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Top 5 Video Chat Options for You

Tweet Near or far, video chat enables you to talk face-to face with someone you care about. And since the technology has garnered much praise, there are number of options being introduced every now and then. Thus, exclusively for you, we have shortlisted the best video chatting options available. Skype Our top favorite is Skype. Why, simply because it is a powerhouse. It not just supports instant messaging... Read More »

New engaging game titles for iOS

Tweet Picking a game from the ever-growing App Store can be quite difficult. Whether you like to play arcade titles, role-playing games, puzzlers or any other genre, from the App Store you can probably find as many as 50 engaging games in each and every category. And lately, three more titles have been added to the App Store. They are: Dungeon Hunter 4: Since 2009, it is the fourth addition in the... Read More »

Zynga® plans to connect its online gamers with ‘Zynga with Friends’

Tweet Zynga, the company behind famous social games like FarmVille and CityVille, announced that it will release a social network, dubbed as ‘Zynga with Friends’.   At present, Zynga is one of the world’s most eminent online gaming companies having millions of monthly active users. Its new social network, Zynga with Friends will connect all enthusiastic online gamers on different platforms,... Read More »

Gmail® app for iOS® is updated

Tweet Recently Google rolled out significant updates for its well-liked Gmail app for iOS.   Called as version 1.2.7812, the updated Gmail app brings support for Notification Center, giving you the option to receive message notifications on the lock screen banner, or through alerts. Also, the updated app has persistent login feature, ensuring that sessions will not expire and you won’t have... Read More »
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Photo sharing reinvented with Instagram 2.5

Tweet Instagram, the fastest and easiest way to share photographs with friends and family members, has recently released its 2.5 version for the iOS platform. Instagram 2.5 with major updates Maintaining the old favorite and basic look of Instagram, the update brings an array of noticeable changes, such as: New looking profile tab Different ways to search for users as well as tags in the new ‘Explore’... Read More »

Making Friends on Facebook® becomes easy with Find Friends Nearby

Tweet Facebook lately has created a new feature called Find Friends Nearby, earlier code-named Friendshake, for Android and iOS-based devices. Yet to be announced officially, this latest feature will let you find out friends who are geographically nearby.   Basically, Find Friends Nearby feature takes you to a page wherein you can spot other people within/near your location and who are browsing... Read More »
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Apple® to cut Google™ Maps from its platform

Tweet Apple is all set to replace the Google Maps with its own navigation app from the next versions of its iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices that run on iOS platform. According to several media reports, the iPhone-maker is going to completely remove Google Maps from its platform and will instead use its own mapping data. Google has provided the back-end data to Google Maps on the iPhone since it was... Read More »
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Apple® patches security flaws in Safari and blocks Adobe® Flash Player

Tweet Apple has issued security patches to answer four security vulnerabilities in Safari, and has blocked the outdated versions of Adobe Flash Player from running in its browser. The four security flaws fixed were similar to those that were patched a few days before in iOS 5.1.1 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. All the vulnerabilities were termed as bugs in WebKit, the open-source rendering engine... Read More »

Facebook® unveils its own app hub

Tweet The popular social networking platform Facebook has announced the release of its own app store named App Center from where users can browse high-quality games and other useful apps for their Android or Apple’s iOS-based mobile device. Facebook will only host the apps, to download them the user has to go to either Google Play or App Store.   Launch of App Center The new App Center, which... Read More »

Twitter® updates mobile app for iOS® and Android™

Tweet If you are using the Twitter app on your iOS or Android-based device then there are some good reasons to cheer. Twitter has updated its mobile app and has introduced a number of features and improvements. A new Discover tab, improved search functionality, and support for push notifications for interactions are some of the key highlights of the latest Twitter mobile update. With the introduction... Read More »
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Google™ Earth 6.2 arrives on Android™

Tweet Normally, it may sound weird when someone wants to envisage the entire globe from naked eyes. Wait, it is rather possible and that too using a handheld device. Google Earth, an application used on Windows-based computers to virtually look for maps and earth locations, is now available for Android and iOS platform. Google Earth 6.2 is packed with exciting features, such as an accessible Earth... Read More »
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Instagram: A photo sharing app will soon hit the Android™ store

Tweet After reaching the milestone of 27 million users on iOS, Instagram will shortly land on Android. At the SXSW Conference, an ultimate verdict came out directly from the horse’s mouth that Instagram, which is considered an exceptional photo sharing app, will soon enter Google Play, erstwhile known as the Android Market. Instagram is widely used as a photo sharing app for handheld devices and... Read More »
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Your iPhone® will be an Ultimate Currency Conversion Tool Now

