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Microsoft and Lay-Off’s – Another Round?

Tweet The piece of news that started it all About 2 weeks ago undisclosed source close to Microsoft inc. shared information with the IT community. He stated that the company is going to cut jobs in certain sectors again, following last year cut-offs, which were the biggest in the sector – up to 5000 jobs were laid off then. Many people around the world, held their breath, but still, as the source... Read More »
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Windows 7 SP1 – The End Of A Downgrade Era

Tweet Microsoft is one of the leading names in computer software for desktops, and it keeps churning out newer, faster, and better programs for users around the world to make use of. This is what makes it a household brand. While many people would choose to upgrade whenever a new software program comes out, there are those that would like to downgrade. Since the creation of Windows 7 SP1, the downgrade... Read More »

Quantum Runs Circles Around Conventional Computers

Tweet Quantum physics is something that goes over many people’s heads, but there is no real need to understand any more than the fact that it makes for the ultimate computing experience. It is reported to operate at a speed that is thousands of timed faster than any conventional computer. Quantum computers are basically devices that make use of quantum phenomena in order to perform data operations.... Read More »
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