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Apple® readies new MacBook lineup for Retina Display

Tweet It is widely being reported that Apple is likely to unveil a series of MacBook Pro models at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which is scheduled to be held on June 11 in San Francisco. Each MacBook is expected to come up with Retina Display-like screens and Intel Ivy Bridge processors. How Retina Display works? It is believed that the Retina Display MacBook Pro will feature multiple Retina... Read More »

Intel® Launches Faster Ivy Bridge Processors

Tweet After launching its first ever Intel Inside smartphone last week with Lava International, Intel has now announced the availability of faster Ivy Bridge processors. The company is presently shipping the quad-core 22-nanometer processors for desktop computers and is expected to provide chips for Ultrabooks in the next couple of months. The new Ivy Bridge processors are based on the latest 3-D tri-gate... Read More »
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XOLO™ X900: World’s first Intel® Inside Smartphone is here

Tweet You must be aware of the fact that the majority of computers today, including laptops, netbooks, desktops, etc. are powered by Intel chips and processors. Intel rules the computer market by a great margin. But, smartphone market is one such field which has remained untouched by this technology giant for many unknown reasons. But finally, Intel has broken the shackles with its Medfield processor... Read More »
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Intel to Focus on Ultrabooks

Tweet With launch of Mac Book Air a new debate has started over thin and fast computer. Few count it as one of the reason for the birth of Ultrabooks. Ultrabooks are considered as thin PCs with extra long life of battery. With huge demand of fast and lighter computers Intel has started considering it as the new segment in the computer industry as it considered netbooks few years ago. The key defining... Read More »
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Intel® Braces For Rival ARM, Windows® 8

Tweet During the fourth quarter earnings conference, audience were stunned at the statement passed by Paul Otellini the Intel CEO that company will now take part in the growing era of silicon chip which is deign of all client devices. In the call it was declared that the mainstream operating system windows 8 is to support ARM chips. ARM chips are the chips which are the base, building block of the... Read More »
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Intel® is not worried about the move of Microsoft® towards ARM processors

Tweet Intel has announced that it is not worried over the move of Microsoft to port Windows to ARM processors. An Intel spokesperson said that Intel will be able to provide low power Windows which can match with the Atom processor or x86 processor family chipsets. Intel’s Executive Vice President Dadi Perlmutter also stated that by the time Microsoft manages to get a new version of Windows as... Read More »

Sandy Bridge chipsets recalled by Intel®

Tweet In the recent past, product recalls by various manufacturers have been making news worldwide, bringing consumer product safety to a peak and massive market losses, inevitable. When a core component is recalled, like in the case of Intel, it is not only Intel which suffers, but a whole range of product manufacturers, having had designed and manufactured their products, using the said defective... Read More »

AMD® launches ad campaign targeted at Intel®

Tweet The flaw in the Sandy Bridge chipset, if you remember, was discovered and reported sometime in January. The flaw as it is called Cougar Point chipset flaw was discovered and Intel withdrew the chipset from the market. The chipset flaw relates to how the chipset communicates with SATA devices be it SATA hard disk drive or optical device. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is all set to hold an ad campaign... Read More »

Intel® Releases Core vPro Business Processors

Tweet Intel is a U.S.-based developer of semiconductor chips. The company invented the x86 series of microprocessors and this microprocessor is found in almost all the personal computers. Intel was formed in the year 1968 and was named as Integrated Electronics Corporation but the word Intel is coined form the word intelligence. Intel is also known for making motherboard chipsets and flash memory and... Read More »

Intel® six-core i7-990X processor

Tweet Intel six-core i7-990X Extreme, the successor to its previous version Core i7-980X running on 3.33 GHz of raw speed, is the latest chip from Intel. The Intel Core i7-990X  promises 3.73 GHz speed running on Intel Turbo Boost Technology also featuring six-cores and a mind boggling 12 processing threads with Intel Hyper-Threading technology. Even while boasting a clock speed of 3.46GHz, it also... Read More »

Intel® Core i7-990X processors

Tweet Intel is busy experimenting with a 1000 Core processor on the architecture for the 48 core single chip Cloud Computer Processor. In the year 2009 itself, Intel launched their experimental 48 Core central processing unit (CPU) on a stamp sized piece of silicon. What is really interesting is the processing capability of this 48 core CPU chip, with amazing power management and power consumption... Read More »

Intel® hopes to boost cloud gaming with ray tracing

Tweet Intel, the biggest chip maker that started a new era of revolution in computing, has now decided to enter the field of gaming. Intel has introduced the technology of cloud gaming. Cloud gaming is a technique to play a game online without installing it on your device. As a result it saves space on your device whether it is a computer or a mobile phone. The technique of ray tracing in cloud computing... Read More »

MSI Announces 10.1-inch Intel® Powered WindPad 100W Tablet PC

Tweet MSI has released the 10.1-inch Intel powered WindPad 100W Tablet PC. It has several advanced features. It has a very sleek and compact design with touch screen facility. There are several I/O ports along with USB 2.0 facility, SD card reader, ALS light sensor, HDMI port, G-Sensor and a lot more. The mobile platform processor of Intel powers the device and it boasts a battery life of over six... Read More »

