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Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft® Kinect-powered Internet browser coming to XBOX® 360

Tweet You could be surfing the Internet using voice and gesture controls on your XBOX 360 gaming console in the very near future. It is being rumored that the software giant Microsoft Corporation is working on a Kinect-enabled Internet browser for the XBOX 360 gaming console. The browser is reported to include Bing voice search, however, it will be limited to media results only. How it will benefit... Read More »

French Security Experts crack Internet Explorer® 9 at a hacking event

Tweet If you are of the opinion that the Microsoft browser that you are using on your computer or tablet is absolutely safe then hold on! Here is something that will certainly make you think again. Even, the latest and safest browser from Microsoft i.e. Internet Explorer 9 is not totally hack proof. In a recent annual hacking event named Pwn2Own, a team of experts from VUPEN Security brought down... Read More »

Prepare Your Website for IE 9

Tweet The advantages gained by the websites that are especially being designed for taking the unique advantages of the features in Internet Explorer 9 can provide you with an immense user friendly oriented experience along with the service that you have never availed before. It can drive the statistics graph of the traffic visiting your website being sky rocketed in a very short time & for getting... Read More »
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Internet Explorer® 9 enables pinning of websites

Tweet Time is swiftly changing and as a result there are different technologies evolving with every passing day. Take the example of Internet Explorer (IE) from Microsoft. Recently, the latest version of the browser, that is, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) was launched by Microsoft. IE9 has a unique feature which allows to pin or group all the similar website links. So you can conveniently tag websites... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 to Get Internet Explorer® 9

Tweet From the beginning of the 21St century, companies linked to the world of technology have been trying to offer the best services to people and more specifically their customers are recently aiming for competing with one another to present the best quality of services at the most affordable rates. Nowadays the main focus has been to earn the maximum rate of customer satisfaction. It is for this... Read More »

Microsoft® Urges Users to Say Goodbye to Internet Explorer® 6

Tweet Microsoft has launched a website to educate people about the fact that Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) has become obsolete. Microsoft is all set to say good bye to its loved and long lived browser Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer 6 was released in August 2001 and has a market share of 12% as reported by the media groups across the globe. Now Microsoft wants to lower the share of it to 1 percent. If... Read More »

Internet Explorer® 9 (IE9) review: Will the big browser bet of Microsoft® pay off?

Tweet With Google Chrome coming up as a strong player, it has managed to garner a major share of the web browser market once held by Internet Explorer of Microsoft. The toughest competitors of Internet Explorer in the market include Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which offer enhanced browsing speeds and an enhanced browsing experience. Microsoft IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) is claimed to have a better... Read More »

Internet Explorer® 9 has ActiveX filtering

Tweet Microsoft has introduced ActiveX filtering in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), which was released recently. The ActiveX filter is considered to be helpful as it gives the user control while surfing. The filter provides the user with an ability to control which ActiveX elements will be active on the websites they access. This step taken by Microsoft is another attempt by the company to increase the... Read More »

Internet Explorer® 9 (IE9) launched by Microsoft®

Tweet Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) for the public on March 14, 2011 at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW) which is being held in Austin, Texas. The released version of Internet Explorer 9 is not compatible with Windows XP. It works with the Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 operating systems. System requirements for installing Internet Explorer 9, include... Read More »

New Privacy Feature for IE unveiled by Microsoft

Tweet Policy makers have recently been discussing about how private data was pilfered through third party advertising partners of website that users visit Federal Trade Commission proposal plans to impose a do not track feature which would help a user avoid sharing unnecessary user information with such websites. Microsoft trying to maintain its identity as a market leader has now taken the first step... Read More »

New Features of Internet Explorer 9

Tweet Ever since Google Chrome’s release, last year, various Internet browsers have been scrambling to stick to their market share. Chrome has significantly reduced the loading of pages and the navigation in between the websites in the browsers tab. Besides Google chrome stands for simplicity, as the basic navigation toolbar remove other icons that are present on top of most browsers. Microsoft has... Read More »

Version 9 for 2010: The New Internet Explorer 9

Tweet As early as June 2010, there have already been previews of Microsoft’s new release which is the Internet Explorer 9. The newest version of Microsoft’s browser still has yet to use a chrome window layout, opting instead to retain its old layout. It has many improved and key features such as a new JavaScript engine called Chakra – a program that runs in the back parallel to Internet Explorer... Read More »
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Microsoft Shows off Internet Explorer 9

Tweet With the preview release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft is trying to re-innovate the browser. There are many browser available and almost all of them prove to be faster, lighter, secure, and user friendly. Microsoft says that Internet Explorer 9 will break this image as it is going to be the fastest browser with the most advanced features. Microsoft in earlier versions tried... Read More »

Will WebM from Google lead to fragmentation of standards?

Tweet Google’s WebM, a royalty-free open source video format, recently recieved support from Mozilla and Opera Software, and all three browser makers have issued developer builds facilitating WebM incorporation. Google’s move was however interpreted by some analysts as a step towards fragmentation of standards. Ray Valdes, a Gartner analyst, was enthusiastic about the new open standard but wondered... Read More »