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Google™ Chrome Update Enhances Speed

Tweet An Internet browser plays a very important role in performing daily computing tasks. Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. Google Chrome is fast, reliable and very easy to use. It was launched as a beta version for the Microsoft Windows operating system on 2nd September 2008, and the browser was made available to the users on 11th December 2008. Now, the latest version of... Read More »

How To Stop the Netgear Firewall

Tweet Firewalls are very important computer security components. They help protect from external threats that may attack or infiltrate the computer from the Internet. Most routers and modem already come with a firewall Netgear routers also usually come equipped with firewalls to provide extra protection for computer applications, but there are times when the firewall may hinder the user from carrying... Read More »

How to Manage Cookies in Internet Explorer 6

Tweet Cookies are information in text format that can be encrypted while transferring information over the internet. You might have encountered many alerts and errors with the cookie word being included in the statement. Cookies are not able to execute therefore there is no chance that cookies contain and replicate viruses. Still cookies management is an issue that you might need to do while surfing... Read More »

Google Chrome Web store: A store of web applications

Tweet The most popular search engine provider Google announced a new service to uphold their internet browser ‘Google Chrome’. In the last week in ‘Google I/O conference’ declared the offer Google Chrome web store. Google Chrome OS is going be released very soon. In this context Google takes a more generous step to provide a store where web applications can be attained. The theme of Google... Read More »

Can Microsoft Create Better Browsers Than Internet Explorer

Tweet Internet Explorer is the web browser known by many people who use Internet in their day to day life. There are others who use other browsers such as Fire fox, Opera, Netscape etc but the majority of the general people use only Internet Explorer. It is the most targeted web browser in the internet world because of many reasons. However, if any one goes into its technical specifications, its features,... Read More »

Future Of Internet Browsers

Tweet Which is the main browser of your system? What browser do you prefer? A few years back, everybody heard about some guys that where trying to turn our web browser into a new operating system on our PCs. Am I right? Basically, all the applications on your PC would be opened through a browser. Your documents could be easily stored and found from anywhere. Additionally. Google Docs is in many opinions... Read More »
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