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Worried about your computer’s safety?

Tweet Top three ways to keep your computer secure Whenever you browse the Internet, remember, your computer is always at constant risk. At anytime your computer can get a virus infection and you won’t even realize it. And when your computer gets infected with a virus, the consequences can be really devastating. Getting worried? Here are five quick tips that can help protect your computer from all... Read More »

Connect all household electronic devices to Internet with Electric Imp

Tweet Soon you can connect every electronic item in your household to the Internet with the help of a tiny card named Imp Card. Former iPhone engineering manager Hugo Fiennes, former Gmail designer Kevin Fox, and firmware engineer Peter Hartley have founded a company named Electric Imp whose mission is to turn every product you own into an Internet-connected device. How Imp Card works? Imp Cards are... Read More »

Quick access to home and work locations on Google™ Maps

Tweet Google Inc. has made it easier for the users of Google Maps to save and re-visit the places that matter to them. Once the user signs in to his Google account, he can access the places that are frequently visited by him virtually. This has been made possible after the release of a recent Google Maps update for the web version. The update enables the user to define specific home and work locations... Read More »
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Internet TV on rise in the U.S.

Tweet According to the recent survey of Nielson, around three million Americans had cut their cable television subscriptions last year as an increasing number turned to the Internet. The Nielsen survey released last week found that some of those getting rid of cable moved to packages from telecom provider or satellites, but overall subscriptions fell by 1.5 million, or around 1.5%. Findings of survey But... Read More »
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Internet Explorer Fix: What to Do When it won’t Run

Tweet Internet Explorer i.e. INTERNET EXPLORER at time will not work and will either will not come up at all or will close down after few seconds. STEP 1: We will try to launch Internet Explorer which is blue in color and is denoted by “e”. STEP 2: In case it does not open try to open another browser like Mozilla fire fox or Google chrome to find if it is computer problem or just a softer ware... Read More »
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Viruses, Spyware, and Malware

Tweet Nowadays, computers and Internet play a major role in daily life. With the increasing use of computers, there has been a rise in security threats such as viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, etc. Computer users are suffering losses due to malicious programs which easily install themselves from the Internet or other sources, and multiply by downloading other infected software. These malware are categorized... Read More »
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AMD® Launches Fusion Chips In India

Tweet AMD India has launched Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) with the Fusion technology. The fusion of a Central Processing Unit (CPU) and a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is known as fusion technology on a single chip. The launch of the G-series chips by AMD is for embedded systems. A fusion chip consists of multi-core CPUs with powerful discrete level graphics. This is the kind of technology... Read More »

The iPad® Now Can Take Command of Computers

Tweet You can control one PC from another by using certain applications. The process and the set-up are not easy to do, but it is used by companies as a maintenance and training tool. It is also helpful for some consumers as it can be used for troubleshooting purposes. Now you can control a PC from a multi-touch tablet computer. There are several applications available for that. These applications... Read More »

Google™ TV for EDU offers education through web and TV

Tweet Google is and has always been known as an innovative group of professionals, who even within their organization promote creativity and lay maximum stress on education as a culture. Trust Google to enter the education field with their Google Apps Education Training Center and their 5 billion dollar education project for schools. The websites of Google provide the foundation for sharing and displaying... Read More »

Google™ Chrome Update Enhances Speed

Tweet An Internet browser plays a very important role in performing daily computing tasks. Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. Google Chrome is fast, reliable and very easy to use. It was launched as a beta version for the Microsoft Windows operating system on 2nd September 2008, and the browser was made available to the users on 11th December 2008. Now, the latest version of... Read More »

HTC® ThunderBolt review

Tweet HTC is widely known among users for its smartphones. HTC ThunderBolt is a new smartphone which has several advanced features. At the CES 2011, HTC ThunderBolt evoked great response from customers. The device promises cutting edge technology to users. HTC ThunderBolt is Verizon’s first Long Term Evolution (LTE) device. HTC will work with the 4G network of Verizon. With the 4G capability of HTC... Read More »

Google™ adds e-books to Android™ Market

Tweet Recently Google has taken a step forward in providing the maximum amount of satisfaction to its customers by offering a dedicated e-bookstore over the Android Market. In previous days, in order to download e-books a person had to open a website over the Internet and download a book on the PC. This was for the reason that most of the cell phones, which were available then did not support any HTML... Read More »

Mac® OS X™ 10.6.6 Boot Camp removes Windows® XP support

Tweet Apple is an America company which manufactures electronic goods, computer OS, software and applications. Mac OS X is an operating system that was developed by Apple. Apart from Mac OS X, Apple is also popular for products such as iPhone, iPod and many more. Basically Mac stands for Macintosh. Mac OS X is secure, powerful and yet easy to use with its customizable graphical user interface. Support... Read More »

