reach the last window that says finish. But with Microsoft exchange, things get a little tricky as there many points that must be kept in mind or else the software won’t work properly. Important Points for... Read More »

How to Fix Microsoft IE 8 Installation Errors

Tweet If you are among the few who have been facing errors while downloading or just after installation of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, follow the steps to fix the common errors. There is several trouble shooting steps available depending on what Microsoft Operating System you are running on your computer and the security settings set on your computer. Things to keep in Mind Before you begin any... Read More »
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How to Enable New Installation of Windows Vista With the Upgrade DVD

Tweet You may want to change the Operating System of your computer and install Windows Vista, or you may want to install on a new computer. In the first situation, it is necessary to save the stored programs, flies and other documents whether downloaded or stored images or videos or anything else. The idea is to save whatever is stored in the computer while you are going for a fresh installation of... Read More »
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How to Troubleshoot Installation Problems in Windows 7

Tweet If you are a new Windows 7 user, installing the operating system and beginning usage should not be such a hassle. Windows 7 is the latest in a series of operating systems from software giant Microsoft. If you are a new PC user keen to enjoy the services of the Windows 7 experience, here are the easy steps you need to follow to start enjoying your product. To begin with; What you need to know There... Read More »
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Installation of IIS on Windows Vista

Tweet The modules, also named expansions, can be added or removed individually so that only modules, required for the specific functional possibilities would be they must be established. IIS 7 includes native modules as the part of the complete installation. These modules – specific features that of the use of a server in order to process demands and to include the following: Modules HTTP –... Read More »
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How to Log on as an Administrator

Tweet An administrator is the one who is able to make changes in a computer system. These changes include installation of programs, changes made in various settings and adding and removing of some hardware. Also, to make changes in user accounts, you need to be logged in as an administrator. As such, knowing how to log on as an administrator is important if you want to do anything that needs you to... Read More »

How to Enable Installation and Reinstallation of Windows 7

Tweet Nowadays everyone wishes that they should get best in everything. When it comes to operating system, there is no choice to Windows 7. After the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft was worried about its success but it has now become the most used and most popular operating system. Installation of this latest version of windows is much easier than the previous versions. You just have to load installation... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Printer Installation

Tweet If you want to take a copy of your recent document with or want to show your photography skills to your friends then printing is the best way. With Windows you can print e-mails, photos and many other outputs. As it is quiet obvious to print any document you must have a printer. When you will go in a shop to buy it, the shopkeeper will introduce you to the three types of printers. All these three... Read More »

How to troubleshoot Sound Problems after Installation of Vista Service Pack

Tweet After the installation of the Windows Vista service pack, there might be some of these problems with sound: There might be no sound on playing audio files or programs that have an audio component will not run. The speaker symbol may display the following message: No Audio Output Device is installed. The Sound Controller in Device Manager displays a yellow exclamation point. In order to fix these... Read More »

How to Solve Internet Explorer 8 Installation Problems

Tweet Troubles with installing Internet Explorer 8 can be because of diverse issues. These issues have to be resolved! The successful installation of Internet Explorer 8 depends on many such issues. Following are some steps which will ensure successful installation : Retune Windows security settings back to the defaults To retune Windows security settings back to the default the following... Read More »

How to Get Your Router Signal Strength Stronger

Tweet Router has some exceptional contribution in bringing successful home networks and solutions to network related issues. Router has made two devices in a network talk to each other most conveniently maintaining a high security. Routers are accompanied by manual and software guides for installation, in addition there is extensive round the clock support available to the users. With the continuous... Read More »

How to Install Drivers for Hardware from a Website

Tweet People may experience and come into a situation where they might need a must-have piece of hardware regarding to the computers that can be able to creatively upgrade the unit. Most of the consumers or customers only know how to grab hardware by buying new ones on the market. But, in fact, you can also take the opportunity to buy secondhand hardware. In fact, there are even times that the second... Read More »

Testing Yourself with the Cisco 640-816

Tweet It was only recently that Cisco decided to conduct an exam that is largely associated with the certification that is required for becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associate. The name of the exam is the 640-816 Interconnecting Networking Devices Part 2, or more famously known as the popular ICND2. The candidates can easily prepare for the exam by taking the course. This exam works by testing... Read More »

How to Format Windows XP from the Command Prompt

Tweet The hard drive of a computer that runs on the Windows XP operating system could be formatted using its own interface or by using the command prompt. As command prompt is an interface that is using command line, you cannot use a mouse and there will be no Windows. You must type the commands by entering the correct text. There are various procedures to follow when you do this. How to go to Command... Read More »

Facadeprinter – The Unparallel Robot that highly shoots the Art of Paintball

Tweet Facadeprinter; is actually a robot that is software controlled. It will shoot colours onto the walls from an unimaginable distance of 40 feet away. It is a true spectator which can be watched and amazed by innumerable people. It can invariably from the largest installation of true art for the people to admire. Calvin; the work on the wall was essentially formed by Facadeprinter. The primary... Read More »

Malwarebytes: Malware Protection with a Feisty Bite

Tweet Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a security product for malicious software or malware management. The MBAM free version is a 4.9 MB download. The full version which offers automatic updates, real-time protection, and scheduled scanning is priced at $24.95 for lifetime use of their license. However if you’re a corporate customer, they release annual licenses. PROS This light but sturdy application... Read More »
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