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Mozilla® Firefox Aurora- the Beta version of Mozilla® Firefox 15

Tweet Firefox Aurora, the pre-Beta build of Mozilla is now available publicly for download. The latest release includes some novel features and enhancements. It has a fresh Layout view, allowing developers to view how the margins, border and padding are set in one view. Its prime highlights are: • Preliminary native PDF support • Support for SPDY networking protocol v3 • Improvements around... Read More »

Google™ warns 20,000 websites that they might be hacked

Tweet The owners and webmasters of around 20,000 websites have been warned by search giant Google of possible attacks by hackers. The warnings were sent to the owners of those sites, which according to the head of Google’s anti-spam team Matt Cutts were doing the so-called weird redirects. “Is your site doing weird redirects? We just sent a ‘your site might be hacked’ message to... Read More »
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Google™ Chrome Beta hits v.10, and Chrome Developer hits v.11

Tweet Google Chrome version 10 is available for the public and version 11 is now available for developers. On top of the list of new features in Google Chrome is JavaScript along with the “Crankshaft” version of the new V8 JavaScript Engine. JavaScript is used for a number of web-based applications such as Google Docs. Crankshaft is capable of enhancing by sixty five percent the performance of... Read More »

How to add bookmark shortcuts to Google™ Chrome Omnibar

Tweet Google Chrome is a web browser that was developed and introduced by Google more than a couple of years back. Chrome uses the WebKit layout and application engine and was first released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows in September 2008. By the commencement of the current year 2011, Google Chrome had ended up being the third most widely used browser, according to the statistics by Net Applications.... Read More »

Microsoft’s new test version of IE 9

Tweet After much waiting the time came when Microsoft unleashed its seventh test version of Internet Explorer 9 which has been tagged as “real- world” Web based JavaScript programs. But with this development a rival’s accusation has also been parcelled that Microsoft is essentially engaged in the storied computer industry practise of benchmark engineering-designing technology to be fast on an... Read More »
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New Features of Internet Explorer 9

Tweet Ever since Google Chrome’s release, last year, various Internet browsers have been scrambling to stick to their market share. Chrome has significantly reduced the loading of pages and the navigation in between the websites in the browsers tab. Besides Google chrome stands for simplicity, as the basic navigation toolbar remove other icons that are present on top of most browsers. Microsoft has... Read More »

Apple hit today, Google following

Tweet The development of mobile based OS is a subject of great interest these days. Developers from all around the world are into application development that is the next phase after OS development. Developers from all around the world are more interested in developing for Apple’s OS these days but they expect to see Google’s android to be the leading environment for near future. Apple proves to... Read More »

Chrome and Opera have the JavaScript Advantage over Safari 5

Tweet The latest release by Apple has been the most recent version of the Web browser Safari 5 which happened this week. There are many new trends and features that have been released as part of this version. Some of these features have become controversial too. Though, the SVP for marketing the product worldwide for Apple Phil Schiller claimed that the Safari was the best browser available till date.... Read More »

Apple is slapped with litigation over iTunes Store, Safari and Mac OS X

Tweet There are quite a number of suits that have been filed against Apple and some of them are really curious ones. These suits have named several other companies like Amazon, Microsoft and the like as co-defendendants. Most of these suits are against three of Apples products namely iTunes, Safari and Mac OS X. The first suit has been filed in a Texas federal district court and states that Apples’... Read More »
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