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Apple® iOS 6 beta 2 with bug fixes and improvements released

Tweet After releasing the first version of iOS 6 beta for developers, earlier this month, Apple has lately released the second beta version for iOS 6 with a few major bug fixes and improvements. Labeled as build 10A5338d, the download size of Apple iOS 6 beta 2 is 322MB and is compatible with all third-generation iOS-based devices, including iPad, iPad2, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. Also, the update... Read More »

Half of Verizon Wireless® smartphone users may switch to iPhone®

Tweet According to a research report regarding Verizon Wireless and AT&T customers, fifty four percent of the present BlackBerry and Android users on the network of Verizon Wireless are most probably to switch over to the Verizon compatible iPhone 4. The same research report also reveals that twenty six percent of present users of AT&T iPhone will switch over to Verizon. The news became available... Read More »

2GB of free data transfer for AT&T® customers

Tweet Before Verizon Wireless started accepting the preorders for iPhone 4, AT&T declared an openhanded change to its data plans for tethering smartphone customers. AT&T added an extra memory space of 2 GB for its smartphone users on February 13. These users are already giving $20 per month as the tethering fee. Therefore if you are using any AT&T smartphone and paying $25 for a minimum... Read More »

Rumors regarding cheaper Apple® iPhone®

Tweet Recently, there were rumors regarding the plans of Apple to  launch low cost versions of the iPhone 4 targeted at the middle level spending group. According to the rumors doing rounds one of the models is actually half of the size of iPhone 4 and weighs much lesser with a full touch screen, a virtual keyboard  and voice commands. It is being targeted as a low end version of the Apple iPhone... Read More »

LG® smartphones with 3D display coming soon

Tweet The smartphone market is largely dominated by companies like Apple and HTC. They have some of the most popular and sought after models like iPhone 4 and the Desire HD. LG has released Optimus X that is getting very popular. The company will launch smartphones with 3D display soon. 3D technology is also in much demand and with TV and other devices, it is getting bigger day-by-day. At the Mobile... Read More »

Apple® iLife ’11

Tweet iLife ’11 is the latest version of consumer media suite from Apple. It is not just about one thing, it is rather a great combination of various applications. But this time only three of those much loved apps were updated for the latest 2011 version. The three included in the latest version are – iMovie, GarageBand and iPhoto. For the first time since the launch of App Store, these three applications... Read More »

Apple® iPhone Adds Google™ Shopper to its Cart

Tweet Gone are the days when you used to go to the market and do window shopping for hours before laying your hands on the right thing. This is an era of smart shopping. And the trends in the field of shopping are undergoing frequent change with the advancement of technology each day. When we compare today’s shopping experience with that of olden days of window shopping, we can observe a sea-change... Read More »

LG® Optimus Black P970 Android™ smartphone

Tweet Earlier the concept of smartphones was not there, people were content with the cellular phone itself because of the fact that it helped in easy access to the near and dear ones. Cell phones have had a tremendous impact on the mode of communications, making it highly efficient and smooth. The mobile phones are portable, hence you can carry it to places. You can always keep it with you and use... Read More »

iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless

Tweet As we all know, iPhone is the most exciting and innovative phone in the world. It has some of the really stunning features such as, Retina display, the highest resolution display ever built into a phone resulting in super crisp text, images and video, and FaceTime, which makes video calling very easy on iPhone. Verizon wireless will also include new personal hotspot capabilities. It will allow... Read More »
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Is QWERTY overtaking Touch Screen?

Tweet Touch screen phones were very much a matter of imagination until Apple released the first series of its iPhone five years back. You might be able to easily navigate through the phone menu using touch screen, but typing a message is still tedious on a touch screen phone as it does not have an “ergonomic “advantage as compared to QWERTY keypads. Blackberry incorporates QWERTY and touch screen... Read More »
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iPhone 4 Déjà vu : MacBook Air leaked before Official release

Tweet Just two days to go from the official unveiling of Apple’s line up of it latest Mac product, and yet again the media is sprawling with “dissected” images of the new MacBook Air features. Apple is set to launch a set of Mac products in its event called “Back to the Mac,” which is going to be considered a hallmark event to bring the popularity of Mac products back after the hype of iPhone,... Read More »

Apple accepts Google Voice services for iPhone 4

Tweet Google Voice is a company which uses free Internet service using VOIP technology to link phone numbers together. Google Voice users will be able to select single U.S. phone number from different area codes. This service includes other features like centralized voicemail and indexable, automated voice mail transcription, accessible by PC or phone. ITune’s App store will allow the users of iPhone... Read More »
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Mophie Releases Juice Pack to iPhone 4 owners