Google™ Chrome 10

Tweet Google Chrome is an ultra fast web browser which has changed the way Internet is used. The reason behind it is that it is very fast. Google Chrome takes a space of around 80 MB. The other features which make Google Chrome a very fast, versatile and stylish browser is because of its design. It just changes the way you browse Internet. With its multi-window feature, it is possible to pin the last... Read More »

Report: E-mail declines, but e-commerce up

Tweet Various surveys around the world are trying to analyze and present performance analyses of various segments of the markets with information technology, Internet, mobile phones, smartphones and PCs / laptops use as a base. CommScore US survey of 2010 shows a pattern of e-mail usage – web based e-mail usage in various age segments in the US. The report shows the use of web based e-mail reducing... Read More »

How To Check Unauthorized Access to Wi-Fi®

Tweet Wireless networks are gaining popularity with each passing day and more and more people are getting rid of the old Ethernet cables and getting a wireless network installed. Ethernet cables are considered to be the safest way of communication because no one can illegally hook a cable into your router and steal your network resources, but when it comes to wireless networks this can be easily done... Read More »

Facebook® plans to resume address and phone sharing

Tweet The fact that Internet can change the lifestyle of the human beings is an undeniable fact and so is the gift that Internet is known to bestow upon the human race. Nowadays Internet has changed the way of the life of human beings who use the true potential of this technology. One of the major uses of Internet is to make the world a smaller place to live. Hence the emergence of several social networking... Read More »

How to stop people from stealing your online information

Tweet Most of our personal or professional work is done on computers. We keep important files, data and other sorts of crucial and critical information on the computers. We keep many of our personal photographs on our computers and much more stuff which is likely to be very personal in nature. In today’s world computer information theft is becoming a pain with each passing day as the hackers are... Read More »

How To See if your Wireless Router is Working

Tweet The use of wireless routers has increased. There have been advancements in technology related to the number of different devices which can be connected to the router, the connection techniques, and much more. At times it becomes little difficult to troubleshoot wireless problems in case your Internet connection stops working or some other problem. Your devices may show that they are connected... Read More »
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HP TouchPad™ hits Amazon®, pricing not included

Tweet HP has launched a new touch screen tablet PC, HP TouchPad. It is an exciting product from the house of HP. The TouchPad has a big screen of 9.7 inches. With this big screen it is possible for you to enjoy all the features like viewing pictures and videos. It makes all the things a lifetime experience for you. Whether it is your new game or it is video streaming, it is all like never before.... Read More »

Study: Expect a billion 802.11ac Wi-Fi® devices in 2015

Tweet Using Wi-Fi, computers and other devices can be connected to the Internet very easily. Wi-Fi connections are smart and convenient as there is no need to use wires. The places of connectivity are called hot spots. These are sometimes rooms and sometimes these are spread in large areas. The most important benefit is that they provide freedom from the web of wires. Wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) was... Read More »

Internet TV devices: A comparison

Tweet The CES 2011 demonstrated several products and technologies for gadget geeks, book publishers, entertainment providers, computer manufacturers, smartphone manufacturers, TV manufacturers, gaming manufacturers and more. The one most common product used by billions of people around the world, the TV, is also getting an interesting transformation with the interfacing of the same with the Internet. According... Read More »

Mozilla® Firefox 4 Gets ‘Do Not Track’ feature

Tweet Web browsers are used for accessing the Internet. They are software applications meant for retrieving, analyzing, and interchanging information resources on the web. Mozilla Firefox is a very popular browser. Mozilla Firefox was the result of an open source project and is owned by Mozilla Foundation. It has great features like session storage, which allows a user to recover access to the open... Read More »

Mobile Malware Are on the Rise

Tweet Mobile phones are a boom in the 21st century and with their increasing use, threats from malware are on the rise. Nowadays, more and more people are using highly advanced smartphones. According to the latest reports from industry analysis more than 250 smart phones are going to be sold in the year 2011. The year 2010 has shown a drastic increase in malware on mobile devices, around 46% up from... Read More »

HTC® invests $40 million in OnLive

Tweet There is a big buzz that HTC is planning to add more multimedia features in its upcoming phones. HTC is a big name in the touch sensitive cell phone manufacturing industry. It is a path breaking and a trend setter name in the field of telecommunication. There are many path breaking features like motion sensors that detect the distance between you and the phone. There are thermal sensors that... Read More »
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