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Internet Explorer Bug Puts Users at Risk

Tweet The US department of Homeland Security has asked users to shun the usage of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Fire Eye Research Lab, an Internet security software company, announced the presence of the Internet Explorer bug on Saturday. There is no viable solution available for the time being to negate the bug. So, the government has asked users to opt for an alternative to it till the company... Read More »

Microsoft Patches Final Pwn2Own IE Bug

Tweet The biggest computer giant & tycoon, Microsoft bagged a handsome amount of fifteen thousand USD on the occasion of annual Pwn2Own hacking contest, using its Internet Explorer tactic on Tuesday. This process was mainly used by a researcher, Stephen Phewer of Harmony Security.  Before Stephens step in killing down IE8 on Windows 7 at Pwn2Own, the company did scrap Internet explorer twice for... Read More »
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Windows® Phone 7 update to get Internet Explorer® Mobile 9

Tweet Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, provided a glimpse of the company’s plans for the year 2011 as it addressed the Mobile World Congress. The company is planning to update its Window Phone 7 operating system. According to sources, Internet Explorer Mobile 9 will be available on Windows Phone 7. At present the users of Windows Phone 7 are using Internet Explorer Mobile, which is commonly... Read More »

How to tile two windows with just two clicks

Tweet Windows is a graphical operating system, which can be used for multi-tasking. Each and every operation in Windows can be done with the help of a pointing device like mouse or touch pad. We are now so in habit of multitasking that seldom there is just one window open. We always have more than one window open in the task bar and we keep on switching between the windows while working on various... Read More »

Microsoft® patches Windows® and Internet Explorer®

Tweet In February 2011, Microsoft issued three bulletins related to the Internet Explorer (IE) security based patches for each week. These bulletins address 22 security vulnerabilities. MS11-003 carries updates related to 4 vulnerabilities. Also included is a fix for the bug that is outlined in the Microsoft advisory. This is a bug that could give outsiders access to a person’s settings. Focused... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 update

Tweet It is true that nowadays most of the people who are going for purchasing phones whether it is Nokia or Samsung, they always want the phone to have the most updated hardware and along with that the OS would be updated too. In several cases it was seen that most of the phones manufactured by Nokia were actually being run by the Symbian OS. This was a major problem with the phones because then most... Read More »

Apple® patches 62 bugs in Safari® update

Tweet Safari from Apple, is a graphical web browser, which is an inherent part of the Mac OS X operating system. Safari is principally the native browser in the iOS also. Safari was originally introduced in 2003 as a public beta version, slowly becoming the default browser in all Macs. The Microsoft Windows version of Safari was released in the year 2007. In the rankings of most widely used browsers... Read More »

Safari® and Internet Explorer® hacked at Pwn2Own contest

Tweet Pwn2Own is a hacking contest sponsored by the HP Digital Vaccine Labs (HP DVL), which is a research organization specializing in the analysis of security vulnerabilities. The objective of the contest is to help vendors develop patches for better security, as well as filters for better customer protection. HP’s Converged Infrastructure focuses on advanced data protection in the integration of... Read More »

How to delete your usage history tracks in Windows®

Tweet Windows is the most used operating system in the world. In this post I will let you know how to erase your computer usage tracks so that others are not able to see what you work upon. Since Windows XP, a lot of emphasis was given to the computer security and two different Windows accounts cannot check other users without a password. But even in Windows XP, the Administrator can anytime log into... Read More »

WinMate, Windows® System Optimizer

Tweet WinMate is a software package which is a must have tool to ensure the smooth functioning of your computer devoid of any hang-ups and system errors. WinMate is one such tool which comes as a freeware and ensures that your computer stays healthy. Users agree it’s safer to keep tabs on your computer’s performance to ensure that it will give you a good user experience. Those who download and... Read More »

Latest Microsoft Windows® Phone 7 updates

Tweet Microsoft has released a patch for the Windows Mobile during the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) which includes some new features compared to the older version. The patch can be installed on all windows mobiles by February 2011. This update has features which were done by Apple Inc. about three years ago and which were done by Android one year ago. One of the special features included in this... Read More »

Google™ Coming Up with WebM Plugins for Internet Explorer® and Safari®

Tweet Google has decided to make a change in its browser, that is, Chrome. The H.264 codec will replace it with the open WebMate code. That choice has raised many controversies and the company explained the reasons behind the adoption of WebMate in HTML 5. Mozilla Firefox and Opera intend to use open codecs like WebMate and Ogg Theora , without H.264 support, while Safari and Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)... Read More »

