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Internet Explorer Fix: What to Do When it won’t Run

Tweet Internet Explorer i.e. INTERNET EXPLORER at time will not work and will either will not come up at all or will close down after few seconds. STEP 1: We will try to launch Internet Explorer which is blue in color and is denoted by “e”. STEP 2: In case it does not open try to open another browser like Mozilla fire fox or Google chrome to find if it is computer problem or just a softer ware... Read More »
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How To Speed Up Firefox in Three Easy Steps

Tweet Over several years, Internet explorer has been one of the popular Internet browsers used across the entire world. However, with the release of Mozilla Firefox, a new innovative internet browser with distinctive smart browsing features and higher speed, a sudden change in the internet market was observed. The new attractive and feasible surfing features offered by this new browser soon made it... Read More »