Tweet Mophie is one of the leading names in Mobile intelligent devices and accessories. They are popular for their designing and innovation in mobile market. The company is based in California and popularly known for their products like juice pack which is the first device to work with a portable battery case recognized and certified by Apple. The juice pack air for Apple’s iPhone 4 is available... Read More »
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iOS 4.2 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch now available to developers

Tweet Apple has just released mobile OS for iPhones. iOS 4.2 Beta Software is the latest update for its iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and its available for download. If you have a membership of the iPhone Developer Standards or the Enterprise Program then you can also download the iOS 4.2 beta firmware for iPhone 3GS, 3G and iPod Touch 2G and 3G now from the home site of Apple. Let... Read More »

Product Specification: Apple iPhone 4

Tweet iPhone 4 is the new gadget from  Apple Inc. Bundled with features like FaceTime and Retina Display, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, HD video recording, iPhone 4 is the best smartrphone when it comes to the display of images and videos. FaceTime along with Retina Display have made iPhone 4 to deliver an amazing video output when it comes to video calling. iPhone 4 Specifications: 4.5 inches... Read More »
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Developers get new lease of life with Apple iOS 4.1 Gold Master

Tweet Often there comes an occasion where the applications developers would like to create a user-defined platform for applications rather than wait for the version release of applications  from consumer electronics company. In yesterday’s annual event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced a newer version of Apple iOS 4.1, which gives hands on experience to developers to develop user-friendly Apps. This... Read More »

Galaxy Phones From Samsung are Worthy iPhone Rivals

Tweet After the launch of Apple iPhone 4 there are many smart phones being launched which have quite similar features and interface. This war for smart phones is continuing and the major players are Apple and Google with their iPhone and Android operating system phones. The main company which is using Google’s Android operating system to power their smart phones and compete with Apple’s iPhone... Read More »
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HTC EVO 4G is better than iPhone 4 &

Tweet Smartphones these days are more like a necessity these days for many people who are on a constant move all the time while they need to communicate with their offices and peers. You can have a huge list of smartphones that suit your pocket as well as performs the necessary features as well. Selecting a Smartphone is not an issue for a user only but it is an important one with the carriers as well... Read More »
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Bluetooth Figures into to the Woes of iPhone 4

Tweet Apparently, threads and forums over the internet were plagued by different iPhone issues. The death grip was major, followed by the poor signal reception. Apparently, the Bluetooth hardware for the phone is not an exception. First glance on the first couple of issues It was reported that mobile signals were lost whenever you get your hands over the internal antenna. This condition is popularly... Read More »
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Apple iPhone 4 in a Fix!

Tweet As they say good times don’t last long, so is true for bad times too. Apple’s new iPhone 4 saw its peak when the product registered a sale of 1.7 million handsets in first three days of its launch. After seeing this peak the company is preparing to see the valleys. There is an uproar against the iPhone 4 because of its connectivity problems. Large scale criticism against iPhone 4 A few days... Read More »
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Apple is Behaving Like a CAT!

Tweet It is not unknown that no matter how technologically advanced Apple’s new iPhone 4 may be, it is having antenna or connectivity problems. It is obvious that no company would wish to disclose its loopholes to the entire world. But deleting consumer reports threads is way too much. It reveals the levels of desperation in the company, to hide facts from the consumers. Like a CAT! Cats have a... Read More »
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Droid X and iPhone 4 Havoc

Tweet It is general knowledge that the iPhone 4 have been hammered thoroughly because of a few reasons. One of them is the death grip. With Verizon’s major release for the Droid X, will it be causing turnovers? The issue with the iPhone 4 The iPhone 4 has been a rave when it was released. But apparently, like a majority of products out in the market, issues come out, and apparently, the developers... Read More »
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iPhone 4 Customer Parody Stings

Tweet YouTube is online video providing or streaming service, which lets the person share his or her video of anything. Now a day, the Video which is in talks of the people who love to buy the iPhones, is the video called “iPhone4 vs.HTC Evo”. It is actually the YouTube parody of any iPhone-craving customer. This video has now become a big hit and has also become the certifiable hit of any Apple... Read More »
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Apple Admits Hardware Related Problems Exist With the IPhone 4 Signal Reception

Tweet How did it start? iPhone was one of the great surprises on the IT market for the last few years. Smarptphones have been around for many years now, and still only fairly advanced users were expected to be using them. Then came the iPhone – fairly easy to use, with the time many applications were written for it (mainly because of the wisely chosen ad campaign, and the Apple app store creation)... Read More »
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Hardware Flaws Spotted in Apple’s iPhone 4

Tweet The Consumer Reports published in New York by the non profit Consumer Unions have recommended not buying I Phone 4, the latest version brought to you by Apple as it has some problems in its designing. It has got a hardware flaw and not a software problem because of which its signal quality is degraded. What is this hardware defect? The problem in this I Phone 4 is regarding its reception. When... Read More »
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