AMD® chases Intel® into gadget market with embedded chips

Tweet Currently Intel is focusing on its new Atom microprocessor that will be used in various types of devices ranging from tablet computers to netbooks. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has also decided to follow its rival manufacturer by announcing plans of unveiling its new version of Fusion chips. As the name suggests the Fusion chips combine a processor and graphics unit in the same chip. Such smart... Read More »

x86 and MIPS Applications Processors to Challenge ARM’s Smartphone Market Share

Tweet The smartphone market is currently occupied by ARM based processors. ARM based processors have the advantage of high power efficiency and have more processing power as compared to their Intel equivalents. Hence they have been ruling the smartphone industry. But according to analysts, both Intel and ARM have been working hard to address their weaker areas and there will be a point in the next... Read More »

Latest Lenovo® Laptops Fresh From Intel® Conference

Tweet The Lenovo IdeaPad Y560p laptop was launched at the recent Sandy Bridge conference held in Sydney. Lenovo has released its new range of laptops and desktops. The all new Lenovo Y560p that was revealed to Australian audiences is packed with high-performance technology to make it a top multimedia machine for the consumers. It has some exciting specifications like Intel Core i7 processor, up to... Read More »

Intel® six-core i7-990X Extreme processor

Tweet Intel six-core i7-990X Extreme processor can be regarded as the company’s fastest desktop chip. In the year 2009, Intel launched their experimental 48 core central processing unit (CPU), on a stamp sized piece of silicon. What is really interesting is the processing capability of this 48 core CPU chip, with amazing power management and power efficiency. So, a 6 core or 4 core chip from Intel... Read More »

Is Intel Planning to Develop Windows 8 Based Phones?

Tweet Intel is the biggest and hardware leader in the market. Intel is famous for making Chips and computer hardware like processors and motherboard chipset. Windows phone 7 is growing and becoming more famous among customers. Now Intel and Microsoft are partnering and Intel bosses are saying that they will develop Windows 8 based phone. At the International CES 2011 talks, Intel told that they are... Read More »
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ASUS Eee Slate EP121 Windows 7 Tablet

Tweet Most tech companies are focusing on tablet production for the past few months. Asus is one of the most known Tablet producers who told at Computex2010 about its upcoming tablet named Eee Pad EP121. At Consumer Electronics Show 2011, they changed their product name to Asus Slate EP121, which is available for preorder on Amazon. The ASUS Eee Slate EP121 keeps you entertained, and connected anywhere.... Read More »
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HP Introduces the All New HP All-in-One 200xt series

Tweet HP has revealed its new all-in-one desktop series. The HP All-in-One 200xt series has all integrated into the display. When you purchase the HP All-in-One 200xt series, there is no need to purchase a separate PC tower. Bundled with features like Intel Core i3 Dual-Core processor and wireless ntworking, HP All-in-One 200xt series can fit any where in your house or at your workplace. Somne of the... Read More »

Intel selling Upgrade Cards to users for unlocking processor power

Tweet Intel Corporation, an American based company, is one of the most famous technology companies in the world. Based on the annual revenue of the company, it is considered to be the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker. The achievement of the Intel microprocessors lies in the fact that these processors are found in majority of the personal computers across the world. Apart from these microprocessors,... Read More »
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Highlights of IDF 2010

Tweet In a recent IDF (Intel Developer’s Forum) 2010 conference Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini highlighted Intel‘s importance of creating smart devices and their plans of business expansion. It is estimated that in the coming years “smart” devices like smartphones will increase to five billion by 2014.According to Otellini “People will choose the device that provides the best experience... Read More »
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Intel launches AppUp center for netbooks

Tweet Intel has launched a new AppUp center for netbooks which offers Adobe AIR applications and Microsoft Silverlight. Like any other app centre the AppUP center has been inspired by Apple’s iStore, in order to provide a range of product offerings for Intel products.  In the  AppUP center    you can find services such as free and paid apps, social networking and gaming apps, news apps and... Read More »
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Microsoft and Intel to enable “hardware acceleration” in IE 9

Tweet With the demand for multimedia application increasing day by day, it has become eminent to enhance the speed of processing information on web browsers. Particularly with the release of apps for android and iPhone, consumers are now looking towards getting the best of GUI applications. In order to deliver on this enhanced GUI applications capability Microsoft and Intel have recently announced... Read More »

Why does Intel needs to build its own iPad, iPhone?

Tweet Why Intel needs to build its own iPad and iPhone? In view of the case when Intel hired the Palm and Apple executive Mike Bell, Intel had better bypass the unpleasant practice of watching clients like Hewlett-Packard and Acer prattle about Intel-based tablets, rather than do nothing. The iPad has a design mainly specified (by myself and many other people) as a content-consuming product whereas... Read More »
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