Windows XP users Cautious over Internet Explorer bug

Tweet Microsoft confirmed the existence of an unpatched vulnerability in Windows. Internet Explorer vulnerability potentially allows an attacker to execute code remotely via the memory used by a CSS stylesheet. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 are affected. Microsoft confirmed the security flaw in late December. On Tuesday, it updated its advisory to reflect reports... Read More »
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Microsoft Blocks IE attacks in a new way

Tweet Microsoft’s IE is said to have a bug that is vital to protection. Three Patches in Windows were sent in to consumers. It mitigated zero-day vulnerability with the application media kit. Microsoft turned to creative tactics to block IE attacks. They have turned to a defensive measure wherein IE has been a part of Windows OS since the launch of Windows XP. A DLL, or Dynamic Link library, called... Read More »

5 Tips to use Keyboard Efficiently

Tweet Keyboard is the main input device for any computer system. Keyboard is such an important device for any computer that a computer doesn’t even boot if the keyboard is not present in it or if it is in a non-functional state. Keyboard is what we mostly use while working on computer and so we should be comfortable using it as it directly affects our productivity. If one is not comfortable using... Read More »

Microsoft’s new test version of IE 9

Tweet After much waiting the time came when Microsoft unleashed its seventh test version of Internet Explorer 9 which has been tagged as “real- world” Web based JavaScript programs. But with this development a rival’s accusation has also been parcelled that Microsoft is essentially engaged in the storied computer industry practise of benchmark engineering-designing technology to be fast on an... Read More »
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5 Ways to increase efficiency through Internet Explorer

Tweet Internet Explorer enables  you to view new add-ons and facilities in its latest versions which makes it sleeker, faster and optimized. You can always download new versions of internet explorer from Microsoft website at no cost. Follow the steps mentioned below to explore new features of Step1:  Browse without navigating to other websites using accelerator Often it is quite tedious to copy... Read More »

Internet Explorer Drops Below 50% Market Share Worldwide

Tweet In September this year, a Statcounter report said that the Internet Explorer dropped below 50% market share worldwide. Now Internet Explorer market share is 49.87 and Firefox is very close with 31.5%. They also reported three times growth in Google Chrome; which rose from 3.69% to 11.54% in the September. It is shocking for Internet Explorer because just two years ago it was dominating 67 % of... Read More »
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How to Save time with quick computer shortcuts

Tweet If you are looking to work more efficiently with your computer in Microsoft Word, Excel, or Internet Explorer then the keyboard shortcuts is a perfect match for you. Let us discuss the quick computer shortcuts to save your precious time. I. Driving around the desktop. 1. To select the icon, file, or a folder type the first letter of its name, press the key over and again until your cursor lands... Read More »

How to change Corporate Security in Internet Explorer

Tweet Modern corporate houses and companies have different departments of tech professionals and qualified individuals who are invariably involved in the process of devising mechanisms for protection of information. There can be tampering, publication, distribution and collapse of confidential material by unauthorized and untrustworthy users. Corporate computer security isn’t an easy task and can... Read More »

Web browser to undergo an examination for HTML5

Tweet HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the sole for any web browser. You can surf and explore web sites with other help of the web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google chrome etc which take help of HTML to give your surfing experience a new definition. These days every big or small technology of the Internet package is under the process of development and innovation;... Read More »

How to Delete Cookies from Internet Explorer

Tweet Cookies are small text file which gets created automatically when you browse the internet and the websites. Most of the times cookies contains information like some kind of path for advertisement, or your login id, or some validation time etc. Cookies are simple text files and can be opened in any text editor but the information stored in them can not necessarily be understood by us. Cookies... Read More »
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How to Reset Internet Explorer Settings

Tweet Sometimes Internet Explore may for one reason or other become problematic for instance refusing to load or hanging up; or you may just want to reset it to its default settings, well that should not be hard given the fact that all available versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explore can be reset. What resetting does is erase all your customized functionalities so that the browser uses its original... Read More »
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How to Reinstall or Repair Internet Explorer in Windows 7

Tweet You might have encountered instances where you Windows Internet Explorer might have crashed because of some files associated with it damaged or the registration information missed. In such cases, you will be required to reinstall or repair the Internet Explorer to get it working back to normal. This is the only way that can help you repair the damaged files or get the missing registry information... Read More »
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How to Manage Cookies and privacy settings in Internet Explorer 6

Tweet A cookie is a small piece of text file that is created by Web sites and saved in client computers that stores information about users and user preferences. The configurations and privacy settings in Internet Explorer 6 however can be set according to a user preferred level by clicking the Tools menu, Internet Options and then the Privacy tab. An administrator can specify custom privacy settings... Read More »