Tweet Do you keep a calculator handy to convert the currency rates but still end up with utter confusion? Try something new. Use the XE Currency convertor application to convert 180+ currencies on the go. The calculator is simple to use, comprising over 1 million downloads. You can have a look at live currency exchange rates for over 180+ currencies, along with the metal commodity rates and all this... Read More »
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Brisksaber — PepsiCo Game on Upcoming Star Wars Flick

Tweet PepsiCo has launched a game app for Android and iOS users — Brisksaber. This release is a promotional drive for Brisk, its iced tea-flavored soft drink, that is manufactured by Lipton under a collaboration. The app has been developed by Mekanism, a creative firm that develops viral campaigns, commercials etc. to raise the brand loyalty. It is a simulation app based on the upcoming flick Star... Read More »

Roomba comes to iPhone® as Roomba Revenge

Tweet If house cleaning is your mission this Christmas, preserve all that energy since you would need it to play the game Roomba Revenge. iRobot’s vacuum cleaning robot, Roomba has been personified. It is back as the cleaning robot with Roomba Revenge, an iOS game app. The game app is among the most popular iPhone games. Roomba is hungry and wants to gobble those dust bunnies. The cleanliness bug... Read More »
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The Adventures of Tintin™: The Game

Tweet Who would not want to be a part of the adventurous world of Tintin Comics? The exciting 3D Tintin movie by Steven Spielberg took us into that exhilarating realm of imaginative space where our mind always wandered while reading the comics. Even after watching the movie, the desire to engage ourselves into that adventure again by sailing through that SS Karaboudjan and dragging through the hot... Read More »
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Apple® iOS® 5 MobileMe event

Tweet There has been news that Apple is going to hold an event to release the much awaited iOS 5 and an updated MobileMe. A German Web site claims that according to their reliable source, the iOS 5, the new mobile operating system and the new-look MobileMe will be unveiled at an event in early April. It is also being expected that MobileMe will become free syncing service. Presently MobileMe is offered... Read More »
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Microsoft® OneNote Mobile application for iPhone®

Tweet OneNote Mobile for iPhone is now available on the App Store. The application requires iOS 4.2 or later and a Windows Live ID. This is not the first Microsoft application for iOS. However, this is the first time that a component of the Office suite is available on another platform than Microsoft, because OneNote is not yet available on Mac. OneNote provides an opportunity to create text notes,... Read More »

Apple® patches 62 bugs in Safari® update

Tweet Safari from Apple, is a graphical web browser, which is an inherent part of the Mac OS X operating system. Safari is principally the native browser in the iOS also. Safari was originally introduced in 2003 as a public beta version, slowly becoming the default browser in all Macs. The Microsoft Windows version of Safari was released in the year 2007. In the rankings of most widely used browsers... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7-based ASUS® E600 smartphone

Tweet Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is likely to become the fastest-growing platform for operating systems in 2011. Windows Phone 7 has a unique and very simple user interface.  According to market analysts, Microsoft is finally managing to harness the evident design and user experience of its Xbox, Zune and Windows Live teams to create a proposition that is more than the sum of its parts. We can expect... Read More »

Speech Transcription SDK

Tweet There are several companies which have been responsible for the introduction of new technologies, but Nuance has managed to stand out in more ways than one. The company is a very reputed one and has proved to be the leading one in application development in a huge way. The company has been a major factor which has governed the mobile application industry in a huge way. There are several applications... Read More »

Hybrid Laptop from Lenovo®

Tweet After its successful strategic decision almost six years ago, of acquiring IBM’s PC business, Lenovo has emerged as the world’s 4th largest PC vendor and the largest PC vendor in China. Recent reviews show Lenovo positioning itself as the 5th largest PC vendor in India and proving themselves as a brand to stand with. In India alone, Lenovo claims to have grown 60% year on year. With the evolution... Read More »

AppShopper app for iOS keeps you updated with new releases

Tweet AppShopper is an online application store for mobile devices. It is an all in one application solution store for the users all over the world. And what more this is all in one and very handy and easy to keep and handle. Here are all the apps for your device to make it more interesting and to make it friendlier. For your convenience it is categorized in different groups. Like there are applications... Read More »

Apple® releases first beta of iOS 4.3 and SDK to developers

Tweet There was speculation over what the iOS 4.3 and the SDK to developers will comprise. The trend was, that an advanced iOS release, so quickly after the launch, just a couple of months back, meant, bugs and old problems get fixed. Let’s face facts, codes are made by human beings and there can never be any such thing as a perfect code. The perspective with which SDK for developers is introduced... Read More »

Apple® App Store

Tweet At the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia, its founder Jimmy Wales, is said to have expressed concern over the amount of engagement that Apple’s iOS is controlling. Considering that Apple controls what applications are let into the store as well as what is accessed on the online store, Wales says it constitutes a closed system. One cannot blame Apple as it is not an act of monopoly but a safeguard... Read More »
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